ngled beyond recognition.

Not even the top healers could save them.

Kadokawa, who left weak and alone, somehow managed to dragged herself to nearest COE. It took almost 15 hours but she somehow managed.

And Aru (he requested to be called by his first name), was a C rank assassin type who accidentally stumbled upon an B rank dungeon. His higher ranked superiors had told him it was a D to C- rank dungeon. Clearly, they planned to screw him over, knowing that if he climbed the ranks, their positions might be in danger. One of his superiors had a skill which determined someones potential. Arus potential was likely judged to be too great.

How does he know it was the other way around?

He managed to go from D rank to C with pure hard work.

Imagine if he worked even harder.

How did I know he wasn lying?

The receptionist had recognised him and commented on his accomplishment.

But anyway, I slightly digress.

And in case you think Im a bit stingy, yes I offered him water as well!

And everyone else.

Urgh, I digressed again.

After the two shared their stories, it seemed to have given everyone the courage to speak.

Some made pained expressions, whilst others cried or even sobbed telling their stories.

It was nice to know that I wasn alone.

Though the pain of losing my companions was still unbearable, it was a little less now.

I knew that defeating that dragon wouldn dull the pain.

However, I didn want any other families to what watch everything they cared about being destroyed.

Im sure it sounds pretty naive, since other things can destroy a family.

But I at least wanted to take down one cause of distress and loneliness.

I know what it is like to feel alone.

Its suffocating.


A few hours later, COE services took me and a few others to a safe area.

We journeyed to the camp to get food, drink and shelter.

It wasn a stroll in the park.

One brush of the wind froze the hairs on my skin.

My body pushed for just another step.

My thoughts became a blurr as I mindlessly walked on.

A singular thought remained.

For my babies.


After what felt like a million years, we arrived to camp.

I decided to have a look around.

Heres what I saw.

Hundreds upon hundreds of tents were layed out into two vertical lines.

I was assigned to one on the left row actually.

Sorry, I need to fix this digression issue.

Low lying tables combined into one long table in between.

My eyes zoomed in on the table.

Strewn with various packaged foods and plastic cutlery.

A plain, transparent sheet underneath.

What about the people?

There were mothers, children, fathers, drunkards and many more.

They were strewn around just like the items on the table.

After I used the last of my energy to look around, I promptly fell asleep.


I woke up and remembered I wasn at home.

My babies weren there anymore either.

I decided to distract myself from it by getting a snack.

Luckily, I found out from the few people who went to eat that 7 am (an hour from then) was the rush hour. I took the opportunity to take two days worth of food.

I was also told that there was a training camp not far the banned area, where the Flesh Eaters were located.

Note: Flesh Eaters are bugs which eat flesh and drink blood. In a group of 20 or above, there are considered A rank to immeasurable. They are an exception in the lore of monsters.

End Of Note.

Thats where my revenge would start.

My skill [Rune Encyclopaedia], allowed me to understand the rune language and know the history of runes, including various spells. If I had a lot of mana, I would be a very powerful mage. However, my mana was just enough to affect an insect.

An insect, huh?

I said to myself.

And thats when I had the idea which would forever change my life.

Step 1: I would draw a taming rune on the ground (or a rock if its raining).

Step 2: I drain my mana to activate the rune.

Step 3: I spray my blood using a spray can I forgot to throw away on the ground.

Step 4: A Flesh Eater comes out, attached to the blood, and activates the rune.

I admit, I felt like a failure of a mother to my now deceased children.

I was replacing them with monsters.

But, it was the quickest way to avoid the same thing happening to others.

And plus, I might be able to bring them back one day.

With the system, Im sure its possible.

They wouldn only have me, but a giant insect family.

End Of Chapter.

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