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Huo Yikun could only feel his lower half heat up, but still, his face remained sullen, saying straightforwardly, “The eldest young master instructed me to take the fourth young lady to the horse-riding grounds if it won’t inconvenience the fourth young lady.
We could also reschedule on another day.”

Once Zhao Shuyu heard this, her eyes brightened, “It’s convenient, it’s convenient.
Brother Huo, wait for me, I’ll be finished right away.”

Saying this, she didn’t even wait for Huo Yikun’s response and turned around, running inside the room creating a ‘da da da’ sound.

‘Brother Huo’ that was said in a sweet voice was still echoing in Huo Yikun’s ears.
He closed his eyes and steadied his breath, saying, “Fourth young lady, no need to rush, I’ll be outside waiting.”

Not long after, Zhao Shuyu was dressed well and was finished.

Pushing the door open, sure enough, she saw Butler Huo waiting for her in the small courtyard.
She lightly caressed her red cheeks and walked to Huo Yikun’s front, softly saying, “Butler Huo, I’m done preparing.”

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Shortly, a carriage came out of the side entrance of the Zhao residence and headed for the outskirts of Jinzhou.

Zhao Shuyu and Huo Yikun sat inside the carriage.
Zhao Shuyu excitedly looked out of the moving vehicle, and compared to Huo Yikun, he was much calmer and more collected, his hands holding the account books for him to examine.

The horse trotted all the way, causing Zhao Shuyu to feel rocked while riding the carriage.

Who knows if it was just her imagination, but she always felt that today’s carriage was shakier than usual.
Moreover, the carriage felt particularly small, small enough that she and Butler Huo needed to sit with their legs close to each other, sitting upright, so as not to bump with one another.


T/N: Oh no!! Does this mean Zhao Xingyuan will be gone for a month huhuhu

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