The backlash of the speech spirit

Later, Cheng Yun’s father, Cheng Chuan, also came.
With not enough hands in the family, even Cheng Yun’s younger brother, Cheng Bao who was a Ge’er, came out to help with the work.

Cheng Yun has already been married off, and her family doesn’t usually talk to her much when she’s outside.
But the environment at home is not good, and they occasionally send some food to Cheng Yun and her husband, like homemade steamed buns and vegetables.
They are not expensive but practical.

Today, when Cheng Chuan saw Cheng Yun also came out to help, he didn’t come himself and instead let Cheng Bao bring some things to Cheng Yun.

Looking at the two big steamed buns and a few vegetables in the basket, Cheng Yun’s heart was in turmoil.

Cheng Bao didn’t know what was on his mind.
The two brothers grew up together.
In the past, as the eldest son in the family, Cheng Yun took on the responsibility of a mother when their mother was ill.
In order to relieve the pressure on the family, Cheng Yun also married Yang Hongjin.
Cheng’s family had always felt guilty towards Cheng Yun, especially Cheng Bao.

Cheng Yun only returned to her family once after getting married, and she rarely saw her family since then.
Cheng Bao was very happy to see his brother today.

“Brother, this is what Mom said to give you.” Cheng Bao was shorter than Cheng Yun, looking thin, but quite handsome.
His eyes were shining when he saw Cheng Yun.

Cheng Yun took the things and remembered how the original owner used to interact with his family.
He reached out and touched Cheng Bao’s head, “Tell mom not to worry so much when you go back.
Your brother can take care of himself.”

Cheng Bao nodded and glanced over at Yang Hongjin, then turned back to Cheng Yun, “How is he?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, how is he as a person?” Cheng Bao blushed, as if he was talking bad about someone behind their back and being questioned, “I heard from people in the village that he has a bad head since childhood and can’t do anything without help.
He’s not a bad person, but won’t my brother be tired taking care of him all the time?”

Cheng Yun chuckled and poked his forehead, “You’re small but clever.” He thought about the original owner’s life and said, “When your brother was at home, he still had to take care of you and mom.
Yang is not a bad guy, and we’ve separated now.
There’s not much work to do at home, so we’re actually more relaxed than before.”

Cheng Bao breathed a sigh of relief and asked Cheng Yun about some gossip before being called back by Cheng Chuan to work.

Cheng Yun looked over at Cheng Chuan from afar, they exchanged a glance, and Cheng Yun nodded to him.
Cheng Chuan waved his hand in response.

The images from the original owner’s memories lingered in Cheng Yun’s mind, and he stood there for a moment before sighing.

After finishing his on-site inspection, Cheng Yun went home.
He couldn’t help much with work in the fields, so he instructed Yang Hongjin to remember to drink water when he’s thirsty, and to hurry back home after finishing work.
He left as Yang Hongjin watched him leave with reluctance.

Upon returning home, Cheng Yun carefully examined his home environment.

The house they currently lived in was assigned to them by the Yang family.
The Yang family was considered upper-middle class in the village.
This was due to Yang Hongjin’s birth mother having good conditions in the past, bringing along a considerable dowry, and also thanks to Yang Dashui’s savings from working outside when he was younger.
This was also the reason why Yang Dashui was able to find a new wife so quickly after Yang Hongjin’s birth mother passed away.

Before Yang Hongjin got married, the whole family lived in the Yang family’s mansion.
After he got married, his stepmother found an excuse to assign the “annoying” son to this small house.
This small house was the one left behind by Yang Hongjin’s birth mother, and even Yang Dashui’s new wife, Li Fengjiao, couldn’t touch it.
So she urged Yang Dashui to give the house to them, so that there would be one less person fighting for the ownership of the main mansion in the future.

This house was neither big nor small.
From Cheng Yun’s modern perspective, it was a small two-bedroom apartment with a living room, about 30 square meters in size, plus a backyard of about 20 square meters for personal use.
It did seem a bit small in this era, but for Cheng Yun, who was used to seeing single apartments in the future, it was enough for a couple to live in.

However, the house was decorated in a simple and crude manner, and the furniture was quite old, having been there for many years.
When they had spare money in the future, all of it would need to be replaced.
But at least they wouldn’t need to buy another house, which gave Cheng Yun some peace of mind.

Cheng Yun walked to the backyard, where there was a small piece of land taking up half of the area on the right side.
It seemed that the original owner had also considered planting something here, as the land had already been plowed and the surroundings had been cleaned up.

On the left side of the backyard, there was a fence enclosing it, and two ducks were being raised inside.
One was Cheng Yun’s “dowry”, and the other was Yang Hongjin’s “bridal gift”.
However, both ducks were male and couldn’t lay eggs or do anything else.
They just consumed food and the only purpose waiting for them was to be slaughtered and eaten.

As for those fences, in the future, he could raise some hens and ducks there, and improve his meals with their eggs.
For a modern man like him, not eating meat could be fatal.

However, that could wait.
What was urgent now was to plant the backyard and grow more vegetables.
It was better than anything to have a gardening guide to follow.

Using the memories of the original owner, Cheng Yun found some seeds of various crops at home, and with the help of the guidebook, he planted them.

Then he went to borrow some seeds from his neighbor, Aunt Wang.
With a smile on his face, he planted them together with his own seeds.
In this way, there were already eight or nine kinds of crops in his field.

Some crops were not suitable for planting at this time, but Cheng Yun did not need a large quantity of successful planting.
He just needed to activate the guidebook by growing some plants that could bear fruit.

Now it was time to test the power of the speech spirit.

The system did not give many clues in this regard, so Cheng Yun only knew that he was a level one system and could use a language command once a month, with only a 10% success rate but a 90% rebound effect.

He did not know what the rebound effect was, and pondered for a long time without figuring it out.
Therefore, he dared not plant too many crops at once and could only try a few seeds.

If he reduced the quantity, he could slightly improve the quality.
In this way, even if he encountered a rebound effect, it would not be a big problem.

Cheng Yun squatted next to the field, thought about his words, took a deep breath, and said to the bare soil, “All seeds will bloom and bear fruit in one second!”

Cheng Yun:“…”

Oh my God, this is so embarrassing!

He remembered how he had mocked the examples given by the system before.
He never expected to be proven wrong so quickly.
He was probably the only person in the world who would use a language spell on a field.

But when you’re poor, your pride doesn’t matter anymore.
His family was struggling to make ends meet, and he couldn’t afford to be embarrassed.

He carefully watched the field, not sure if his speech spell had succeeded or not.
According to the 10% success rate, one second might turn into ten seconds, but he had no idea how to calculate the success rate of the flowering and fruiting.

Suddenly, a few small green dots emerged from the previously bare ground.
His heart skipped a beat, and he bent down to examine them carefully.
Sure enough, the plants were sprouting!

He excitedly rubbed his hands together, but before he could start examining them in earnest, his body suddenly went limp, and he lost all his strength.

His face went pale, and he felt as if he had a high fever and had not eaten for ten days.
His entire body went limp, and he fell backwards.

He struggled to support his body and managed to crawl a little.
From a distance, he looked like an amorphous mass lying on the ground.

He couldn’t help but curse in his heart: What the hell is this damn backlash?

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