The tower exploded.

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This was a phrase referring to the cultural and industrial revolution led by the magic tower more than 100 years ago.

Until then, magic remained only in primitive and one-dimensional ideas, such as making natural elements artificial.

In other words, it was only focused on things that were not helpful in real life at all.

There was a person who created a new wind.
(tl/n: like a new idea)

“It’s not fun.”

“That’s why the wizard is a rotten old man or something.
How long are we going to play around with fire and static electricity like a caveman?”

At the time, the tower announced a new magic.

It was a combination of magic, science, and technology.

At first, everyone thought that the Tower Master of the tower had finally lost his mind.
At that time, the main issue of magic was ‘Who can make a fireball with greater destructive power?’ In addition, the Tower Master was ridiculed even more because he came from the Adbello family, which is famous for being eccentric.

However, the new magic created by him greatly helped agriculture, which was about to produce poor crops that year, and attacked thieves from other countries that were often invading.

Those who ridiculed the Tower Master could not help but be astonished.


After that day.

Magic Tower changed its name to ‘Magic and Technology Convergence Development Research Institute’.

And the tower was completely subordinated to the Adbello family.

The kingdom gave the title of duke to the Adbello family, and cooperated with them to revitalize the country.

Instead of horses, there were now cars, and as the sanitation level in each area increased through sewage maintenance, the death rate significantly decreased.

As the food supply rate increased with the invention of fertilizer, starvation decreased, and as the quality of life improved, economic power and education level naturally increased.

The most dazzling innovation among them was the military.

When the royal authority was strengthened through cooperation with Adbello, the royal family revolutionized the military service system and then attributed all military rights to the royal family.

After excluding a small number of elite royal knights, the royal family organized a new military system.

Army centered in the North.

Navy centered in the South.

Various support facilities, including various military academies that develop high-quality military power, plus new weapons.

A weak country that suffered from being caught between great powers quickly became a hegemony.

As the country got richer, politics and culture developed rapidly, giving it an edge in every way.

However, the sudden change in power caused the envy and jealousy of neighboring countries, and the kingdom was invaded.

And in the year of the invasion, the kingdom won the perfect victory by breaking the flag of the empire, which was the head of the allied powers.

This was the ‘Adlabor Revolution’ that took place 7 years ago.


The southern morning was lively.

Sailors bustling with the sound of a boat beating announcing the departure, loading and unloading ships, and cats stealing fish while avoiding each other.

The plaza was also flowed with merchants waiting for the front of the store to open.

People leaving for work rushed to get on the transportation in time.

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This pleasant bustle also came to the mansion on the hill.

“We are the Southern sunshine!”

Clare stood in front of the mirror and sang the school song bravely.

“Walking through the blue sea!”

“Come on, miss, give me a hug?”


When Clare raised her arm, Ash quickly took off her pajamas and put on a school uniform top, and skillfully buttoned it as well.

“Moving forward!”

Clare, who had changed into a navy blue uniform, stretched out her clenched fist high into the sky.

“Children of Marea!”

Recently, Clare has fallen in love with school songs and sang whenever she had spare time.

Each time, Ash gave her a lot of sincere praise.

“The heavenly voice must be from our little girl.”

“I have music class today, and I’m going to sing the loudest! Then Ash will be able to listen at home too, right?”


Impressed, Ash hugged Clare tightly.

“My lady, it feels like yesterday when you were walking around in diapers…”

Ash wiped her eyes and wept.

“When did you grow up like this?”

“That’s it…”

Clare, who had blurred her words, glared at the sofa with a sigh.

To be more precise, it was her older sister who had been lying on the sofa since morning.

“…I wanted to make up my mind too.”

“They said if one of the sisters had a problem, the other was fine…”

Ash’s sobbing grew louder.

Noah raised her upper body.

“I can hear you.”

She was already upset about yesterday, but the family who treated her pathetically rather than comforted her made her very resentful.

“Aren’t I pitiful?”

“Not really?”

“Not at all.”

In response, Noah buried her face in the sofa again.

“Everywhere in this house…”

Then she pretended to cry.

Then there was the sound of small footsteps approaching as Noah hid her face.

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After all, a child is a child, and since her older sister was crying, she seemed worried.


But instead of sympathizing with her sister, Clare spoke.

“What do you mean you did well? Grandma said that the only thing the wrong person has to spill is blood.”

Her life teacher, her grandmother, nagged her as she recalled the words she had said before she left.

Noah really wanted to cry now.

“Aren’t you going to work?”

