Chapter 7 Sucking Yu’er’s Br*ast and Accompanying Her to Sleep (Slightly H)

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Just after the lamps had been lit, Zhao Shuyu recalled in her heart what her eldest brother said about coming back to find her later tonight, so she washed up early and went to bed.

But as she waited and waited, no one came, and so, Zhao Shuyu finally couldn’t help but fall asleep.

When Zhao Xingyuan had finally handled matters inside the residence and had reached the Hanyu Pavilion, all the lights inside the house had been extinguished.

Zhao Xingyuan broke into a laugh and shook his head, “This unscrupulous little girl.”

After Zhao Xingyuan entered the penthouse, he saw Little Xing’er, who was on night-duty for Zhao Shuyu, fast asleep.

Zhao Xingyuan pondered and took out a brown pill from his purse, throwing the pill to the incense burner at the side.

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Soon, the fragrance wafted into the air, and Little Xing’er submerged into an even more dead-like state.

Closing the penthouse door, Zhao Xingyuan walked into his younger sister’s boudoir.

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With this train of thought, Zhao Xingyuan covered Zhao Shuyu’s lips with his without the slightest hesitation, his tongue gently probing into her mouth, lightly bumping the tip of her tongue, tasting a sweet and jasmine flavor.

He couldn’t help himself from curling his tongue around hers, actively provoking his little sister’s tongue, stirring and going back and forth.

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With her breaths being blocked, Zhao Shuyu hazily opened her sleeping eyes.

Seeing her little mouth passionately kissing the man, Zhao Shuyu moaned, softly saying, “Will eldest brother accompany Yu’er to sleep tonight?”

It wasn’t the first time Zhao Xingyuan would spend the night at Zhao Shuyu’s room.

However, he was often away from the residence and it was inconvenient for him to come here at night when he was thirsty, which was not very often.

“Eldest brother will not only accompany Yu’er to sleep tonight but also finish what he started earlier this afternoon.”

Zhao Xingyuan whispered this in Zhao Shuyu’s ear, extending his tongue to lick the pretty girl’s soft and tender ear, digging it further in, imitating the motion of inserting something into a cave, entering Zhao Shuyu’s ear.

Zhao Shuyu quickly couldn’t bear it anymore and felt an itch spreading towards her lower abdomen, causing her petite body to tremble.
Zhao Xingyuan could feel her sister’s heat, letting out a low chuckle as he continued licking her ear, “My Little Yu’er is so sensitive…”

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Zhao Shuyu didn’t understand her eldest brother’s words, but right now, her eldest brother was doing the same things he did in the afternoon, which was their sibling intimacy and helping her control the swelling pain in her cherry dots.

Thinking of this, Zhao Shuyu took initiative and pulled Zhao Xingyuan’s hands over her own small chest, saying in a squeamish manner, “Eldest brother, this place is swollen.”

Zhao Xingyuan’s breaths tensed up as he quickly undressed inside the canopy bed.

The little tunic on her body was cleanly pulled off, and Zhao Xingyuan’s large slightly callous hands covered Zhao Shuyu’s tender milk buds, slowly kneading them.

His lips also traced down, gently kissing her delicate neck, then sucking and licking her two soft br*asts.

While vigorously sucking on her t*ts, her small milk pearls turned harder from his playful bites, trembling as he did this, looking extremely pitiful.

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