Its a new day, Charles decided not to keep a secret from his family and friends. He told Fon everything he experienced. Fon seems to believe that everything he said is real.

He woke up, he saw the bright sun behind the curtain. He opened the curtain and saw the beauty of the city. He was glad, he grabbed his paper and changed what he wants to change in the world.

[ I don want to change the world because that is impossible. I want to change peoples thinking, appreciating the world the way it was perfect. I want to tell them to care for the world so that everything they want to change will change. The system, I like it. There are rules for everyone to avoid such a disaster over wrongdoings.]

Surprisingly, Charles got the highest score on their homework. The teacher liked how Charles appreciated the world and decided not to change anything but the peoples thinking.

Everyone was happy for him, he was happy too but suddenly all of the happiness he was feeling right now was gone. He received a call about his father missing.

He rushed back to their house with Hana and Tristan to learn more about what happened.

When they arrived, they saw Charlotte crying.

”Charlie! ” Charlotte shouted.

”Charlotte! What happened? ” Charles panicked.

”A woman came, she yelled and fought with Dad and they both vanished, ” Charlotte said.

Charles made an expression, ”What? ” he said.

”They vanished? ” Hana asked.

”Yes, like magic, ” Charlotte replied.

All four of them were stupefied, they thought that it was impossible to vanish like magic.

They went to the police station and reported the missing situation of Fon.

They put up posters everywhere until late at night. Fon felt that heavy feeling again, he bawled his eyes out.

”Why is this happening? ” he said.

Then, he heard someone.

”Charles, my boy. ”

He looked around, it sounded like the voice of his father.

”Dad?! ” He shouted.

”Dad! Where are you! ” He shouted again.

Then, his head started to feel pain again, but this time it was stronger.

”Ahhh! ” He fell to the floor screaming in pain.

”Charlie?! ” Charlotte shouted.

Charlotte called Hana, the poor little girl is worried about his brother.

While Charlotte is waiting for Hana, Charles beside her continued to scream and cry.

Charles heard the voice once again, but it was louder. While the voice is louder, the pain he was feeling is stronger.

”Charles! ”

”Charles, my boy! ”

Then he saw a vision of a man in unique clothing wearing a crown on the top of his head. The man was covered in blood, there was a knife in his chest, and his blood are coming out of his mouth while he was talking.

”Who are you? ” Charles asked.

Suddenly, he was in a war and his appearance is different.

He shouted but he wasn in control of his own body.

”The Mighty is dead! ”

The people around him were filled with silence. Its like the world died and hes the only one left alive.

”We should fight for our rights! Our Mighty just died, anyone within our people could be next! ” he shouted once again.

The man next to him spoke,

”As the Knight of Wynu, I want my descendants to live a peaceful life without war and people dying. I believe that we need a leader to guide us and lead us to a better future. I the Knight of Wynu, proclaim Charles as the Primo of West Wynu. Protect the souls and live eternally your majesty. ”

Then, the souls around him knelt on the ground.

All of them said, ”Protect the souls and live eternally your majesty. ”

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