Chapter 6 Having Eldest Brother Suck Her T*ts (Slightly H)

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A soft and sweet voice overflowed from Zhao Shuyu’s mouth as her t*ts were already rubbed pink by Zhao Xingyuan.

Zhao Xingyuan watched the twelve-year-old sister in his arms scream, her delicate brows creasing as her expression showed pain yet comfort at the same time.

Her slender legs had also unconsciously clamped together, her small tush lightly rubbing on his leg from side to side.

Zhao Xingyuan extended his hands and plucked Zhao Shuyu’s erect milk pearls.
Zhao Shuyu cried out, sharp yet soft, her derrière also trembling in his legs.

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At this moment, Zhao Xingyuan stooped down his robust body to get closer to Zhao Shuyu, his scorching breaths directly spraying on the young girl’s fair chest.
Parting his mouth, her tender bosom and small dark red tip were sucked into his mouth.

The absent-minded Zhao Shuyu softly hugged her brother’s head, sensing his wet tongue wantonly licking her milk buds.
This nimble tongue was adept in the art of sucking, one sweep at a time, licking her tender little t*ts. 

Gradually, she couldn’t bear it anymore, Zhao Shuyu began to feel feverish all over and felt a severe itch.

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After Zhao Xingyuan left, Zhao Shuyu was also somewhat tired, so she called for the servant girl Little Xing’er to fetch hot water, wiping clean of her slightly damp bosom caused by her eldest brother.

But right at this moment, a person pushed open the room’s door.

Zhao Shuyu didn’t hear this occurrence until the person drew nearer before abruptly looking up.

“Huo, Butler Huo?”

Huo Yikun gazed at the fourth young lady’s bare chest, directly exposing her recently sucked red br*asts to him.
The tips were still stiff, clearly experiencing intense affections not long ago.

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Huo Yikun looked at the shy and chested Zhao Shuyu, his face expressionless as he said, “Eldest young master forgot something.
I came to retrieve it.”

Zhao Shuyu turned her body, her back facing Huo Yikun, “Then, then retrieve it.”

Before long, the sound of the room’s door closing rang out.

Zhao Shuyu touched her scalding cheeks, quickly putting on her clothes.

Eldest brother said that the closeness between brother and sister should not be seen by outsiders, the same went for her body not to be seen by outsiders.

But, Butler Huo was the same age as eldest brother, and he has also stayed in the Zhao residence longer than her, he… shouldn’t be regarded as an outsider, right?

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