n he could about this body.

“You mean your omega?” asked the doctor.

Jiang Yunshu, “….What?”

Jiang Yunshu emerged moments afterwards, clutching a junior high school sex education pamphlet and a slip of paper to “catch up with.”

An hour later, Jiang Yunshu stepped out of the car in front of a high-end residential community.

Jiang is back la? Long time no see!” greeted the security guard at the entrance.

It seemed like he had found the right place.
Jiang Yunshu nodded slightly, “Long time no see.”

Weird. The security guard looked at Jiang Yunshu’s retreating back and mumbled to himself, “It’s the first time in three years that Mr.
Jiang greeted me.”

Jiang Yunshu walked for more than half an hour before he found the house number on the note.
He shifted his aching legs slightly.
It seemed that his luck wasn’t bad.
He was reborn in a rich man?

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Before him stood a two-storey small villa with a large courtyard.
A vast field of green grass was covered in fallen leaves, with a massive tree planted in the center, about the same height as the villa.
The emerald green that filled his vision appeared to make people feel better.

Jiang Yunshu pressed the doorbell embedded on the wall, and the electronic screen next to it lit up.
A moment after, he saw a very thin and frail boy running out in a panic.
He didn’t seem to have any meat in his body; the wind blew through his baggy clothes, and his soft hair bounced up and down.

Zhou An? No, Jiang Yunshu quickly denied.
It was a boy who looked like Zhou An.

He paid close attention to the boy, probably out of his professional habit as a doctor.
His thinness due to long-term malnutrition, his pale lips due to anemia, his wan and yellow complexion, and the blueness inside his eyes; he actually looked much more miserable than Zhou An, who had been suffering from cancer for two years.

But, no matter how bad his state was, it couldn’t be refuted that the boy had a much more beautiful appearance than Zhou An.
His slightly drooping crescent-moon eyes, small and exquisite nose, and palm-sized face were excellent features that could only be seen on TV in his original world.

Jiang Yunshu’s fingers twitched.
He suspected that the boy’s face might not be as big as his palm.

“…Sir!” The boy’s face was deathly pale, a trace of horror flashed in his eyes.
He immediately showed a stiff smile, “You’re1 back…”

[1 He used 您 which is a polite/formal way of saying you]

Sir? You? Thanks to his shoulder-length black hair, Jiang Yunshu recognized that this should be the person who lay beside him on the hospital bed.
The housekeeper…at home? Not yet sure what the boy’s relationship to him was, he only responded with, “En,” paused for a moment, then added, “I lost my memory.”

“I-I know…” he boy stood respectfully, his back slightly bowed, his hands held tightly in front of his stomach, and muttered, “I’m sorry, Sir, please come in…”

Jiang Yunshu stared at his face for a while, not knowing what he was sorry for.
Without anything better to do, he raised his foot and entered inside.

Unexpectedly, what happened after he entered the door made his three views, which were already rotten to shreds, even more fragmented.
He saw the boy first take out a pair of men’s slippers from the shoe cabinet, then knelt down and stretched out his hand to help Jiang Yunshu in taking off his shoes.

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Jiang Yunshu, a young man in the new era, was taken aback, instinctively took a step back, frowned, and grasped the boy’s arm to stop him.
“You don’t need to do this.”

At the same time, he was a little more certain in his mind that the boy was either a housekeeper or a steward, but if he was, he didn’t need to do this… Jiang Yunshu carefully scrutinised the boy’s face.
Say, was this child an adult? The original owner employed child labor?

The boy was dressed in loose-fitting homey clothing.
The cream-colored round neck design made him appear obedient and soft.
He stood still at a loss after being rejected for the first time.

Jiang Yunshu changed his slippers and asked, “What’s the relationship between us?”

The boy was obviously stunned.
He then immediately lowered his head and replied in a low voice, “Sir… I’m your omega ya…”

The author has something to say: 

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There are very, very many personal settings… In addition, my writing style is clumsy, so if it doesn’t meet your requirements, you can directly cross this out.

[Excessive] gong and shou accusators aren’t recommended to enter.

No need to inform me if you’re abandoning the novel! There’s still a lot of shortcomings, but everyone will try their best to improve! Please bear with me! Have mercy!

I’ve written all the professional knowledge about medicine with my superficial understanding and after reading medical materials.
If you have any questions, please see a doctor immediately!

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