Chapter 11 How about these two? (H)

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With unrestrained sounds of lustful water splashing about, Zhao Shuyu’s delicate cries became even more provocative.
Zhao Xingyuan extended a hand and kneaded the er*ct pearl resting atop of her flower step, rubbing the hard bead at a rapid speed.

As her sensitive spots were constantly stimulated, Zhao Shuyu’s derriere followed the movements of Zhao Xingyuan’s fingers, shaking uninterruptedly.

“Ahhh… Brother Xingyuan, Yu’er can’t… bear it anymore ahhhh…”

Zhao Shuyu perked up her flushed little face, her pants turning faint, all of her attention was focused on her lower body, where she spread her legs wide and let her brother thrusts his two coarse fingers in, swirling them in as they slid in and out.

She hung her hands on Zhao Xingyuan’s shoulders, the tips of her fingers deeply embedding themselves into his taut skin.
Her breaths were becoming more urgent.
Soon, she couldn’t breathe from the large waves of attacks excessively itching her lower body.


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Zhao Xingyuan saw that Zhao Shuyu was once again about to leak, prompting him to quickly grip his swollen member and abruptly knock it against his little sister’s tender flower lips between her legs.

The fingers caved inside her passage became even more severe, curling inside her as they f*cked her, not giving Zhao Shuyu the slightest chance to breathe.

Not long after, Zhao Shuyu’s breathing stopped, while her petite body jerked and twitched around.
Her small meat cave wildly shrunk.
The pleasure came out as vicious and ruthless, extending to her limbs and bones, causing her lower half to immediately overflow with a sticky liquid.

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Huh? So having the python enter her could stop the water?


Zhao Shuyu swung her small butt, planning to lift her waist, lightly humming, “Then come in, eldest brother.”

What a foolish Jiao Jiao.

Zhao Xingyuan couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head, kissing Zhao Shuyu’s forehead, “Right now, Yu’er is far too small.
When Yu’er is a bit bigger, 14 years old, eldest brother will stop the water for you, alright?”

Upon hearing that she had to wait until she was fourteen years of age, Zhao Shuyu pouted her mouth, softly groaning, “Everything has to wait until the age of 14.”

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Zhao Xingyuan merely smiled and didn’t utter a word, carrying the handful of liquid honey by Zhao Shuyu’s lips, “This water is very sweet, Yu’er should have a taste.”

Zhao Shuyu had yet to taste her own honey water’s flavor.
She was a bit curious but was also a bit shameful at the same time, slightly hesitating before sheepishly extending her small tongue for a quick lick.
At this moment, Zhao Xingyuan seized the opportunity and shoved his fingers into her small mouth, the two fingers pressed against her small tongue, stirring uninterruptedly.

“Woooo… Woooo…”

With her mouth being repeatedly stirred by her eldest brother’s fingers, Zhao Shuyu felt trapped, making her want to break free.

Yet, what kind of person was Zhao Xingyuan? Not only did he relentlessly press on her tongue, but he even maliciously stirred the saliva inside her mouth, causing it to flow along the sides of Zhao Shuyu’s mouth, enabling him to lick the streams clean one by one.

“Now, it’s Little Yu’er’s turn to satisfy eldest brother.”

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