Junior Championships winner? Are you sure it’s not the Children’s Championships?”

“You-” Yan Jie started, her face scrunched up in anger.
But seeing Lin Shu’s unhappy expression, she gritted her teeth and said, “Don’t be so cocky, I’m just going easy on you.”

“No need, you can show your true strength.” Shen Man curled her lips, there was disdain in her indifferent eyes.

Yan Jie was now angrier than ever and served the ball with all her strength, but Shen Man still received it easily.

As Lin Shu watched from the side, the smile on her face gradually disappeared.
At first she was watching a good show, then she was surprised, and now she became silent.

Who would have thought that Shen Man, a nerd who only knew how to study, would be so good at sports.

“Shen Man is so impressive.” Ding Qian praised in a small voice.

She turned her head and saw the ugly expression on Lin Shu’s face, then hurriedly shut up.

Lin Shu stood up and shouted, “Shen Man, I’ll play against you.”

Shen Man smiled and her eyebrows curved, “Okay.”

Lin Shu took the racquet from Yan Jie’s hand and said to Shen Man, “I’ll change positions with you.”

Shen Man nodded without any objection.

The two switched positions.

Lin Shu began to serve, hitting the ball with great force.

Shen Man easily received the birdie and hit it towards towards the position where Lin Shu was standing.

Lin Shu hit the birdie back lightly.

Shen Man took two steps forward to reach it, and with a little flick, the birdie landed near Lin Shu’s position again.

As for Lin Shu, she didn’t even have to move away from her spot.

After a few rounds, Lin Shu glared at Shen Man, “I don’t need you to go easy on me.”

“Are you sure about that?” Shen Man chuckled, and with a swoosh, the birdie flew across the court.

Lin Shu strode over, but it was too late and she could only watch the birdie land on the ground.

Even angrier, she picked up the birdie and demanded, “Let’s restart.”

Shen Man chuckled and decided to no longer show mercy.

She alternated many light and heavy hitting techniques, making it so that Lin Shu could not reach the birdie every single time.

Panting, Lin Shu had been picking up the birdie from all over the court.
Those repeated failures intensified the anger in her round apricot eyes.

Her forehead was covered in fine sweat, dripping down her pale cheeks onto her delicate collarbone.

The white shirt she wore was also soaked with sweat, revealing the color of her underwear.

Shen Man put down her racquet with a smile, “I’m a little tired, let’s take a break.”

Even though she was sweating profusely and struggling to take breaths, Lin Shu still refused to admit defeat, “No, just continue.”

“Then let someone else play with you.” Shen Man smirked, standing aside to drink water.

Lin Shu was unwilling and she glared at Shen Man.

Then, Ding Qian came over with a bottle of water and a dry towel to persuad, “Sister Lin Shu, you are sweating all over.
Here, wipe off your sweat first and drink some water.”

Lin Shu stood there for a while and saw that Shen Man had no intention of continuing to play.
So, she handed the racket to Ding Qian and sat aside to wipe off her sweat and drink some water.

After Shen Man finished resting, she walked to Lin Shu’s side and said, “You girls can play, I’m going back now.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Tan Kai came over with a basketball, followed by Yin Ruxu.

Lin Shu looked at Tan Kai, then gave Yin Ruxu a dissatisfied look, angrily asking, “Why’s she with you?”

“I met her on the way here and she told me she was looking for Shen Man.” Tan Kai answered truthfully.
Noticing Lin Shu’s wet hair, he joked, “Since when did you love sports so much?”

Lin Shu rolled her eyes at him.

Meanwhile, Yin Ruxu walked to Shen Man’s side with eyes full of admiration.
With a soft voice, she said, “I saw you play just now, and you’re amazing.
I’ve never seen anyone play badminton so well.”

Shen Man smiled and accepted the compliment nonchalantly.

Tan Kai also smiled and praised her, “Shen Man, you really are amazing.”

After he finished speaking, he saw Lin Shu’s dissatisfaction and immediately added, “Lin Shu, you are also amazing.”

“Shen Man, can you teach me how to play badminton?” Yin Ruxu asked in a small voice.

“Okay.” Shen Man agreed with a smile, then looked at Lin Shu.

Lin Shu heard their conversation and turned her head to meet Shen Man’s eyes.
She asked, “Didn’t you just say you were going back?”

Shen Man laughed.

Seeing this, Tan Kai smiled and suggested, “Let’s play doubles, I’ll play with Lin Shu and Shen Man will play with Yin Ruxu.”

Lin Shu immediately glared at him and stepped forward, arrogantly demanding, “I’ll play with Shen Man, and you with Yin Ruxu.”

“That’s fine with me.” Tan Kai agreed immediately, turning to Shen Man and Yin Ruxu for any objections.

Shen Man did not speak.

Yin Ruxu blushed slightly and whispered, “I’m very bad, I hope you don’t dislike me for it.”

“It’s okay, we’re just playing casually.” Tan Kai said with a smile, borrowing a racquet from the classmate next to him.

The four stood in their positions and the game began.

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