Chapter Seven

Arabella/Bella POV

I arrive at the palace, today is Saturday which means its time for Maya and I to have our girls weekend. This weekend is special because it will be our first one in a long time.

Once Im in instead of getting attacked by Maya and her bear hugs Im met with a silent Palace. She must be in the kitchen trying out one of her many ”food experiments ”.

By my surprise Maya is not here but Damien and he seems to be making something. I walk over to him as quietly as possible taking full advantage of the fact that he can really hear me coming in by how focused he is on the cook book.

I walk around the long counter still unnoticed until Im behind him. ”What you doing ” I ask as I try to peer over his broad shoulders. Key word try because I could barely reach his neck.

He quickly turns around in what looked to be self defence as he held my neck in his firm grip. I will admit that was kinda hot. Focus girl!!

”Is this your way of flirting with me? Its kinda too intimate and early for that don you think ” I jokingly ask as I stare into his intense stare and he seems to notice our position and lets go almost immediately.

”My apologies, Im not one for surprise pop-ups is all ” he answers adding in a cough to the throat and a scratch to the back of his neck.

”Apology accepted and don worry Im not one for surprises either ” i answer with a smile on my face which he returns with one of his own.

Silence wraps around us like a warm blanket, but I break it remembering my purpose of my arrival. ”Is Maya here? ” I ask.

”No, she went out with Andrew to my buy supplies and snacks do your sleep over ”.

”Oh okay (silence once again) what are you making? ”

”Im trying to make chocolate chip cookies for my mother since they are her favourites ”

”Oohhhh thats so sweet, and how are they coming along? ”

”Not so good, not sure where to start really I tried the first batch lets just say they are on a flight to cookie heaven right now ” he says and tilts his head to the bin on his right where really black burnt cookies are inside.

”Maybe I can help? ” I suggest.

”Really? , I mean you don have to force yourself into helping me ”

”I mean it and Im not being forced ” i answer as I grab my favourite apron which proudly states ”If you don like it stay hungry ”.

”Now lets get started ” I excitedly said rubbing my hands together.

”Thats a very nice apron you have on ” he answers with his eyes sparkling with amusement.

”Thank you very much ” I answer back adding in a bow which he lightly chuckles at.

”You must be excited to become king ”

”Yes, Its very exciting it means I get to fill in the many cracks my father and the ones that came before him left behind ”

”Youve never doubted yourself on whether or not you could it? ”

”I know I can do it with no doubts at all ”

”Its nice to be confident, so good for you ”

”Have you always been good at baking? ”

”No my nana taught me everything I needed to know on how to cook in order to survive if I was to ever be alone somewhere ”

”So your mom never knew how to cook or dad ” he says adds in a little laugh of his own.

”Um I don know whether they were good or not, I was adopted by my current dad so yeah ”

”Oh shit Im so sorry if I had known I would have never had said what I said ”

”Its okay you didn know and anyways my therapist says I should express my feelings more. ”

”If you don mind me asking on why you out of all people I have known need a therapist? ”

”What do you mean by a person like me aren I human too? ”

”I mean you are but since I met you You
e more of a very calm and collected person so it is kind of a shock for me to hear. ”

”Oh thank you for the compliment, well its just that growing up the way I did was very hard I had to witness a lot of traumatizing things at a really young age so my mentality was how would one say it ”a bit on the down low ” to the point where I just wasn myself ”

”Very sorry to hear that but hey look on the bright side the cookies are done ” he quickly says pulling me out of my sad misery.

Ive never told anyone let alone Amaya but why did it feel so natural telling him about it.He pulls them out without gloves on and he does not even look the slightest bit affected by it.

Watching him look at the cookies looking adorable while doing it made feel something inside, something like happiness I guess.

Nah, Maybe Im just happy to have helped him make his mothers favourite sweet treat? Yeah I think Ill stick to that answer. I really need to get a grip of myself or else I might end up destroying all my years of planning and hard work.

”They look amazing ” I excitedly answer staring at the yummy chocolatey goodness that is placed before me with such grace and class.

”Yeah they really do and I couldn have done without the help of my lovely assistant ofcourse ”I answer shyly. WHY THE FUCK AM I BEING SHY????? What is happening to me.

