but your eye color changed? ” Emy mentioned.

”Yes, I noticed too. How? ” Astrid asked.

Astrid and Emyr looked at each other like they know something about Charless eye color.

They pulled Charles away from the people and took him to a small room.

”What is it? ” Astrid asked.

Charles sighed heavily.

”My Dad has been abducted by someone from Wynu, ” Charles said.

”Are you sure Charles? ” Emyr asked him.

”Yes, but Im confused why would they take my father, ” Charles replied.

Astrid and Emyr looked at him

with a mixture of worried and shocked faces.

”Your eyes, only royal families have colored eyes, ” Astrid said.

Charles froze, what royal? he could not believe it. He thought he was just a young man struggling with a normal life back on earth.

”No way! Im no royal! ” Charles pinched himself.

”Am I dreaming? ” He uttered.

”Did you figure out who took your father? ” Emyr asked.

Charles shrugged, ”Not yet, ” he said.

”We should take you to the Knight, he prevented a war last time using his powers. He can identify if you
e a true royalty by looking at your eyes, ” Astrid said.

”But how? No one has ever seen him, ” Emyr said.

”So what? Hes in the castle. ” Astrid said.

”Okay, well go at night, ” Charles said.

Charles rested for a bit while Astrid and Emyr are gathering information about the Knight.


(In his dream, he saw Fon chained up with bruises and wounds on his face, his clothes were ripped and he is sweating.)

”Charles! Help! I know you can see me, Im on the North side of Wynu. Bring the Knight, he can help you. ” Fon said.

Then, Charles woke up panting.

”Charles! You
e dreaming! Wake up, ” Astrid yelled.

”I saw him, ” Charles said.

”Who? ” Emyr asked.

”My Dad. I know where he is, ” Charles stated.

”What? How? ” Astrid asked.

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