Chapter 20 Piercing Yu’er Hurts (Slightly H)

“Woooo… It hurts…”

Zhao Shuyu immediately creased her brows, sensing that the place where she emptied her bladder was as if it was about to split in half.

She lowered her head to take a look, only to see Butler Huo firmly grasping a huge monster and nudging it between her legs.
But, no matter how many times it poked and prodded, it still couldn’t find the entrance, unable to enter the cave.

Out of discomfort, Zhao Shuyu continuously twisted her arched waist, “Brother Huo, you’re hurting me.”

The more she moved right now, the more Huo Yikun couldn’t thrust himself in.
These matters between men and women, although he knew of what methods to use, he had never really practiced them in real life.


In the residence, although there was no shortage of young servant girls who threw themselves at him, he was consistently clear about public and private affairs, not messing around with his own jurisdiction.
Moreover, he lived quite a disciplined life, and when there were social gatherings hosted by the eldest young master in the Zhao residence, he didn’t need to go to the Qinlou Chuguan(1) and wait for the prostitutes to arrive.

It generally refers to a place of singing and dancing, but it more often refers to a brothel.

Thus, right now, he wanted to take advantage of this rare opportunity to get intimately close with Zhao Shuyu, coaxing her to let him grope her t*ts.
His trousers were already off, yet how could he not pierce through her.

Zhao Yikun’s beads of sweat were flowing out of urgency.

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Moreover, there were only a few people who walked on this road, so the bumps were intense.
He even deliberately chose the smallest carriage in the estate.


It was narrow and cramped inside the ride, so Zhao Shuyu had no other choice but to stick close to him as they sat.
Furthermore, right now, this Jiao Jiao was already coaxed by him to take off her undergarments, letting him rub and poke her cave.
So, how could he miss this kind of opportunity?

At this moment, Zhao Shuyu was moaning as she creased her brows, extremely uncomfortable and wriggling on Huo Yikun’s lap.

How could she understand the twists and turns the dignified and prudent Butler Huo had felt in his heart, only sensing that he was hurting her and feeling wronged about it.

“Brother Huo, you said that you’ll treat Yu’er’s chest, why are you touching Yu’er’s down there?”

That delicate and pretty demeanor with a hint of anger and resentment was full of charm.
Every move she made was raised by men’s pampering, simply letting anyone want to take a bite out of her.

At this moment, Huo Yikun held Zhao Shuyu’s waist, bringing her small body closer to him and spreading her legs as she sat on his lap.

The pulsing erect p*nis on his groin stuck even more closely to her greasy hole, pressing against her small bum, incessantly rubbing and pressing his rod on her slit.

The carriage was jolting around, which made Huo Yikun press his crotch on the waist he held hard.
Although it didn’t hurt Zhao Shuyu, it wasn’t very comfortable, so with a small hand, she tapped on Huo Yikun’s shoulder, “Brother Huo, Brother Huo, say something.”

What should he say?

Somewhere in Huo Yikun’s head, he still knew what she was asking about.

Seeing this Little Jiao’er being more sober than him, Huo Yikun’s eyes squinted, catching Zhao Shuyu’s delicate chin between his fingers, lifting her small face, and firmly planting a kiss.

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