gyuan sighed, “Eldest brother doesn’t want to trap you in.
It’s due to Yu’er’s debility since birth that we need to keep you well in the residence.”


Zhao Shuyu wasn’t eating this up, her mouth sinking as she turned her head away from Zhao Xingyuan, still pouting, “Brother Xingyuan is prejudiced.
This afternoon, eldest brother just said that someone will abduct Yu’er, but now he’s saying that Yu’er is frail.
Humph, where is Yu’er weak?”

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Jiao Jiao hummed, softly and sweetly.

At this moment, the rod in Zhao Xingyuan’s lower half was far too swollen, and in all honesty, he didn’t have the patience to argue with Zhao Shuyu anymore.

After thinking about it more, occasionally letting her out to play would also be harmless, he just needed someone to look out for her well.

When his thoughts finally loosened along with his mouth, “Fine, fine, fine.
Only if Yu’er gives eldest brother a kiss, will she be able to go out and play.”

These words immediately made Zhao Shuyu’s eyes sparkle, “Eldest brother, is what you’re saying true?”

Zhao Xingyuan languidly reclined on the bed, the c*ck on his crotch supported the sky like a single pillar, he smiled knowingly at Zhao Shuyu, “Of course I’m serious.
Have I ever deceived Yu’er before?”

Having eldest brother finally relent wasn’t an easy task.
Despite being somewhat tired, Zhao Shuyu still took initiative and propped her body up, climbing between Zhao Xingyuan’s legs.

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“What does Brother Xingyuan want Yu’er to do?” Blinking her large innocent eyes, Zhao Shuyu cutely opened her mouth.

Zhao Xingyuan’s expression darkened and pressed his gr*in, his tall-standing meat stick abruptly swaying, “Yu’er, open your mouth and kiss it, just like you did with brother’s finger, suck it well.”

It was only then when Zhao Shuyu’s eyes fell on the artifact between Zhao Xingyuan’s legs.
That artifact had both a sinister length and roughness, its swollen fury sent out a purple color, while its turtle’s head was huge.
Her small mouth couldn’t contain it, and it was an exceptionally arduous task every time she gave her eldest brother a lick.

Her two little hands were grasping the object, throbbing and burning in steady beats.
Zhao Shuyu extended her pink tongue probing and licking the eye on the turtle’s head.


Zhao Xingyuan smothered his moan and stared at her with bloodshot eyes.

Under Zhao Xingyuan’s gaze, Zhao Shuyu tried hard to suck the huge gl*ns with her small mouth.

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