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But, he didn’t expect the pink doll to just stare at him for a while, still gnawing on her hands.
Zhao Muqing immediately creased his brows, his attractive face turning rigid, “Zhao Shuyu!”

The pink doll just stared distractedly, not fully comprehending what was happening as she gazed at Zhao Muqing.
After hesitating for a short while, she extended her soft pink hand, “Bro…ther, eat?”

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Zhao Muqing also just looked at her, an involuntary smile immediately creeping up.

Seeing the pink doll’s constantly moving grape-shaped eyes, he took a mouthful of the pink doll’s white fingers.

The plump fingers still had sticky fluid on them, but the jade doll permeated the unique smell of milk.
Moreover, there was another faint flowery scent, most likely jasmine.
Zhao Muqing narrowed his eyes, and for the first time, he felt that this younger sister was pleasing to the eye.

Her teeth moved, the milk doll’s nipping felt ticklish.
Gurgling out a laugh, the itching feeling in the eight-year-old Zhao Muqing’s heart became more obvious.
He loosened his lip, pursing them around Little Yu’er’s finger.

“Little Yu’er is quite naughty.
Later, you can’t touch people as you please.”

Time flew by, and in a flash, twelve years had passed.

From a pink doll, the fourth young lady of the Zhao family, Zhao Shuyu, transformed into a slender and elegant young woman.

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She was doted on by her brothers and was whole-heartedly tended to by the wet nurses.
Although the fourth young lady didn’t have a father nor mother, she was infinitely times happier compared to any daughter of an ordinary merchant family.

Living a life of luxury and having no difficulties, she, Zhao Shuyu, was the only daughter of the Zhao residence, not following any strict rules placed by the elders above her and not having to fight and scheme against the concubines below her.

The eldest son Zhao Xingyuan, who managed the household, was her older brother and always spoiled her to an extreme.

It’s just that her eldest brother didn’t like her to often go out and play.
He also gave her a lot of books that she should read, like Female Commandments(3) and Confucian moral injunctions for women.

It’s an actual book.
Please see link for more information.

But Zhao Shuyu couldn’t stand this treatment, and after several rounds of back and forth, she figured out a way to get her eldest brother to relent.

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