”Is this necessary? ” She became even more skeptical. Although the man was handsome, she didn want anyone to take advantage of her.

”You can sell my kidney if your back pain doesn heal after this. This is my guarantee. ”

Seeing his confidence made her embarrassment disappear as the man did not appear to have any dirty thoughts.

This man was a true professional. At least that was how it seemed.

”Fine, I will do as you say. ”

She lay on the floor and lifted her skirt, revealing her thin, pink underwear. She blushed as she lay on her stomach. ”Is this good enough? ”

”Its perfect. ” Xander immediately grabbed onto her butt which made her tremble and moan in pleasure.

”Don move too much. ”

She closed her mouth with both hands and nodded while wondering if he heard her moan or not. That was embarrassing, how could she moan in a situation like this?

When Xanders hand squeezed her butt, she felt another wave of pleasure so strong that she had to forcefully close her mouth from moaning. Her body also trembled in the feeling of bliss.

It wasn even a minute and she felt like she was reborn and became alive again like a phoenix. Her stiff lower back shattered like a cocoon becoming a butterfly that can fly free to the sky.

Sweat dripped off her body as her breathing became haggard.

Xander took his hands off her perky smooth butt.

”Are we done already? ”

”Not yet. I am waiting for something. My techniques are not like those amateurs that you have experienced before. ”

She didn know what the man was waiting for, but she knew that he was right. She had been to many places and she had never felt this way before.

”Alright, now lift your shirt. ”

She now trusted the man because of his skill and took off her shirt without any question. What was left was her pink bra.

She looked at him, worried that he might judge her body or bra, but he was still calm and expressionless.

”What are you waiting for? Lay on the bed again. ”

”O—okay. ” She lay on the bed and closed her eyes.

A second later, a pair of warm hands touched her back and she felt all the stiffness break apart while an exploding wave of pleasure ran all through her body.

”Unhmmm… ” She held her moan with all she could while trying not to move.

”Be quiet. ” Xander slapped her ass.

”Ahhh…! ” She moaned loudly before closing her mouth again. ”I am sorry. ”

She stayed silent as Aldred continued massaging her. She was about to cry as she did not understand why his massage was so good. Even his slap on her ass felt good as well.

She even started thinking that she might be a masochist.

No, that can be.

With that in mind, she tried really hard to hold her moan, but sometimes she could not help it.

Meanwhile, outside the room.

The males were gathering nearby and hearing all of these moans with shocked expressions.

”Is Xander really doing it? ”

”No freaking way. Xander is a loser piece of shit. Women would rather look at dungs all day than seeing his face. ”

”But that noise… ”

”Ahh… more. Ahh. ahhh… ahhhhh. ”

”That cannot be fake. I saw a girl enter his room earlier, and she was a hot gal. ”

”Shit. Is he really losing his virginity to a hot girl? Damn, I don even have a girlfriend. ”

”Fuck! I don have one as well. ”

As they discussed this among themselves, Xander was smiling as he massages his customer.

That was because he had found out that the girl was a virgin. If this was his real body, he could use his spiritual eyes to inspect her, but this was the body of a normal human, so he did not have that ability yet.

The only way to find out was how her body react to certain touches and stimuli. This let him find out that she was a virgin.

This was his chance.

Xander released his hand which made her yelp in disappointment. ”Don stop. ”

”Your back pain is no more. ”

She sat down and felt that her back was no longer in pain.

”But my neck is still stiff. ”

”I can fix that, but I am sure you don want to do my service, so you can leave now. ” Xander walked to his chair about to sit down.

”Wait, wait. What do you mean I don want your service? You are so good. ”

”To fix your neck pain, I need to touch something sensitive. ”

”What is it? ”

”No, I cannot tell you or it won work. ”

She pouted in annoyance. Just when she did find a good masseuse, he refused to give her proper treatment! This was unacceptable. Just what kind of sensitive part did he need to touch?

”I will let you touch anything. Just fix my neck pain. ”

”Are you serious? ”

”I am. ”

”You are not going to sue me? ”

”I will not. ”

”Alright, I got that on tape. ” Xander showed his phone which recorded her moaning as well.

”Can you delete the moaning part? ”

”No. I might need that if you bring me to court. ”

Fuck! Who needed to show moaning sound to defend themselves in court?

But that made her even more curious as to why the man was so careful.

”Lay on the bed again. ” Xander stood up.

”Okay. ” She lay down and wondered what part of her body was going to be touched.

That made her scared slightly but also excited at what pleasure it would bring.

Suddenly she felt something down there, and her whole body was struck by the lightning of pleasure.

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