The place Kim Dae-seok said was in front of the lighthouse on a small island called Pherocco in the corner of the second continent.
I went straight to the main quest, where it pointed out the points (to the location), so I moved quickly.

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[All] Drink some water: Hello


[All] Soeso: That's herㄱㄱ (파갑 ㄱㄱ)


The character next to Kim Dae-seok sent me a greeting.
She was a girl wearing pure white armor and carrying a large shield on her back, and the guild name of Early Evening was written on her nickname along with the image of the crown.


The interview, which started naturally with a casual chat, went as expected.
In the early evening, Bou Gil-ma asked my age, whether I was discharged from the military, and whether I would participate in voice chatting and messenger group chat rooms, and finally pointed out my occupation.


[Party] Drink some water: Now then, you already did the mage as your first job and took the second job? As a Dark Mage?


[Party] I'm sleepy: That's right.


[Party] Drink some water: Are you trying to become a Dark Mage??


By this time, I had a feeling of what Boo Gil-ma wanted to say in the early evening (the dark mage job is hard to continue, especially with leveling up).
But I can't lie.


[Party] I'm sleepy: yeah, I'm going to shut up then…


[Party] Drink some water: Um…


As soon as I answered honestly, the atmosphere became cold in an instant.
Still, it was understandable to some extent that the other party had such an attitude.


I got the least job out, so I had tried it out of curiosity.


You're probably worried that I might be a newbie who will grow up for a little bit of fun or grow up for a moment.
Kim Dae-seok also noticed that, and for the first time, he intervened between the two of us.


[Party] Soeso: Drink some water Noona


[Party] Soeso: He's not the kind of guy who's going to stop for a while ㅜㅜ


[Party] Soeso: Do you not believe me? *


The messages sound like a real *beggar.
But he's the only guy on my side, so he stayed still without getting involved.


[Party] Soeso: This guy is a real game fanatic


[Party] Soeso: Didn’t it take you 10 days to reach level 200?(this question refers to the main protagonist) It took him that long.
(exclamation that it took him that long.)


[Party] Drink some water: Oh yeah?


[Party] Drink some water: It's not easy for a Newbie to do that.


[Party] Soeso: Right, that’s hard to do Ha ha ha


Boo Gil-ma of Early Evening showed a harsh reaction.
Add, more.


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[Party] Drink some water: Since I think you're a Newbie


[Party] Drink some water: So, you should be afraid (about joining the guild) …


[Party] Soeso: I really believe in him.


[Party] Soeso: He's a Hero Grand Master hahahaha


[Party] Soeso: It's not that I got lucky in this, I'm a friend who takes pictures every season of the ranking;


[Party] Drink some water: huh? hero ha please send (the picture)?


The cold atmosphere from earlier has disappeared.
Bou Gil-ma of Early Evening, who had softened her vigilance to some extent, sent me a strange affection.
It's not a good feeling between a man and a woman, but what can I say…
Guild manager's favoritism towards users with good gaming experience, perhaps?


[Party] Drink some water: haha


[Party] Drink some water: So, sign up and get used to it for about two weeks (talks about the joining in the guild stuff)


[Party] Drink some water: I'll send you a guild request message.
Please write a line stating that the interview with me is over and click OK.


As soon as the Request message was uploaded, the application message immediately appeared in the center.
As Bou Gil-ma said, I wrote a letter saying that I had successfully completed the interview and submitted the application, and after less than a minute, the guild name came above my nickname (that happens in game.
It usually shows like that above your game name).


Not bad.
I immediately opened the guild window.
The nicknames of the guild master, sub-master, and guild member were lined up in a row.


Chae Yoo [Offline]


Drink some water(Boo Gil-ma) [Online] (manager will be used for chat while administration is like formal word for it.
So, it will most likely be used in Game screen)


Let's do it [Online]


Hwa-son(화소운) [Online]


TheHunter [Online]


Park Seung-jin99 [Online]


[Summary-중략] (the meaning meant is the about the total summary of the guild like introduction, this chat is only shown to the main protagonist)


[Party] Drink some water: If you look at the guild window, you can see that there are about 70 people in the guild.


[Party] Drink some water: The youngest is 18, but most of them are adults.


[Party] Drink some water: I'll invite you to the group chat room today as well.


Bou Gil-ma, who poured just out explanations of the guild, announced that I had joined the guild in the guild chat, where the chats were coming up one after one (a live chat).



[Guild] Drink some water: new recruits~

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[Guild] Park Seung-jin 99: Gosh! heh heh heh (ㅎㅇㅎㅇ)


[Guild] Hwa-son: Hahahaha~ Welcome


[Guild] Lerreek(레레렉걸려요): Hello!!


[Guild] Let's do it: You were a newcomer, not a scumbag ~


[Guild] Haeren(해른): There’s a new guy too haha


[Guild] I'm sleepy: Yes, nice to meet you.


I stared at the chats that came up one after another, a bit tiredly.


I was thinking abit out of my mind.
It's been a long time since I joined a guild or clan, so it took me a while to get used to it.


[Party] Drink some water: I'm a 27-year-old girl yes


[Party] Drink some water: Take it easy (like the words of a senpai, who is in the guild)


I was mesmerized by the guild chat window, which was quickly filled with gossip, and Bou Gil-ma spoke to me friendly as if to relax me a bit.
I also responded appropriately.


[Party] I'm sleepy: You're 3 years older than me, so I'll use respectful words and call her noona.