Ash, who couldn’t see, asked.

“Looking at yesterday, I don’t see any reason to quit your job…”

Yesterday’s riot was nothing after all.

It was just a love quarrel between a man and woman, and that was all.

“That man, he was good-looking and had a lot of money.”

Said Clare, picking her nose.

“Can’t you just get married?”

“You, this is not your job…!”

Noah groaned as she shoved Clare’s hand that was in her nose into the child’s mouth gleefully. 

Clare gasped in disgust.

“I’ll never marry him!”

Noah said as if promising.

“Ah, little master…”

When you say something like that, the opposite is bound to happen.

“…I’ll drive you to school.”

Ash decided to back off for once.
Noah looked really tired.
She’ll probably need time to think for herself.

“Be sure to eat breakfast while you are there.”

“You’re unemployed now, so you have to listen to what I’m saying.”

“Are you sure there is no one on my side in this house?”

Noah got up grumbling and saw them off.

“Have a safe trip.”

“Sister, if you don’t go to work now, take me to school!”

“Oh, you want me to take you?”

“So I can brag to the kids that we have an unemployed person at home.
Sensha bragged about her divorced aunt yesterday.”

“Yeah, you want to see me cry, don’t you?”

It was the moment when Noah was muttering with a dry voice.

As soon as the door opened, something suddenly popped out.

Noah reflexively blocked in front of Ash and Clare as Ash hid Clare behind her back.

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Clare, who poked her head out over Ash’s shoulder, looked.

“It’s the lieutenant general!”

“Hello, sister-in-law?”

A face hidden behind the bouquet appeared.

A beautiful man with silver hair that glistened in the sunlight and red eyes that are curved roundly to the point of being strangely suspicious.


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Giving the bouquet to Noah, Leto smiled.

“Shall we go to work?”

Noah frowned at him.
The fresh flowers were overshadowed.


Unfortunately, Noah returned to the unit.

“I have to resign so I can take care of it.”

There was only one reason why Noah had to go to work despite the uproar yesterday.

Because she didn’t submit the resignation she was supposed to do.



Upon learning of that fact, Ash and Clare looked at Noah with eyes more pathetic and disappointing than ever.

“I can’t even brag about your unemployment at school now…”

Clare went to school with Ash, muttering that Lily’s father was much better.

“Who is Lily?”

Leto asked, starting his car.

His car was a new model introduced this year by Chetty, a company famous for powerful vehicles.

Leto skillfully drove it.

“…My sister’s school friend.”

Noah, who was wounded by the cold gaze of her family, clenched her seat belt and answered without strength.

The drive is still smooth, Noah thought lightly.

“What makes him better than you?”

“Lily’s father has been missing since the day after he was caught trying to live in two houses.”


“Don’t worry.
He was just kicked out of the house and filed for divorce.”

It wasn’t a compliment, it was an insult.

Leto smiled briefly and slowed down.
The car came down a gentle hill, and soon passed through the city and pulled out onto the coastal road.

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She could see the blue sea from the window.

Noah stared blankly out the window, and Leto did not speak to her, who dared to remain silent.

It was like that for a long time.

“…Are you having fun?”

Noah’s gaze reflected in the window glanced at Leto.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re playing with me.”

“Have I never played with you?”

“All of this seems like the lieutenant’s joke to me.”


Leto turned the steering wheel to the left instead of answering.
As he entered the control area, his red rottweiler began to slow down.

From here on, they were at the naval base.

The guards standing at the entrance recognized Leto and Noah and saluted.

Leto was consistent with ignoring them as usual, and Noah responded with a salute along with a greeting saying that she had a lot of trouble.

And only after the car is inside.


Leto stopped the car altogether.


And he called out her name once more and stretched out his hand.

His hand, which was confidently directed toward Noah’s face, paused in mid-air for a moment.

Then he looked at her and wrapped her hair around his fingers.
Blond curls intertwined with his thick, long fingers.


Noah looked at Leto without saying a word.

Once again, she thought she was lucky to let her hair down today.
Otherwise, he would have noticed how red her ears were now.

“Noah, it’s not that I don’t know why you hate me so much.”

“I’m glad you know.”

“By the way.”

Leto, leaning against the steering wheel, smiled quietly.

“If I told you that I had my own circumstances, would you believe me?”


Noah furrowed her eyebrows.

Even in this situation, the person in front of her looked the prettiest in the world.

‘I’m really annoyed.’

Noah had to admit that she still had a heart for Leto.

Leto lightly smiled at Noah because he knew what she was thinking.

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