Ch4 – “Don’t beat me…”

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Translator: Abo Dammen

As he sat on the sofa, Jiang Yunshu took a deep breath.
A thin figure was currently bustling in the kitchen on the edge of his vision. 

He was still upstairs when he caught Jiang Yunshu washing the rice.
His horrified expression mirrored that of someone who had witnessed a child whose hands had caught fire.

So Jiang Yunshu was courteously, euphemistically, and fearfully invited out by Bai Tang.



Jiang Yunshu’s state of mind was in complete chaos.
He picked up the newspaper on the table in passing, but his mind was elsewhere.
After mulling it over, he returned to the kitchen and said to Bai Tang, “Can you put less salt?”




So salty. Jiang Yunshu wordlessly spat out the porridge in his mouth and had a quick swig of water.

A small folding table still persisted in front of Bai Tang.
When he saw Jiang Yunshu spitting the porridge, he curled up on the little stool in horror.
If one focused closely, one would be able to see his skinny shoulders quivering.
“I’m sorry, sir,” Bai Tang said, trembling.

“Don’t you think it’s salty?” Jiang Yunshu questioned with a frown as he took another glass of water.


I do. He felt it was so salty that he couldn’t take it, but after three years of eating salty dishes on a regular basis, he should get used to it.
Bai Tang bit his lower lip, his fine brows scrunched together.
He glanced at Jiang Yunshu’s face and shook his head cautiously.

Jiang Yunshu couldn’t stop himself from saying, “It’s not good to eat too much salty food, you…” He paused in the middle of the sentence.
Everyone has their own lifestyle, he shouldn’t make others change it for him.

Helplessly, he said, “You should eat it as less as possible, ba.”


Jiang Yunshu had planned to go out today to buy a bed, so he didn’t make himself another breakfast.
He changed his clothing and considered heading out to find a shop to settle his breakfast. 

Before he could leave, he was stopped by Bai Tang.
He watched in surprise as Bai Tang bent slightly and raised both his arms above his head.
In his palm laid a pheromone blocking sticker, his stance as lowly as a subordinate presenting classified documents to a superior.
“…Sir, you forgot to put your pheromone blocking sticker on.”

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Adult alphas could usually control their own pheromones well, but just in case, the law required all AOs who went out to wear a pheromone blocking sticker.
If they were found to be not complying, the penalty could even reach 30,000 yuan.

Jiang Yunshu experimented in the living room yesterday evening, but he couldn’t even sense the existence of pheromones in his glands, let alone put it away effortlessly.
He was kinda depressed.
He thought it had the same principle as in ancient Xianxia worlds, allowing mortals to sense the spiritual power flowing in their dantian.

However, Jiang Yunshu still tried sensing it diligently in the middle of the night.
The pamphlet mentioned that pheromones veiledly demonstrate sexual prowess.
Even if he didn’t have any worldly desires, no man would wish to be weak in that aspect. 


Could it be that this body’s impotent?! Jiang Yunshu couldn’t accept it.
He didn’t smell like anything at all!

Bai Tang shook his aching hand and called out a few times, “Sir.”

“Sorry,” Jiang Yunshu returned to his senses and grabbed the blocking sticker in Bai Tang’s palm.
“Thank you, I forgot.” In fact, it had never crossed his mind at all.
Until now, he still believed, subconsciously, that there were only two genders. 

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Utbcfr mbeiv yf erfv ab jmmbwqilrt jiwbra jii agjcrjmalbcr.
Aljcu Tecrte qjlv atf ylii jcv jrxfv atf rajoo atja atf wjaagfrr yf vfilnfgfv ab tlr gfrlvfcmf.

Ktf rajoo jrxfv, “Gb sbe tjnf jc bwfuj ja tbwf?”


Aljcu Tecrte kjr qehhifv, yea ralii gfqilfv, “Tfr.”

“Okay.” The staff said, “Then we’ll ask betas to deliver it to you.” 

Jiang Yunshu froze, fully realizing that he needed to engrave this world’s gender viewpoint in his head always.
If the staff didn’t follow the procedure and immediately asked an alpha to deliver the goods, the timid omega at home would be terrified.

Jiang Yunshu had a short spell of dismay.
“Thank you.
I’ll be home by the evening.
Could you guys deliver it after 8 o’clock?”

The staff was fine with it.

Jiang Yunshu left the furniture town.
He intended to call Bai Tang first, but after searching his phone’s contacts and searching every chat software, he couldn’t find his contact information.
He only found the landline number of “Lujiang Villa.” 

He and Bai Tang currently reside in Lujiang Villa.

He repressed his growing doubts and dialed the number.
From the phone came a piece of classical music that Jiang Yunshu had never heard before.
After a period of violin playing, the call connected.
Bai Tang’s gentle, hesitant voice was quite recognisable.
“Hello? Is it you, sir?”

“En, it’s me.” Jiang Yunshu said, “I won’t be returning for dinner tonight, I bought a bed, which will be delivered once I get home.”

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“Oh… Okay, sir.” Bai Tang gripped the receiver and obediently responded, “Be careful on your way home…” 

“Okay,” Jiang Yunshu said, “hang up first.”



The weather was dreadful, with dense clusters of black clouds pressing low in the sky.
Jiang Yunshu checked the weather forecast, but it didn’t indicate it was going to rain. 

He was driving along the vast road.
The trees on each side were densely planted, and just a few people, either a couple or a trio, were strolling.

Quite a lot of days had passed since Jiang Yunshu came to this world, yet he still felt detached from reality from time to time, always feeling as if he were dreaming. In the dream, he came to an ABO world where unbelievable things happened, but he’d quickly return to reality and realize once again that he wasn’t dreaming, he just couldn’t go back.