”Well he must be a really handsome devil for him to have caused his bosss face to change colour.

This tine my face did indeed change colour but this time out of embarrassment thats for sure.

”Don flatter yourself hot shot, and sorry to disappointing you but my face is like that because you have left the oven still on so obviously its getting hot in here and its not because of you ” i answer adding in a playful eye roll while Im at it.

”You think Im a hot shot? Wow I feel honoured ” he cheekily says back and that gets him a hit on the chest from me and we are already laughing together.

Once I calm down I look back at him to see that his eyes were already on me in an intense stare which could get any girl fainting in just a heartbeat.

But alas, Me being me I stare back with just enough intensity trying best to ignore our close proximation. Key word trying

”We are back bitches ” a loud screams which he Immediately moves away from giving me room to breathe I silently thank Amaya for coming and always being so loud otherwise I don know what would have happened if she never came or if she came in and saw us.Not that she would get upset about it but I would never hear the end of it at all.

”Bitch why the ** did you not tell me you were going to go shopping I wanted to come with ” I yell at her as I stomp over to her and crush her into a big hug which she happily returns before silently whispering in my ear.

”Im sorry but it was the only way Mason and I could spend some one on one time without someone interrupting us ”

I smile almost instantly and we both start squealing happily together but stop once we see the familiar red head walk past us and over to Damien by the kitchen.

”Oh my gosh you are so telling me the full detail of it all, but first we need to get dressed in our pajamas come on ” I happily answer which she agrees.

And just like that we rush past the guys and on our way to Maya s room like teenage girls which we are ofcourse.

While we are getting dressed I turn to Maya noticing how she is extra quiet and looks a bit hesitant which I immediately recognise it as her way of sign languaging me that she is hiding something from and is scared to tell me about it.

”Come on say what you want to say ” I tell her as I grab a chair from the balcony of her room and place it in front of her sitting down and giving her my best don try to lie to me stare.

”What do you mean, I don have anything to to say ”she says as She looks all around the room but my eyes.

”Ive known you for a very long time to the point where I know you way more than you know yourself so I know there is something you would like to tell me which you are scared of knowing my reaction upon hearing it correct or not? ”

She still looks around as her conscience starts to fight with her mind but obviously her mind gives in and she sighs ever so dramatically which only causes me to my smile in triumph.

”WellItallhappenedsofast ” she says really fast but I quickly slow her down.

”Could you please slow down ”

”W-e-l-l I w-a-s ” she begins but this as slow as a tortoise and I stare at her in annoyance.

”Ok well, I kind of invited Mason and the guys to come join us on our sleepover since they practically begged me to say yes and Kyle used the blackmail card on me so i didn have a choice and Im really sorry about it now please don be upset ” she finishes and looks down to the floor like its a tv is down there with her favourite show on.

”No Im not upset, I totally understand and I don mind them joining us I think it will be nice to have more people for a change that just us ”. I answer trying my best to cheer her up. And the word trying came in handy because she started smiling once again.

”Full details of you shopping date right now ” I demand leaning in closer she starts smiling uncontrollably with her face turning into one of a tomato.

”We just went out and then we started talking like normal human beings, we stopped at the nearby coffee shop where we talked some more ofcourse and then we came back here and that was pretty much it ”

”Thats a beautiful sign right there you guys will make cute couple Im telling you , okay enough gossip we have a sleep over to get to come on ” I say and drag her along with me torwards the theater room.

The guys have already arrived and are seated talking about who knows what and they go silent upon seeing us. ”Hey ladies so glad you could join us ” I say smiling widely at how Damien huffed in annoyance.

”So we are watching a horror movie chosen by Maya and I ”. I stare into their eyes to get a reaction on whether or not they liked the idea and it was only Kyle who twitched ever so slightly. Yeah bitch get scared thats for blackmailing my bestie.

”Alright now lets get started ” I answer heading to the light switch and turning it off then rushing to player at the back of the room and putting on the movie. I rush to where the others have moved which is the middle row and the only seat closest to Maya is the one beside Mason.

No problem its just a movie its not like anything is going to happen. Right?

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