thing the wrong person has to spill is blood.”

Her life teacher, her grandmother, nagged her as she recalled the words she had said before she left.

Noah really wanted to cry now.

“Aren’t you going to work?”

Ash, who couldn’t see, asked.

“Looking at yesterday, I don’t see any reason to quit your job…”

Yesterday’s riot was nothing after all.

It was just a love quarrel between a man and woman, and that was all.

“That man, he was good-looking and had a lot of money.”

Said Clare, picking her nose.

“Can’t you just get married?”

“You, this is not your job…!”

Noah groaned as she shoved Clare’s hand that was in her nose into the child’s mouth gleefully. 

Clare gasped in disgust.

“I’ll never marry him!”

Noah said as if promising.

“Ah, little master…”

When you say something like that, the opposite is bound to happen.

“…I’ll drive you to school.”

Ash decided to back off for once.
Noah looked really tired.
She’ll probably need time to think for herself.

“Be sure to eat breakfast while you are there.”

“You’re unemployed now, so you have to listen to what I’m saying.”

“Are you sure there is no one on my side in this house?”

Noah got up grumbling and saw them off.

“Have a safe trip.”

“Sister, if you don’t go to work now, take me to school!”

“Oh, you want me to take you?”

“So I can brag to the kids that we have an unemployed person at home.
Sensha bragged about her divorced aunt yesterday.”

“Yeah, you want to see me cry, don’t you?”

It was the moment when Noah was muttering with a dry voice.

As soon as the door opened, something suddenly popped out.

Noah reflexively blocked in front of Ash and Clare as Ash hid Clare behind her back.

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Clare, who poked her head out over Ash’s shoulder, looked.

“It’s the lieutenant general!”

“Hello, sister-in-law?”

A face hidden behind the bouquet appeared.

A beautiful man with silver hair that glistened in the sunlight and red eyes that are curved roundly to the point of being strangely suspicious.


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Giving the bouquet to Noah, Leto smiled.

“Shall we go to work?”

Noah frowned at him.
The fresh flowers were overshadowed.


Unfortunately, Noah returned to the unit.

“I have to resign so I can take care of it.”

There was only one reason why Noah had to go to work despite the uproar yesterday.

Because she didn’t submit the resignation she was supposed to do.



Upon learning of that fact, Ash and Clare looked at Noah with eyes more pathetic and disappointing than ever.

“I can’t even brag about your unemployment at school now…”

Clare went to school with Ash, muttering that Lily’s father was much better.

“Who is Lily?”

Leto asked, starting his car.

His car was a new model introduced this year by Chetty, a company famous for powerful vehicles.

Leto skillfully drove it.

“…My sister’s school friend.”

Noah, who was wounded by the cold gaze of her family, clenched her seat belt and answered without strength.

The drive is still smooth, Noah thought lightly.

“What makes him better than you?”

“Lily’s father has been missing since the day after he was caught trying to live in two houses.”


“Don’t worry.
He was just kicked out of the house and filed for divorce.”

It wasn’t a compliment, it was an insult.

Leto smiled briefly and slowed down.
The car came down a gentle hill, and soon passed through the city and pulled out onto the coastal road.

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She could see the blue sea from the window.

Noah stared blankly out the window, and Leto did not speak to her, who dared to remain silent.

It was like that for a long time.

“…Are you having fun?”

Noah’s gaze reflected in the window glanced at Leto.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re playing with me.”

“Have I never played with you?”

“All of this seems like the lieutenant’s joke to me.”


Leto turned the steering wheel to the left instead of answering.
As he entered the control area, his red rottweiler began to slow down.

From here on, they were at the naval base.

The guards standing at the entrance recognized Leto and Noah and saluted.

Leto was consistent with ignoring them as usual, and Noah responded with a salute along with a greeting saying that she had a lot of trouble.

And only after the car is inside.


Leto stopped the car altogether.


And he called out her name once more and stretched out his hand.

His hand, which was confidently directed toward Noah’s face, paused in mid-air for a moment.

Then he looked at her and wrapped her hair around his fingers.
Blond curls intertwined with his thick, long fingers.


Noah looked at Leto without saying a word.

Once again, she thought she was lucky to let her hair down today.
Otherwise, he would have noticed how red her ears were now.

“Noah, it’s not that I don’t know why you hate me so much.”

“I’m glad you know.”

“By the way.”

Leto, leaning against the steering wheel, smiled quietly.

“If I told you that I had my own circumstances, would you believe me?”


Noah furrowed her eyebrows.

Even in this situation, the person in front of her looked the prettiest in the world.

‘I’m really annoyed.’

Noah had to admit that she still had a heart for Leto.

Leto lightly smiled at Noah because he knew what she was thinking.

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