She’s Just So Annoying

Shen Man took a shower after waking up and changed into sportswear.
When she opened the door, she saw that Lin Shu’s room was half open.

Lin Shu herself was sitting in front of the dresser, carefully applying lipstick using the mirror.
There is a badminton racquet on the chair next to her.

Lin Shu rubbed her lips together and checked her makeup before getting up and walking out in satisfaction.
She grabed her schoolbag in her left hand and held the badminton racket in her right.

Shen Man glanced at her with a smile flashing in her eyes.
Lin Shu is wearing a white blouse with a small pink skirt today.
The skirt only just reached her knees, revealing her pale, straight calves.
You could see she has on red running shoes with black highlights.
She also has a tall ponytail and in combination with her sweet makeup, Lin Shu looked teeming with playful cuteness.

“Take the racquet.” Lin Shu demanded as she hands over the racquet.
Shen Man smiled and takes it, glancing at the logo.
This racket costs more than 1,000 yuan, and it was light and powerful.

After breakfast, the two went out the door.
Tan Kai was already waiting below.
Seeing Shen Man’s racquet, he smiled and asked, “Are you two going to play badminton today?”
“Mhm.” Shen Man nodded and got in the car.

Lin Shu sat in front of her, on the passenger seat.
Tan Kai glanced at her and asked in confusion, “Isn’t it inconvenient for you to play badminton with a skirt on?”
Lin Shu just rolled her eyes.
Tan Kai got the message and shut up.
He then turned on the car engine.

Soon, the three arrived at school.
Tan Kai parked the car and swung his bag over his shoulder.
He said to the two girls, “I’ll be joining you guys later.”
“Aren’t you going to play basketball?” Lin Shu replied.
Tan Kai smiled and quickly glanced at Shen Man before answering, “I’ll meet you two after playing basketball.”

Shen Man just gave him a smile.

Lin Shu glanced at Shen Man and nodded.

Not far away, Yan Jie and Ding Qian could be seen coming in their direction.
Shen Man saw and said, “Then, I’ll go first.”
“Mhm.” Lin Shu answered robotically as she waved to her two friends with a smile.

Shen Man didn’t care and walked to the classroom after that.
When she turned the corner of a building, she almost bumped into a person.

Shen Man stopped herself in time, and finally saw the face of that person.
Without knowing, a smile grew on her face, “Yin Ruxu, are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” Yin Ruxu smiled softly and explained, “I am so sorry, I just saw a message on my phone and I checked it without paying attention to my surroundings.”

“Did I bump into you?” Yin Ruxu asked nervously.
Shen Man shook her head and added, “Have you had breakfast yet?”
“Not yet.
I’m actually on my way to the cafeteria right now.” Yin Ruxu joyfully answered.
She then pressed her lips together, hesitantly asking, “Would you like to come with me?”
“Of course!” Shen Man agreed without thinking.

The two started to walk to the cafeteria together, standing half a meter apart.
They were silent.
But at a hallway intersection, they happened to cross paths with Lin Shu and her two minions.

Shen Man looked up and gave Lin Shu a smile.
When Lin Shu saw them standing together, her small face cooled down.
She went over and asked, “Shen Man, where are you going?”

“Me and Shen Man are going to the cafeteria together for breakfast.” Yin Ruxu answered for her with a sweet smile.
Lin Shu sneered with visible disdain in her round apricot eyes, “I’m asking Shen Man, not you.
Why’d you answer?”
Yin Ruxu froze and felt ashamed, lowering her head at a loss.
The tears on the corners of her eyes glimmered as she quietly looked at Shen Man and whispered an apology, “I’m sorry…”

Shen Man didn’t say anything but just looked at Lin Shu quietly, her mood unclear.
Lin Shu’s heart thumped, but she didn’t want to lose face in front of so many people.
She raised her head high and asked harshly, “You, didn’t you already eat at home? Why are you going to the cafeteria?”

“I want to accompany her.” Shen Man replied faintly.

Lin Shu choked, her expression turning ugly.
She said, “Class is starting soon.
Do you even have time for breakfast with others? Are you so idle as a class monitor?”

Hearing this, Shen Man smiled and took out her phone.
She turned it on and pointed the screen towards Lin Shu, and calmly saying, “There’s still 20 minutes left.”
“The head teacher is teaching this class.
As the monitor, you should arrive 15 minutes in advance.” Lin Shu seemed to regain her confidence and proudly raised her volume.
Shen Man frowned.

Seeing this, Yin Ruxu immediately said, “It’s all my fault, please don’t quarrel.
Shen Man, thank you for your kindness, but I can go to the canteen by myself.
You can go ahead.
I’ll feel guilty for delaying your business.” She said weakly, biting her lip.

Shen Man nodded and with a smile, she replied, “If there’s a chance, let’s eat together next time.”
“Okay.” Yin Ruxu happily agreed.

Lin Shu coldly snorted and rolled her eyes.
Shen Man turned around and stared at Lin Shu, giving her a deep, meaningful smile.

Lin Shu trembled.
She endured her inexplicably increasing heartbeat and stared back angrily.
Shen Man smiled and put away her phone, then walked to the lecture building.

