dying the weapon, the opponent attacked first.
Instinctively, by pressing the evasion skill, my character rolled over the ground to avoid the attacks.


[All] Park Seung-jin 99: Oh?


Boom! Every time Chae Yoo whipped his chain, lightning struck from the sky.
Evasion skills also have a cooldown, so I had to wait 7 seconds to use them again.
I narrowly avoided a direct attack and fired a quick-cast Ice Bolt.



As expected, Chae Yoo did not get even a single hit.
Still, Ice Bolt was a pretty fast skill.
Unlike me, who avoided using the evade skill, I got a sense of how skilled that person was when I saw him dodging without even using a skill.


I turned on the moving-casting spell, a skill that uses advanced magic while moving my character and started charging the ice spear spell.
The required time to cast the spell is 15 seconds.






As soon as I thought I'd somehow hold out for 15 seconds while casting, a chain swung right towards my character.
Tsk, I barely managed to dodge the attacks that came in succession by clicking my tongue and hastily using evasive skills.


In that one shot, half of my stamina flew away after he tried to attack me.


I sense that I wouldn’t be able to hold on after the 5th one…
If that's the case, just one more hit and it's over.


[All] Haeren: The battle is really crazy…


[All] Park Seung-jin 99: That final moment was impressive, but it seems that the battle is not looking good for I’m sleepy? It’s because sleepy-nim is a person who only knows how to use skills lawfully


The witnesses had already predicted my defeat.
I twisted the corners of my mouth and smiled.


If I was thinking that I would lose, then I wouldn't even be fighting here in the first place.
I concentrated intensively and avoided every attack that was pouring out without a break while also checking the ice spear spell charging gauge in my spare time.


95%, 96%, 97%.


Just a little bit more.


98%, 99%.


All gauges were filled with blue.
Finally, I used the evasion skill to roll on ground and without a moment of delay I drew the Ice Spear into the air.


[All] Soeso: ㅅㅅㅅ3


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Since the Ice Spear Spell was a targeted skill, it can never be avoided.
The character of Chae Yoo, who was excitedly swinging the chain, was wrapped in ice and stiffened.
The damage itself was weak, but it was a skill that can bind the opponent for 5 seconds.


“Five seconds is enough.”


As soon as I confirmed that the opponent was caught, I started charging the fireball spell by mashing the buttons repeatedly.


It was the highest ranked skill among the ones I have and has the strongest damage.
It has a big drawback that the character cannot move while charging, but there was no need to worry as Chae Yoo was frozen by the ice spear.


Charging the fireball takes 5.3 seconds.
The ice sphere lasts for 5 seconds.
Even if there was a period of 0.3 seconds to escape, it cannot be avoided because the fireball range was quite wide.


It’s my win! Five seconds had passed and I threw the fireball at Chae Yoo, who was just released from the ice spear.
‘Even if you don't die with this one shot, there will hardly be any health left, so if I just use a skill with a fast-casting spell…………’


As I was about to cast a sub-skill in case of an unforeseen situation, I spotted a chain that was shot towards my character.


Ahh! I instinctively pressed the evade skill in a hurry, but it didn't activate because there were still 2 seconds of cooldown time left.


Clutch! As the fireball was exhausted, a chain pierced my character's heart.


[All] Haeren: Wow, how is it????


[All] Let's do it: What happened?


On the opposite side of my character who fell to the floor, Chae Yoo had barely survived with 10% of his health left.


As I looked at the gray screen, I sighed and wiped the corners of my eyes.


I was careless.
Even afterwards, I was hoping that I could still attack without giving up in that situation.
Of course, I had to consider it though…


'Have I become a fool after taking a break from games for nearly 4 months……’


It was a disappointing battle in many ways.
Oh, if only I had reached level 210, the result would have been different.


[All] Park Seung-jin 99: Sleepy-nim, that newbie was actually really good, right?


[All] Park Seung-jin 99: I'm surprised ;


[All] Drink some water: If I’m being honest, I thought I was having a heart-attack with how intense this battle was


[All] Haeren: Me too


Drink some water used a resurrection item on me.
Until then, Chae Yoo, who was quietly drinking potions to heal himself, gave a comment.


[All] Chae Yoo: Not bad


[All] Park Seung-jin 99: It's crazy to be able to avoid that without using a skill break LOL


[All] Haerun: Even I, who has been doing this since beta, wouldn’t be able to avoid that


[All] Let's do it: That's your finger problem


[All] Soeso: It’s a skill he gained from HOL


[All] Haerun: He plays HOL too?

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[All] I'm sleepy: I guess partially


Being annoyed, I answered roughly and drank the recovery potions.


I lost the battle, so I have to leave the guild.
It's not funny to continue to be in this kind of situation.


Just when I thought I found a good guild too, but I know when to step out.
This was all because of Kim Dae-seok.


[All] Drink some water: oo that’s right


[All] Drink some water: He used to be a top ranker in every season too


[All] Chae Yoo: What?


It was then that Chae Yoo, who had been indifferent to the conversation, gained an interest in me.


[All] Chae Yoo: He plays HOL?


[All] Chae Yoo: Hero of Legends?


[All] Drink some water: ?


[All] Chae Yoo: You are a HOL top ranker?






What, what's wrong with him all of a sudden?


[All] I'm sleepy: Yeah


[All] Chae Yoo: How about your username?


[All] Chae Yoo: Could your username in HOL be ‘I’m sleepy’ as well??


Now I have to say something as a reply.


Oh mom, I'm scared of this bastard.
I guess he really knows me there…………


[All] I'm sleepy: ?? ;


[All] I'm sleepy: If I say yes, then what are you going to do about it…



TL Note:


1 (Like when you are bragging, the insult works in this case)


2 (Player vs Player)


3 (kinda like praying)

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