Ch2 – “I-I’m very clean…”

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Translator: Abo Dammen

Jiang Yunshu was carrying a sex education pamphlet for junior high students when page 3 caught his attention, resulting him turning lucid. 

He turned out to be gay…and now had a husband…

Seeing page 5, he turned back and scanned it twice in uncertainty.



Oh, it wasn’t a homosexual relationship at all, but rather a heterosexual one.
Jiang Yunshu quickly changed his tune.

All of a sudden, he had a wife… 

Seeing page 12, Jiang Yunshu’s shocked expression could no longer be hidden.
He swiftly glanced at the boy’s flat belly hidden under his clothes.
“Yo-You can…?”


If it were the truth, then the world would hitherto achieve a greater, unprecedented levels of ultimate harmony!




When Jiang Yunshu was still in his original world, he’d once gone to hand in a report in the OB-GYN Department and on his way, heard a woman in one of the faraway wards roar, “If you’re so capable, why don’t you give birth yourself! It better come out of y’all guys’ ass! Stay away from us women! Get lost!”

Then a man fled in defeat, his hair all torn and disheveled.

Standing beside him, Dr.
Lin said, his hands spread, “The woman had a difficult labor. My assistant came out to inform the woman’s family about the situation, and her husband immediately inquired, anxiously, whether the baby was a boy or a girl.


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Anyway, the mother and daughter were lucky to be alive, but the finishing move was the husband’s reaction when he saw their daughter.” 

Lin tried his best to press down the corners of his mouth, put his hands in his waist, and imitated in an angry voice, “It doesn’t have a dick! Dang!”

Jiang Yunshu felt complicated.
He sympathized with the man’s wife, whose days would undoubtedly be difficult, but he was glad women weren’t submissive characters.

He tapped Dr.
Lin on the shoulder, dropped the report, and walked away.



The boy sat rigidly on a sofa corner, his hands on his knees.

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When he heard Jiang Yunshu’s question, his already hunched back bent even more, adding more creases to his already wrinkled clothes.
He shrank back, wanting to hide, as if Jiang Yunshu’s gaze made him feel uneasy.

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“Zjs P jrx ktja sbeg cjwf lr?” Aljcu Tecrte lcdelgfv.


“Bai Tang,” the boy responded quietly.

“Bai Tang?” Jiang Yunshu repeated, complimenting, “It’s a nice name.” 

Bai Tang’s head bowed and cowering posture remained unchanged, and he did not respond to his compliment.

“How old are you?”


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21 huh.
Jiang Yunshu looked at Bai Tang indescribably, and then breathed a sigh of relief. 

“Any physical health problems? Medical history?”

“None!” Bai Tang’s reaction was quite big.
He raised his head and eagerly clarified, “There’s none, I-I’m very clean…”

Clean? Jiang Yunshu cast a glance at Bai Tang. He appeared to be the type of person who appreciated cleanliness, but why did he use the word clean to describe his wellbeing?

He didn’t say anything.
Bai Tang then sat still with his head down, the room falling silent once more. 

The original owner’s and Bai Tang’s relationship was so formal and unfamiliar.
Their marriage seemed to be a loveless one.

Jiang Yunshu expelled the large stone that had become lodged in his heart.
This type of emotionless relationship would be much easier to manage.
He’d been feeling quite nervous before he even rang the doorbell because he had never once been in an intimate relationship with anyone.

Everyone subconsciously feared the unknown and what they weren’t good at, and he was no exception.

Jiang Yunshu was afraid that the original owner’s family and lover would be grieving because of his memory loss.
He also needed to console, pretend, and work hard to hold his buttons together in the presence these intriguing people. 

He couldn’t just one-sidedly break off contact, because it’d be too unfair to those who care about the original owner.

Jiang Yunshu’s sitting posture relaxed after learning that the two didn’t have a particularly deep relationship.
He was about to ask him if he had any other family members when he noticed a plume of white smoke wafting from the kitchen.
“Were you cooking?” he asked, surprised.

“Yes, sir…” Bai Tang’s fingertips sunk into the fabric at her knees, his expression awkward and tense, “I…”

“Go,” said Jiang Yunshu. 

He clearly caught Bai Tang letting out a relieved sigh, but he didn’t care much, because he, too, was relieved.
“Need a hand?”