A flurry of students passed past at the rim of his view.
He noticed that the unique traits of the three genders, ABO, were quite recognizable and it was easy to discern whether the individual strolling down the street was an alpha or a beta.
The more Jiang Yunshu noticed, the more odd he felt.
Although omegas make up just 5% of the population, finding them in this sea of people shouldn’t be a rare occurrence.

Odd. This was how he felt after being in this world for a week. 

Whether it’s’ his’ relationship with Bai Tang, or something else, all of it was awfully odd.

The reason why Jiang Yunshu didn’t go home for dinner wasn’t because the food at home was too salty.
Well, that was a minor part of the reason, but the main reason was that he wanted to become familiar with this world.




Just as he was mentally noting a subway station near his neighborhood, he received an unfamiliar call.
It was his secretary who inquired as to when he would return to work.
Thinking that he had nothing else to do, Jiang Yunshu planned to visit ‘his’ company to look.

He followed the secretary’s address and found himself in the downtown’s business district.
There were several high-rise skyscrapers, each of which appeared to be integrated into the sky, built with a clear curtain wall glass that reflected the setting sun’s glaze.

After 20 minutes, the car stopped.
Jiang Yunshu got out of the car and looked up at the high-rise building.

He couldn’t possibly own this building ba… How expensive is the rent ah… 

So when he heard that just the 38th and 40th floors were theirs, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

“Chief Jiang!” The secretary, a young male beta, was standing at the elevator entrance, waiting for him.  “Has your body recovered?”

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“It’s doing well,” said Jiang Yunshu. It just changed owners, that’s all.

Fifteen minutes later, Jiang Yunshu already had a rough idea about the company’s news.
In short, it could still operate even if he wasn’t present; it just earned a little less. 

However, less than a minute later, a petrified Jiang Yunshu resolutely decided to make less money when he saw the pile of design sketches.


“Chief Jiang,” Secretary Xu grasped a mountain of documents provided by Party A like a spring wind.
“Which one do you want to take?”

Jiang Yunshu looked at Secretary Xu’s smiling face and calmly raised the same old topic.
“I lost my memory, and I recently refused to accept the manuscripts that were asked of me.
The rest of the designers would carry on as usual.” 

Secretary Xu, “…..”

Secretary Xu, “?!”

Jiang Yunshu ate dinner in the company canteen and returned home with an introductory design learning textbook around 7:30 p.m.
Bai Tang still welcomed him cordially at the entrance, and, just like the day when he first came home, he dropped down on his knees to assist him in changing his slippers.

Jiang Yunshu stopped him like before. 

At around 8:15 pm, Jiang Yunshu instructed the newly-arrived workers to move the bed into the storeroom.
Bai Tang sat in the living room, at a loss and nervous in front of strangers.

After the workers left, he asked, “Bai Tang, do you have new sheets?”


Bai Tang trotted upstairs.
“I’ll find some for you…sir.”

Jiang Yunshu took his offer.
“Thank you.” 

“D-Don’t mention it!” Bai Tang waved his hands flusteredly and said as If rapping, “This is what I should do…”


As of today, Jiang Yunshu officially began to sleep in a separate room from Bai Tang.
In order to prevent what happened last night from happening again, he locked the door with zero hesitation.

There’s still no progress in their relationship.
Jiang Yunshu couldn’t get any useful information out of Bai Tang’s mouth at all, because Bai Tang didn’t seem to…know ‘him’ at all. 

He had no knowledge of his family circumstances, interpersonal relationships, let alone work matters.

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Jiang Yunshu would ask, and Bai Tang would answer.
There would be no more than 10 sentences exchanged every day at home if he didn’t ask.
Although the saltiness of the food had a slight improvement, it was still too salty for Jiang Yunshu to swallow.

Jiang Yunshu’s thoughts were filled with questions that he couldn’t relieve.
The atmosphere at home was so oppressive that he couldn’t breathe, so gradually, Jiang Yunshu stopped eating at home.

Every morning, he’d head out to the company to study design from scratch, and when he returned at night, he’d have nothing to do since Bai Tang always did such a superb job that he couldn’t even have an opportunity to wash the dishes. 

They were like strangers living together.

With Bai Tang’s absolute obedience and trembling-with-fear state, Jiang Yunshu gradually realized something.
He suspects that the source of the problem was he himself.
He had a really horrible guess in his head after connecting the closet he had seen, but he had no proof.
He didn’t know where to start to improve their relationship.



Bai Tang was so preoccupied with preparing dinner that he didn’t notice when Jiang Yunshu arrived home and opened the door.

“I’m back,” said Jiang Yunshu.

“Ah!” Bai Tang let out a brief, terrified squeak.
He spun around so aggressively that he knocked over the glass bowl on the table.

It smashed to bits with a crash, its glass strewing everywhere. 

Jiang Yunshu grimaced and raised his hand.
He wanted Bai Tang to come out first so that he could clean it.

Bai Tang’s clear eyes reflected his rising hand in slow motion.
His pupils shrank, and he instinctively took a few steps back.
The glass penetrated his shoes and pierced his heel.


“Bai Tang! Don’t move!” Jiang Yunshu’s brows furrowed, his hands reaching out to pull him.

“I was wrong…huk! I was wrong, sir…” Bai Tang crouched on the ground, hunched up, his hands on his head, his body trembling.
His eyes were filled with terror and panic.
“Don’t beat me, don’t beat me… I didn’t mean to, s-sir.
I’m sorry,” he gasped out. 

Translator’s Feed:

Tangtanggg no00, baby :((( You did nothing wrong!!!!! It’s all that asshole Yunsu’s fault.
He’s the one in the wrong!

Btw, Happy Pride Month, everybody! 

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