Did you hitch up with a big fool after crossing over?

When Cheng Yun opened his eyes, he realized that the whole world had changed.

He was a promising young man of the 21st century, who had finally completed his university studies and ended his 16-year-long student life.
Just as he was about to step into the next phase of his life, he accidentally traveled back in time.

He had no idea what dynasty it was, and after observing for a while, he realized that it didn’t match any of the history he had learned.
But what made him most desperate was that he, a child raised in the city, had actually traveled to a farmer’s body!

Not only that, but he also discovered that there was a third gender called “Ge’er” in this place, in addition to men and women.

Ge’ers were born as males, but they had the ability to reproduce like females.
There was a red dot under their ears, and the depth of the redness indicated the strength of their reproductive ability.

The brighter the red dot, the stronger their reproductive ability, and vice versa.
In this era, ge’ers with low reproductive ability were the most despised.

And Cheng Yun happened to be a Ge’er with a pale red dot and extremely low reproductive ability.

It took him half a day to digest this fact.
However, as the saying goes, life is like a tea table, full of disappointments.
He couldn’t tell whether it was fortunate or unfortunate that he, who was considered worthless by others due to his low reproductive ability, had actually been arranged to marry someone before he traveled through time.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to face the ridicule of others in person, but unfortunately, his ‘partner’ was a silly and simple-minded person.
He still had to accept the ridicule of others behind his back, and he was pitifully married to a fool.

The original body that Cheng Yun traveled over was also named Cheng Yun.
His family was poor, and he was the eldest brother at home, with a younger brother.
When his mother gave birth to his younger brother, she fell ill, and his father had to take on the responsibility of supporting the family of four.

Although Ge’er was a male, they are not as strong as a normal male, so in many families, they were raised as half a daughter.
Therefore, Cheng’s family only had Cheng Chuan as the labor force.
Cheng Yun was in such a situation due to his faint red dot that he had not received any proposals for marriage by the time he turned 18.

Seeing that the eldest brother was not married, Cheng’s family was also very anxious.
At this time, the Yang family in the village came to propose marriage.

The Yang family was not a big household in the village, but their family conditions were not bad.
In contrast to Cheng’s family, who had only brothers and no daughters, the Yang family had three sons, but the second son was a fool.
After hiring matchmakers several times, not even the butcher’s daughter at the village entrance was willing to marry him.
Therefore, they had no choice but to turn to Cheng Yun.

One side was the despised fool, and the other was the despised “weakling” eldest Ge’er.
The two families had to make do with each other, so they married Cheng Yun to the Yang family.

At first, Cheng Chuan was a little unhappy about this marriage, after all, every family hopes their son can marry well.
But the original body also understood that this was probably their last chance.
They must marry even if it was a fool to avoid burdening their family.

Cheng Yun crossed over and just recently got married to Yang Hongjin.
He took over the task of being the guardian of this foolish man from the original body.

Cheng Yun sighed as he lay on the wooden bed.
He didn’t know how to live from now on.
The previous 22 years of his life had never involved any farm work.
He admitted that he was still a baby who needed someone to take care of him.
How come now he had to take care of others?

He shook his head, trying to digest all of this sudden change.
The hot summer weather was suffocating.
Usually, at this time, he would hide in an air-conditioned room and not go out.
But now, there was no air conditioning or fan, and outside was the scorching sun.
He didn’t want to move even more.

Unfortunately, tonight was not like the past.
He had just laid back down for a moment, and there were rustling sounds outside the door.

Cheng Yun’s swollen little head thought that his husband was coming back.
As expected, the room door was opened the next second, and a tall, sturdy man rushed in, saying to him, “Wife, I’m back.”

Cheng Yun opened his eyes and lazily looked at him.

Yang Hongjin tilted his head and repeated, “Wife, I’m back.”

“Okay,” Cheng Yun obediently got up and asked him like he was coaxing a child, “Are you hungry? Did you wash your hands when you came back?”

The two had only been married for a few days, and Cheng Yun searched through the original body’s memories to understand their way of getting along.
After understanding Yang Hongjin’s background, he actually felt sorry for this strange husband.

Yang Hongjin has three brothers in his family.
His father, Yang Dashui, named the children in his family “attract wealth and treasure”.
Strictly speaking, Yang Hongjin is the third child, but his oldest brother died young, so he became the second oldest in the family.