“No…!” Bai Tang quickly declined, but his refusal seemed too obvious, so he hastily explained, “N-No need, sir.
I… I can do it myself.
I don’t need help.”


Jiang Yunshu also did not insist.
“Okay,” he said, nodding.

During this time, the two individuals pursued their own interests.
Bai Tang was cooking in the kitchen, while Jiang Yunshu took advantage of the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through “his” home. 

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The house was well-lit and spacious, with most of the windows facing east.
Every morning, as long as it’s sunny, the house will be bathed in golden light.
The interior design was predominantly warm in tone.
The cream curtains and beige carpets appeared cosy and inviting.

This room should be his bedroom.
Trophy cups filled the transparent glass case. 

“The 10th Jewelry Designing Grand Award, Best Creativity Award, 1st Major International Jewelry Design Competition Prize… Winner Jiang Yunsu.” Jiang Yunshu read row by row.

He recalled his surprise at seeing the string of numbers when he went to the bank to change his password.

He was a very powerful person.
No wonder his debit card balance was so… hyperbolic.

This one was a huge closet that occupied an entire wall.
Jiang Yunshu opened one of the doors which was filled with black, gray, and silvery white suits.
The middle one was casual pajamas for everyday use. 

At the last one, he stood in front of the closet door and gently opened it.
He took two steps back in shock.

It was…weapons.
Jiang Yunshu felt that he could call these things that.
Whips, baseball bats, iron rods, handcuffs, and other items on various sizes were piled up in the messy cabinet, and several rough hemp ropes were hung on the hangers.

After a long pause, Jiang Yunshu frowned and closed the closet.

He immediately went for a walk around the villa.
There were five rooms in total, but only one had a bed.
Bai Tang must be sleeping in the same room as him. 

Jiang Yunshu’s head throbbed.
He wasn’t used to having strangers in his room, let alone sharing a bed.

But he gave it a lot of thought. On second thought, couples who don’t have feelings for each other usually don’t sleep together… At that instant, the relationship between the two became confusing for Jiang Yunshu.

Bai Tang had already finished cooking while he was walking down, and he had been standing at the top of the stairs for who knows how long.
As soon as he saw Jiang Yunshu coming down, he lowered his head and said in a low voice, “Sir, it’s time to eat.
The food is still warm…”

“Okay,” Jiang Yunshu carefully washed his hands and helped fill the rice bowl.
“You’ve worked hard.” 

“Not at all…” said Bai Tang, feeling dreadful.

There were four dishes and one broth.
Sautéed beef with black pepper, sautéed pork ribs with pepper salt, meat patty with plum vegetables, stir fried chinese cabbage and pork bone broth.


This diet is very unhealthy, Jiang Yunshu thought.

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Jiang Yunshu discovered that there was only one set of tableware and chopsticks on the table after the dishes were served. 

He was about to ask when he noticed Bai Tang take a folding table from the kitchen cabinet and place it next to the dining table, along with the tableware and chopsticks.

Jiang Yunshu froze in shock. Isn’t their relationship so bad they don’t even eat at the same table?

The folding table wasn’t even half as high as the height of the dining table.
Apart from half a bowl of rice, there was only a small plate of greens on the table.

Jiang Yunshu frowned. Vegetarian? 

His chest was full of doubts.
For a short while, the house sank once again into a strange silence.

Jiang Yunshu waited for a while before breaking the stalemate.
He said, “You only eat that much? Come up here and eat ba.”

Bai Tang’s lips pursed, unmoving.
He then stammered, “N-No need, I’ll just sit here.
Thank you, sir…”

“The table is huge, you can sit on the other side,” Jiang Yunshu said after a brief pause. 

Bai Tang timidly shook his head and declined, “Thank you, sir… I really don’t need it.”

Jiang Yunshu shut his mouth and no longer persuaded him.

The author has something to say:

Because some readers left a message in chapters 20, 30 to 40, saying: after reading this, I realized that the gong’s name was different from the original owner’s. 

I’ll be emphasizing here: Jiang Yunshu is the gong’s name, while the original owner is called Jiang Yunsu.

Translator’s Feed:

I’m very sorry for the delay everyone.
I finally got used to my meds so I’m not so sleepy and out of it every time anymore.
I hope everyone is having a great day, and once again, I’m so sorry.

On the side note, I feel like crying for our sweet baby sugar here.
We must protect him at all costs!!! 

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