World beyond the Water

He lost his Mind

Charles thought he was just stressed and tired, he took Charlotte and told Hana and Tristan that they were going home.

”Whats wrong with Charles? ” Tristan said.

”Maybe, he was just tired, ” Hana replied.

”Im worried, ” Tristan said while looking at Charles who was walking away.

It was dark when they got home.

”Did you eat already? ” Charles asked his Fon.

”Yes, the nice lady next door cooked for me, ” Fon replied.

”I will thank her later, ” Charles replied.

Charles put his father and Charlotte to bed. After that, hes still processing what he saw earlier and the reactions he received from his friends.

He went to the bathroom and opened the faucet. He can still hear the voices talking and shouting. He wonders what is it. All he knows is that the voices are coming from the water.

He closed his eyes and visualized what he saw earlier.

Then, he opened his eyes and saw the most beautiful scenery every soul has imagined.

Charles can believe it, he rubbed his eyes again and again thinking that it was just an illusion.

”Wow! ” He slowly turned.

”Am I dreaming? ” He thought.

While Charles is wandering around, he bumped into a man who was holding a stack of boxes. The man is tall and green-haired, he looked like he was in a hurry.

”Sorry! ” the man shouted.

Charles followed the man, he was hoping he could ask him.

Later on, the man realized that Charles is following him.

”What are you doing sir? Are you planning on attacking me? ” he said.

”No, I-I am not going to attack you, ” Charles said.

”Uhm, who are you? ” the man put down the boxes he was holding, crossed his hands, and stared at Charles.

”Can I ask you something? ” Charles said.

Later on, they went to the nearest cafe.

”So, you
e telling me that you are from another world? ” the man said.

”I don know either! I closed my eyes and I opened them, suddenly, Im here! ” Charles took a sip at the coffee the man gave him.

”Im Emyr, from Narh Tribe. Whats your name? ” Emyr said.

”Im Charles Famion, ” Charles replied.

”F-Fam what?! Famion? ” Emyr exclaimed.

An old woman passed by holding a basket full of magazines.

”Maam! Ill trade this box for that magazine! ” Emyr stopped the old woman.

The old woman put the traded magazine on their table. Emyr gave the box to the old woman, and the old woman left.

”Look at this! ” Emyr showed a picture of an old man and his family.

”This is Famion Family, the royal family of the west! ” Emyr said.

”What? Thats my father but thats not him! ” Charles pointed at the young man who was in the picture with the old man.

”Mahor Fon? ” Emyr replied.

Both became speechless,

”What do you mean? ” Emyr gazed at him.

”Thats my Dads face but thats not him. My Dad has been to our world his whole life! He even took us to his childhood places and tell us a story. ” Charles stated.

Charles thought about the family that he left behind in his world. He wonders what happened to them and how worried are they.

Its almost nighttime, and Emyr offered to let Charles stay at their home.

He brought Charles to the mountain where his clan lives.

Even at night, the smell of the wind is as sweet as the breathtaking scenery of the mountain.

Charles met different people including Emyrs sister, Astrid.

”Is it true? You
e from the alternate world? ” Charles felt a strong aura in the area, it was Astrid.

She has long straight dark-green hair, shes wearing armor and boots.

Charles was speechless about her appearance, she is intimidating, and she has this powerful ambiance that when you look at her you get speechless.

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