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It could be said that he watched this lovable girl grow up from young until now.


He was Lord Zhao’s adopted son and was also the current main butler of the Zhao residence.
The eldest young master Zhao Xingyuan was often not in the residence, while the second and third young masters were busy with their own matters, so all small and large ordeals inside the residence would fall under his care.

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During normal days, there were already a lot of tasks to deal with in the Zhao residence from the fields to the merchants to every chore inside the manor, so Huo Yikun didn’t have many chances to see Zhao Shuyu.

However, not seeing her didn’t automatically mean that he didn’t care for the fourth young lady, this young charming girl was the only one who couldn’t leave the residence as she wished, unlike her brothers could.
Pressed until suffocation, she occasionally pleaded for him to take her out.

But since he was in charge of the large Zhao residence, he naturally couldn’t let the fourth young lady out as she wished.

After Zhao Shuyu met with him a few times, she stopped seeking him.

His heart contained faint disappointment.
Every time he recalled how the fourth young lady would readily call him Brother Huo with the very same look, it would evoke pity from his heart.

As the fourth young lady stopped looking for him, she gradually pestered the eldest young master more and more.

As long as the eldest young master was home, the fourth young lady would certainly run as fast as she could to him.

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Afterward, just by chance, he discovered the secret between the eldest young master and the fourth young lady.

That evening, there were pressing matters from the farmlands that needed to be reported, and during that night, he raised his lamp and hurriedly looked for the eldest young master to confer this matter, but to his surprise, Zhao Xingyuan’s courtyard was totally empty.

His heart felt that something was amiss.
The eldest young master definitely didn’t leave the residence, but he didn’t have a clue where he was resting that evening.

He didn’t ask around, only beginning to carefully pay attention.


As a result, for three straight nights, he found that the eldest young master didn’t return to his courtyard to rest, rather, he had taken lodging in the fourth young lady’s room.


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