Xander immediately sat down in front of his laptop and read the message:

Guest: Hello, I would like to reserve for one person.

Owner: Can you tell me your age, weight, and gender?

Guest: Sure. I am female. 47 KG in weight, and I am 23 years old.

Xander nodded. It would be better if the guest could tell him if she was a virgin or not, but in this era, asking such a question would make him look suspicious.

Owner: When will you come?

Guest: Before that, can I ask some questions?

Owner: Do ask.

Guest: I have severe back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain every time I sit down. I have been in pain for 5 years now since all I do is sit down by my laptop and on my phones all day. I have been to many chiropractors and none of them worked. Do you think you can help me?

Owner: I am confident in my ability. If I cannot fix your back pain in less than 10 minutes, you can take my kidney and sell it.

The lady on the other side raised an eyebrow. ”This person is so confident. Can he really fix my back? ”

She was very skeptical as a lot of people had scammed her and her back pain worsened. But no one had ever offered her a guarantee like this before.

She sighed. ”I will give it a try. ”

Guest: I can come tomorrow at 8 AM. Is that fine?

Owner: Thats fine.

Guest: Okay, thanks. I will see you tomorrow.

The chat ended after that, and Xander kept the laptop open just in case he got another customer.

”This will be my first customer. ”

To convince his guest even further, Xander went out and bought a cheap massage cream that cost 4 dollars. He only had 5 dollars, so he was left with 1 dollar now.

If he failed this first transaction, he would not get enough money to eat for the day or any day until he got a customer.

Unlike in his empire where slaves were given a job food and housing, he had to find his own job and pay for his own rent.

No wonder people gratefully do tedious tasks that they hated for years. The system literally forced them to do that or else they would starve on the street.

When he walked back to the slum-like neighborhood he sighed heavily.

To think that he was once a great emperor with trillions of goddesses in his palace… Now he was just one of the below-average slaves in this era.

”I will rise to power. Take over this world and make my way to the heavens again. But now, I have to prepare for my first customer. ”

The next day came, Xander had already woken up at 4 AM and cleaned the place spotless of any dirt or stain. It still looked shabby, but that was all he could afford right now. He had also taken his clothes and made them look good as possible.

Hours later, the clock ticked to 8 AM.

And then there was a knock on the door. Xander smiled. It seemed like his customer valued time greatly.

He walked to the door and opened it. ”Welcome— ”

Instead of the petite, young girl that he expected, Xander was stared down by a real thug with a dragon tattoo on his right arm.

”Ander, ” he said with a hoarse voice. ”The boss wants his money back. He is generous enough to give you 4 months. Pay it within 30 days or I will take everything you have. ”

The thug pointed at his body, but Xander knew that the man wanted his organs to pay back the debt.

”Pay 200,000 dollars in 30 days and we will have no trouble. ”

”It was 50,000 from what I remember. ”

The thug grinned. ”Your memory is wrong. Your debt is 200,000 no less. Don argue with me or the debt might increase magically. ”

Xander did not act scared or disrespectful. He simply stayed calm and expressionless.

This threw the thug off guard, and he couldn take advantage of his weakness, because currently, he did not seem to have any.

”Cih. Remember to pay. ” The thug left.

Xander closed the door. But instead of angered or scared, he grinned wide. He was grinning because he was imagining all the torture and pain he would put on them in the future.

Xanders current identity was called Ander who unexpectedly died from a heart attack, and the reason why he had so much debt was that his mother also had a heart problem.

The medical bill was very expensive and no banks would give him any money because they knew he wouldn be able to pay.

They made the right choice because this man was too dumb to make money.

Suddenly, another knock came, and he opened the door. A girl was there with a doubtful expression.

”Ummm. Is this the Divine Massage? ”

He pointed up. ”What does the sign say? ”

”Uhh… ” She looked up. ”It says Divine Massage. ”

”Then you are at the right place. Come in and we will talk about some terms. ”

The girl hesitated at first, but then Xander smiled sweetly which charmed her immediately.

”Don worry. I don bite. ”

She blushed. ”Y—yes. ”

She entered the room and closed the door.

When she tried to find this place earlier, she entered the slum area where the people there saw her in a weird way. The people here also wore torn clothes, and the buildings were dirty.

This was why she hesitated, but Xander smiled the whole time which melted her heart.

”Please, sit down. ” He pointed to a simple chair.

She sat down. ”I have no problem with paying 70 dollars per hour or more. ”

”Its not just about the money. Although I have long experience, I just started my business which means I need visibility. So I want you to endorse my business on your social media IF you find my service to be helpful. ”

”As long as you can fix my back pain. ”

”Easy. Lay on the bed and lift your skirt. ”

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