ad two bathrooms, but one was much smaller than the one Jiang Yunshu used.

Jiang Yunshu nodded.
He stopped walking and said, “Bai Tang, I’ll be sleeping on the sofa tonight.
I’m not used to sleeping with others.

Bai Tang was somewhat aghast, then lightly said, “Sir and I don’t sleep together.” 

Hmm? Jiang Yunshu let out in bewilderment.
Just as he was about to ask for clarification, the two of them had already reached the bedroom door, and what he caught sight of was a single folding mat on the ground next to the only bed.

Jiang Yunshu, “…Don’t tell me you sleep here.”

He was really confused.
If he didn’t want to share the same bed, why didn’t he buy another bed? It’s not like there’s no space, and even if he did make his bed on the floor, shouldn’t the alpha be the one lying on the ground ah? Omegas have frail physique, what if he got sick?

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Bai Tang didn’t say anything, just stood quietly beside him with his shoulders drooped. 

Jiang Yunshu sighed silently, picked up a pillow and walked out.
“I’m not used to sharing a room with others.
You sleep on the bed.”

“…Sir!” Bai Tang grabbed the corner of Jiang Yunshu’s clothes as soon as he saw him walk out.
Despite the fact that Jiang Yunshu did not react, he was so terrified that he immediately released his grip and took a few steps back.
His face was as white as a sheet of paper.
He tremblingly finished the sentence, “I-I’m sorry, sir! I’ll go sleep outside, you sleep on the bed…”


Jiang Yunshu examined Bai Tang’s expression.
A sudden thought flashed through his mind, as if he had become aware of something, but it passed too quickly, like when he accidentally discovered the starting thread of a lump of tangled knitting wool, which then suddenly disappeared.

He did his best to recall that feeling, but he could no longer catch it.
Jiang Yunshu frowned and shook his head, “I’ll go, you should get some rest.” 

Getting to the bottom of it, he was no longer the owner of this house.
Bai Tang is.
He didn’t see why he should let the owner sleep on the sofa.

But what Jiang Yunshu didn’t know was that Bai Tang still didn’t sleep in the bed.



While he was almost half asleep, a slippery, shuddering sensation, resembling a fish, touched his shin.

Jiang Yunshu felt goosebumps.
He blinked open his eyes.
His sleepiness instantly vanished when he saw the person who appeared.

The visible moon outside the window had an otherworldly translucency.
Bai Tang, with rosy lips and white teeth, was half-naked on top of him, like a beautiful male ghost who had come to demand for his life.

Jiang Yunshu was absolutely petrified that he scrambled off the sofa, sweeping Bai Tang aside. 

Bai Tang, who had been knocked to the ground, appeared quite terrified.
He recoiled beside the sofa, motionlessly hugging his knees.

This scenario was far too unusual.

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Jiang Yunshu momentarily looked distracted before tossing his blanket over Bai Tang.
Just as he was about to fly into a rage, it came to his mind that Bai Tang was now his omega, and if he wanted to ask for that… it was only normal.
He cleared his throat and pretended to be nonchalant as he said, “Sorry, I haven’t been in the mood recently.
Go back to your room and sleep, ba.”

Only then did Bai Tang hurriedly get up, whispered a “Thank you, sir.” and ran away naked.
Jiang Yunshu immediately averted his gaze from the glowingly piercing, pale skin. 

He got out of bed early the next day.
Whatever size the sofa was, it was still just a sofa.
He was also nearly two meters tall now, so his head and feet were constricted.
He slept in such a hunched position that his back felt sore and his neck felt stiff.
Furthermore, he was harbouring something in his heart that he simply didn’t sleep at all.

All night long, his head was terribly messed up, and then just before he went to bed last night… What’s with all this ah… Jiang Yunshu sighed.


After standing up, he felt somewhat lightheaded.
He palmed his nape, twisted it a few times out of discomfort, and then stretched his sore waist. 

After drinking a glass of water, he glanced at the door upstairs.
Before it even opened, he already walked quietly to the kitchen, and after searching for a long time, had finally found rice.

The upstairs door swung open softly.


Jiang Yunshu raised his eyes and saw a sleepy-eyed Bai Tang standing in front of the door, rubbing his face.
His hair was in utter disarray, and he yawned while stepping on his overly long pajamas with his shirt drooping to one side, revealing half of his shoulder.
He was in a peculiarly relaxed and confused state, until——

He saw Jiang Yunshu, who was staring at him.
He looked surprised to see Jiang Yunshu awake at this hour. 


Bai Tang’s slightly drooping eyes widened, and in an instant, the softness and defenselessness in his body were completely erased, and a thick layer of protective membrane wrapped him once more, his disposition returning to the strained, overcautious, and cowering one.

Translator’s Feed 

Oohlala eight pack  Anyways, our babies still have a long way to go~ Especially our baby tangtang~ When oh when will their relationship be better? 

Btw, Bai Tang’s name literally translates to white sugar.
Just putting it out here for future references (I’ll be tl noting this anyway if one appeared idk why I even–wait, did I note this already? I don’t remember–)

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