Watching Shen Man walking in the distance, Lin Shu regained her arrogance and glared at Yin Ruxu, warning, “Stay away from Shen Man.”
“I just want to be friends with her.
Do you have to stop this too?” Yin Ruxu asked in a small voice, her tone pitiful.
She looked as if she had been bullied.

Lin Shu sneered unhappily, “I’m not like those simple-minded boys, so don’t try with me.
If you dare pester Shen Man again, don’t blame me for retaliating.”

“Yes, you are the eldest miss of the Lin Family, but how can you just bully others using your identity?” Yin Ruxu’s eyes were red as she complained with an aggrieved face.

There were so many eyes staring at them, either condemning or watching a show.
Lin Shu stared back and roared at those people, “What’re you looking at?”

Now, they turned their heads towards each other and started whispering.
All kinds of accusations drifted over from every direction.

Lin Shu was so angry that her face turned red.

Ding Qian hurriedly persuaded her, “Sister Lin Shu, go to class quickly or else you’ll be late.”
Lin Shu gritted her teeth and at Yin Ruxu fiercely.
Then she shook her bag hard in frustration and strode away.

Shen Man is standing at the front of the room at the podium, helping the head teacher adjust the projector.
From the corners of her eyes, she catches Lin Shu storming in with anger on her pale little face.
She stopped what she was doing and asked with a smile, “Shushu, what happened?”

“It has nothing to do with you.” Lin Shu snorted.
She went to the last row and found an empty seat to sit in.
She put her bag away, stared at Shen Man angrily, and then arrogantly turned her head away when Shen Man saw her.

Shen Man finished adjusting the projector and walked down the podium.
She came over to Lin Shu and sat down, chuckling, “Who made you angry?”
Lin Shu turned her head the other way and refused to speak.

Shen Man stretched out her slender fingers, tapping the table in thought, and leaned over after a few moments.
She whispered, “You seem to have a problem with Yin Ruxu?”
Lin Shu’s eyebrows jumped and she fiercely said, “Mind your own business!” Then, she put her head on the table.

“You don’t even know her.
Why do find her presence so annoying?” Shen Man continued to ask with clear, ignorant eyes.
Lin Shu turned her head to glare at Shen Man, proudly replying, “It’s none of your business who I hate.”
“What, does your heart ache?” She added, pulling the corners of her lips up in a disdainful smile.

Shen Man did not answer, but the frequency of her tapping increased.
The two of them quieted down.

Lin Shu tilted her head and glanced at Shen Man.
She looked at that delicate profile, sneering, “Someone so gullible will be tricked like a fool one day.”
Shen Man caught the ridicule in her words and laughed.
She lowered her head to look at those apricot eyes and smiled, “Eldest miss, are you worried about me?”

“Who’s worried about you?” Lin Shu’s heart beat wildly.
She hurriedly pulled a distance between the two and added, “I just hate her.”
Shen Man chuckled but then turned serious.
She said in a low voice, “But this is a matter between me and her.
I don’t want anyone to interfere.”

Lin Shu heard the warning in those words and laughed rebelliously, “I won’t interfere between you two, but you can’t stop me from hating her either.”
“Whatever,” said Shen Man.
She stood up and started heading back to her seat.

Lin Shu sneered and imitated Shen Man’s tone and expression, echoing, “Whatever.”
Shen Man turned her head back, revealing her sharp eyes.
Lin Shu immediately lowered her head and opened her textbook, pretending to study.

Shen Mant felt that this was funny, but at the same time, a little angering.
After standing in place for a moment, she finally returned to her seat.

The two morning lessons passed by quickly.
When it was break time, the class erupted into constant chattering.
Shen Man was sorting out her notes when a classmate came over and told her, “Shen Man, someone is looking for you.
She’s at the door.”

Shen Man looked up and saw Yin Ruxu standing outside, holding a cup of milk tea in her hand.
She seemed to be looking around for someone.

Seeing Shen Man’s gaze, Yin Ruxu showed a shallow, gentle smile.
Shen Man stood up and went to her in smiles.
She said, “Hey, do you need something?”
“This is for you.
Thanks for your help yesterday.” Yin Ruxu said softly, handing over the milk tea.
In her eyes, there was a fear of being rejected.

The scene of these two beautiful women standing together attracted the attention of many people.
In particular, there were many who hadn’t seen Yin Ruxu before, so they all craned their necks for a glance.

Shen Man smiled and took the milk tea, saying politely, “It’s just a small matter.
Don’t worry about it.”
Yin Ruxu smiled happily and looked around the classroom.
In the curious eyes of many boys, she blushed and left.

Shen Man walked back into the classroom and saw the angry Lin Shu angrily at first glance.
She smiled and returned to her seat.
Then she put the cup of milk tea on a boy’s table behind her, saying, “You can have it.”
“Thanks.” The boy immediately picked up the straw and pierced it through the lid.
He tore open the sealed packaging and took a big sip, asking, “Class monitor, is she Yin Ruxu, the flower of the Arts Major?”

Shen Man nodded.
The boy became excited.
Suddenly, he felt goosebumps on the back of his neck and so he turned his head back, only to meet a pair of cold eyes.
He shrank his neck back and subconsciously lowered his voice, “Lin Shu, how can I help you?”
“Changed seats with me.” Lin Shu said, staring at Shen Man.
The boy hurriedly packed and left.

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