Yang Hongjin and his second oldest brother, Yang Hongcai, have the same mother.
Unfortunately, when Yang Hongjin was born, his mother had difficulty giving birth.
Not only did she give birth to Yang Hongjin, who had some intellectual problems, but she also passed away due to the difficult childbirth.
Later, Yang Dashui married a new wife and gave birth to the youngest brother, Yang Hongbao.

Stepmothers have never been good since ancient times, and Yang Hongjin was bullied by the other children in the village due to his intellectual problems.
His stepmother felt embarrassed by this and finally found an excuse to get rid of him.
After the two got married, the Yang family never cared about this foolish son again.

Yang Hongcai, the older brother of the big fool, was the only one who cared about him.
Before he got married, he carefully explained some important matters to Yang Hongjin and repeated many times that he would live with Cheng Yun in the future.
Regardless of whether he understood it or not, Cheng Yun, who is now with him, adapts quite well compared to this outsider.

Yang Hongjin couldn’t express his thoughts properly, so Cheng Yun could only guess his meaning based on the original owner’s memories and her own inferences.

The big fool didn’t have much to do.
When they got married, the Yang family gave them an acre of land, and Cheng Yun’s family had five acres.
Cheng’s father couldn’t farm so much, so he gave them one acre as well.

Every day after Yang Hongjin wakes up, he takes his tools and goes to plow the fields by himself.
He comes back for lunch and takes a break, then continues in the afternoon.

His own land is only two acres, and even if only Yang Hongjin is working, he really can’t spend that much time on it.
So every day after Yang Hongjin finishes working on his own land, he helps out with the Yang family or Cheng family’s land, and spends almost the same amount of time as families with four or five acres of land.

Cheng Yun looked at the time, and it was almost time for Yang Hongjin’s lunch break.
So when he said “I’m good,” it was basically the same as saying “I’ve finished my work this morning and I’m ready for lunch.”

The family didn’t have much food.
They only received about ten jin of rice, some vegetables and eggs when they got married, which was provided by both families.
Yesterday, the neighbor, Aunt Wang, gave them some noodles when she saw how poor they were.
In the morning, Cheng Yun couldn’t come up with anything fancy to prepare, and so he boiled some noodles and gave them to Yang Hongjin to eat.

While Cheng Yun was making the noodles, Yang Hongjin stood beside him, watching him.
Cheng Yun was not used to cooking with firewood, so he called out to Yang Hongjin to help him add more firewood.

Yang Hongjin must have been doing these kinds of chores since he was young because he was very quick in his movements.
He knew when to fan the flames and when to put them out without Cheng Yun having to remind him.

The noodles were just ordinary, and the oil on them was leftover from the dirty pot that was not cleaned properly.
However, Yang Hongjin was so hungry that as soon as he sat down, he buried his head in the bowl and began to eat.

Cheng Yun was amazed and couldn’t help but remind him, “Eat slower.
No one’s going to take it away from you.”

Afraid that Yang Hongjin might choke, Cheng Yun demonstrated how to blow on the noodles to cool them down.
However, Yang Hongjin shook his head and said, “It’s not hot,” and continued to eat.

The weather was really hot and stuffy, and Cheng Yun didn’t have much of an appetite.
He ate only a few bites and then put down his chopsticks.
He poured the rest into Yang Hongjin’s bowl.

Yang Hongjin was stunned and looked up at Cheng Yun in confusion.

Cheng Yun looked at him with his cheek in his hand and smiled at him.
He reached out and touched his head, “Good boy, eat more.”

“What about you, wife?” Yang Hongjin found it strange that Cheng Yun would give him all the food.
In those days, no one had enough to eat, and no one would have shared their food with him.
His previous family had never done that for him either, so it was hard for his small brain to understand.

“I’m full, you eat,” Cheng Yun thought for a moment, then said, “I’ll take care of you in the future, okay?”

This was probably something Yang Hongjin’s brother used to say to him often.
This time, he understood and grinned foolishly.
He nodded and said cheerfully, “Okay!”

Cheng Yun thought to himself that since he was already here, he couldn’t find a way to go back.
So, he might as well live a good life.

Author’s note: The eight things that Chinese people are tolerant of: “since you’re already here,” “it’s the New Year,” “it’s not easy,” “people are dead,” “they’re just children,” “they’re getting old,” “it’s for your own good,” and “it’s just a habit.”

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