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She pushed and pushed, wanting to get up from Zhao Xingyuan’s body.


However, Zhao Xingyuan firmly held her head, continuously sending that large meat rod.

Zhao Shuyu kept getting sick from having been forced to take the pestle down to the depths of her throat.

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Zhao Xingyuan’s breaths were getting heavier.
He knew as well that his little sister was having a hard time, so he didn’t deliberately hold back.
After a few deep intense thrusts, Zhao Xingyuan suddenly pulled out his rod, releasing before completely leaving Zhao Shuyu’s mouth.

All of a sudden, Zhao Shuyu’s mouth and face were covered with white dense essence.

She stared blankly, stretching her little tongue to have a taste.

It still didn’t taste good, just as always.

In this manner, Zhao Xingyuan had quickly delivered into his little sister’s mouth, his heart somewhat unwilling.

However, he saw that Zhao Shuyu’s mouth was already slightly inflamed, after all, she was only 12 years old, his movements just now were also too crude.

With a bit of regret and reluctance, Zhao Xingyuan finally got off the bed and went to fetch some water to wipe clean of Zhao Shuyu’s face.

Tired for half the night, Zhao Shuyu’s heart still felt satisfied from the exchange of going out to play.

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After having her face and body wiped clean by her eldest brother, Zhao Shuyu happily nuzzled into Zhao Xingyuan’s chest, not taking long to drift into sleep.

This was certainly painful for Zhao Xingyuan.
Was venting out his desires only once enough?


Yet, he didn’t have the heart to toss Zhao Shuyu from side to side again.
Her frailness was real, so that’s why she was pampered and spoiled from her childhood until now, locking her up inside the tall walls of the Zhao residence.

During her childhood, she had suffered all kinds of illnesses, but as she grew older, her temperament had become livelier, and she didn’t often fall sick anymore.

After all, as she grew older, he couldn’t shut her in, so letting her see the outside world would prevent her from resenting him in the future.

With this train of thought, Zhao Xingyuan’s heart had already devised a plan, and it didn’t take long before he fell asleep with Zhao Shuyu in his arms.

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