Yin Essence System: Dual Cultivation

Chapter 4 Creating a Website

”Hey look at that Ander loser. I heard he lost his job today. ”

”He cannot even keep his job, and he wanted to hit on Bella? What a foolish bastard. ”

”But wait. Is that really Ander? He looks a lot more… handsome. ”

They took a closer look and realized that Ander now had fair skin, tall height, and a handsome face. Even with his lousy clothes, he looked like one of those handsome actors, and even his body look more muscular under that shirt.

”What the ** happened to him. ”

”I heard he got popular on SuckTock. Someone might give him surgery. ”

”But how can it be done in less than a day, this doesn make any sense. ”

Xander had changed his face using a bone reconstructing technique and by sacrificing a little bit of his now-limited soul power. He did not change it too much as the government might say that he was identity theft.

Suddenly, the tough-looking men with sleeveless shirts approached him.

”Hey, Ander, you little shit! I heard you got fired from your job, but I don care about that. Tell me what happens to your face. ”

With a bunch of them blocking his path, Xander halted his steps.

Xander smiled sarcastically. ”What are you jealous of me, Daxton? ”

The thugs glared at him.

”Jealous? Of you? Hahaha. Look at you. You are smaller and weaker than me. My bicep is bigger than your PP how can I be jealous of you? Hahaha! ”

”You have big muscles but what about your brain? ”

The thug glared at him. ”Are you insulting me? ”

Xander smiled and glared back. ”What does it look like? ”

Tension rose, and the people around started to record with their phones.

The thug approached him with a dark expression. Xander stood still with confidence.

Suddenly, the Daxton slapped his shoulder in a friendly manner and laughed. ”Hahaha! I told you will get fired sooner or later again. Come with me to the construction work. its a tough job but the boss is good and will give you chicken and eggs to grow your muscles. ”

”I have something better to do. ”

”Cih. Except jacking off on your laptop, what else did you do? ”

Xander smiled. ”You will see. ”

He walked past them with a straight and confident posture.

This threw the tough-looking guy a bit. He never saw Ander wearing this demeanor before. He was usually slouching with his head down all the time. What made him change so fast?

”Is that really Ander? ”

”That has to be him. The way he answered is the same as always. ”

”But that serious and confident face. I only see wealthy businessmen wearing that kind of expression. ”

After a few seconds of walking, Xander arrived in front of a shabby wooden door. Some layers were peeled, and the floor was dirty.

This was his room, and he could only afford this one in a very poor neighborhood. Xander snorted at how pathetic Ander was before entering the room.

Inside, the room was messy with stained plates, untidied clothes making a mess on the floor, and unwashed bed sheets for months.

”A disgusting piece of shit. ” Xander smiled. ”Just my luck. ”

Before starting his plan, he had to clean up this mess first. He grabbed a basket and put all the dirty clothes and sheets in there. After that, he grabbed the plates, picked up all the trash, and washed the dishes in a small kitchen within his room.

He picked up a broom and knelt to clean the spot under the bed.

A cockroach passed by.

”This room is a zoo for bugs. ”

He moved the lightweight wardrobe and swept all the dirt onto the trash bin. Next, he grabbed a mop and poured water into it.

He lifted the mop, and the handle snapped in half. The other half fell to the floor while the other half was still in his hand.

Xander punched the wall which did nothing but hurt his fist. He didn flinch from the pain but he was slightly angered.

”Whatever power that put me into this body will be destroyed. I swear under heaven that I will return and destroy you to pieces! ”

He punched the wall again.

”Hey, keep it down. I am trying to sleep over here! ”

He blinked and released his hand from the wall before picking up the mop. Left with nothing but half of the handle, Xander had to kneel while he mop the floor because it was too short.

This hurt his back a bit.

”This body is too weak. How could the human physique deteriorate to this level? ”

Back in his empire, lowly humans were still hunting beasts with spears or lifting bricks for construction. No humans would be this weak as everyone was busy doing things.

”The modern era prioritizes working smart rather than working hard. This leads to a lot of humans abandoning their muscles and continuing on developing their brain. ”

Xander looked at the technological wonder humanity had achieved. Tv, phones, light bulbs, electricity, fan, and many more technologies.

Through the window, he saw a plane flying above the cloud.

Xander smiled. ”I have seen countless worlds in my lifetime, but this one is very interesting. ”

Most worlds have Qi, Mana, or Psychic energy for the sentient creatures to use in constructing spells.

But this world almost had none of that, so he either had to find a source of power or keep collecting Yin Essences until he could enter a higher realm.

With his goal set in stone, Xander quickly cleaned the room until there was no sight of dust left. Then he sat down on the desk where he opened a laptop with Intel Pentium as the processor.

According to his memories, it was the weakest processor in the world. Not to mention this was a used laptop that the man bought for 50$. And because the battery was broken, it had to be charged at all times if he wanted to use it.

Xander could not complain. These were all the tools he had for now.

He immediately went to youtube and click on a tutorial to create a website.

”Internet is the fastest way I can reach millions of beautiful women. If I can lure them in here and seduce them, a lot of them would be willing to give their Yin Essence. ”

Xander then grabbed cardboard and a marker before he wrote: Divine Massage.

He smiled. In a world where most people had back pain, massage was an effective and efficient way he could have direct contact with women.

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