[Party] I'm sleepy: So, be comfortable with me too


[Party] Drink some water: ha ha ha I'm comfortable


I hadn't talked for a long time, but I knew right away that they were pretty decent people.
It's not a bad start now.
The guild atmosphere is also good.


A satisfied smile touched the corner of his mouth, and a familiar nickname appeared in the guild chat window.


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Is Drink some water online right now?


[Guild] Drink some water: Why?


Chae Yoo had just gone online.
Still, I'm a newcomer, so should I say hello (to the guild master)? Isn't it overkill to have a big greeting time and say hello again (as in the main live chat of welcoming already happened and the guild master didn’t even say hello so it’s an overkill to say hello again)?


[Guild] Haerun: You seem to be looking for Drink some water LOL


[Guild] Park Seung-jin 99: There's Drink some water lol (meaning she was online)


[Guild] Seasoned crab (양념게장쩝): Don't do it ** (he knows that Chae Yoo is asking Drink some water to do something)


[Guild] Chae Yoo: Do you still have Athero seeds left in your inventory?


Gil-ma, completely ignoring the guild members' chat, brought up the main topic (the newbie).
The Drink some water summoned something from the inventory, wandered around for a while, and then gave it to Chae Yoo.

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[Guild] Drink some water: oo have some left


[Guild] Drink some water: If you need it now, Come to Pherroco Lighthouse ㄱ


[Guild] Yu Chae: okay


[Guild] Park Seung-jin99: Can I get some if I go to see Drink Some Water? Just finished the raid Dungeon


[Guild] Let’s do it: I want to go too


[Guild] Me in the hunt: 2 people wanted to go then, to 8 by 20 minutes ㄱㄱ(it’s the location number, 8)


[Guild] Haerun: Are you with the newbie? Then, I am going too


[Guild] Drink some water: Ahhh, newbies had joined the guild.


[All] Chae Yoo: Newbie? (He only realized that now, that a newbie was in the guild)


The reply from him finally came back to the chat about the newbie.
Perhaps it was due to a quick movement before I realized, there was a male character named 〈Chae Yoo〉 standing behind me.


With black hair, red eyes, and a black cloak covering only his left arm, he wore a chain of golden lustrous colors on his waist.
If that's the color, is it about level 9?


‘They say that if it’s the 9th, it’s a big price to call.’


This is definitely the number one guild on the server.
I need an item like that too.


[All] Drink some water: Haven’t you seen Guild chat?


[All] Drink some water: I'm sleepy


[All] Chae Yoo: ?


I didn't know if it was the right time to enter and say hello.
Putting my hand on the keyboard and hesitating, that person (Chae Yoo), who had been silent for a long time after sending a question mark, spat out an unexpected chat.


[All] Chae Yoo: I don't like the nickname


[All] Yoo Chae: I don't want to see it lol




For a moment, I blinked as if I had seen it wrong.
What's that bastard talking about now?


[All] Drink some water: What’s s***? (As in what are you talking about?)


Fortunately, drink some water did what I wanted to say.
Kim Dae-seok, who was bewildered and watched the situation, sent a whisper.


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[whisper] Soeso: What? what’s happening?


[Whisper] Soeso: What do you have with Chae Yoo in the Early Evening? (As in if Chae Yoo had urges against him or something)


[whisper] I'm sleepy: Are you there? (like seeing this chat right now)


The three of us kept saying the same thing over and over, not caring whether it was ridiculous or not.


[All] Chae Yoo: I don’t like the nickname?


[All] Drink some water: What should I do? Ah;;


[All] Chae Yoo: Get it out


[All] Chae Yoo: And who accepts new recruits at will?


[All] Drink some water: You said you liked the new recruit yesterday, are you really s***; (way to go my girl!!!)


Even though it was just a character on the screen, I could feel drink some water looking at me and having a hard time.
When it comes to aims, you should be real (it’s talking about If Chae Yoo has an aim on him to remove him, then it should be for a real reason).
After a while, I leaned back as I felt the pulling sensation of my backbone.


[All] Let's do it: Guys heh2 heh2~~


[All] Haerun: Guiyomi Herniwaseryom X (귀요미 해르니 와써욤X, I searched for that phrase alone, but didn’t get anything, it’s an idiom or something I guess; this phrase irreverent to the story anyway)


[All] Park Seung-jin99: ?


[All] Park Seung-jin 99: As soon as you arrive, you took a blind spot** (Referring to Chae Yoo, as you get angry at something that’s blind also meaning small detail, as soon as he was online.)


The guild members, in which they would type to also play along, arrived one after another.
Meanwhile, Chae Yoo openly asked me this time.


[All] Chae Yoo: If you want to be in your guild, change your nickname ㄱ


[All] Chae Yoo: Either that or You’re leaving


[All] Yoo Chae: Please pay the price for that nickname lol lol (he meant that the nickname is stolen from someone else, so pay the price, he thought it was stolen atleast)


[All] Haerun: ??


[All] Park Seung-jin 99: What? ㄷㄷ


[All] Drink some water: Oh my blood pressure**




I felt like something was breaking in my head.
(When you are frustrated in a situation, your head will overheat and feel uneasy) I laughed and grabbed the mouse with my trembling hand and turned on the settings.


After unchecking the profanity filter (it filters abusive language) which I had it ON so far, I calmly chatted back in response.
(As in He hits the enter button for the chat to be imprinted.)


[All] I'm sleepy: fuck you bastard

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