ay and looked at her.
His eyes told her to keep talking. 


“By any chance, are you a noble?”


Senir smiled a little.


“No, I’m not.”


“…Ah, is that so?”


It was an unexpected answer, but she was relieved.
Smiling lightly, Senir asked.


“The Lady’s puppy is very calm.
Is Lady Diana the one who raised it?”


The puppy’s cute, right? It’s very smart.
It’s name is Sky.”


“It’s a cute name.”


Diana’s awkwardness and tension seemed to be forgotten.
She welcomed Senir and the topic warmly.


“Really? It’s great, right? It really suits the puppy, right?”


“It still looks young, what breed is it?”


“I don’t know the breed.
My guardian gave it to me as a gift.”


“Your guardian….”


Senir’s eyes glanced sharply at Sky, but Diana didn’t notice.


“Seems like that person is a good person.”


At the employee’s knock, their conversation stopped.


The employee brought a tray with two very small cups and a slice of cake.
The cake was the type that had white cream and strawberries between the chiffon.


‘A strawberry cake at this season?’


The cake along with a small silver fork was placed in front of her.


“Ah, I didn’t order this one though.”


“I’m the one who ordered it.”


Diana’s round eyes opened widely.


Soon a silver spoon and small teacup were placed next to her.


The small glass was filled with a soft-looking light brown foam that gave off a lovely scent.
It was the tea that her mother used to drink every morning when she was young.


But, was the cup this small back then? Her hazy memory was unclear.


It was quite a ridiculous amount for the price.


The employee placed a cute bottle full of sugar cubes.
There were tongs next to it too.


“Lady Diana, are you not going to put in sugar?”


“Ah! Ah… yes!”


When he asked how many she wanted to be put in, she said in a small voice, “Only one.” Senir picked up the sugar cubes with the tongs.
The sugar cubes melted away in an instant.


Was he originally a person this considerate? Or were the gentlemen living in the institution supposed to be like this?


She stirred the coffee with a spoon, covering up her doubts.


Senir drank the glass without adding any sugar.
Diana, who confirmed that the sugar was all melted, followed his actions, and the moment she put it in her mouth.




It was fortunate that she didn’t spit it out.


‘Bitter! Too bitter! Is this really something that people drink? Isn’t this poison? Ah, what should I do?!’


Diana remained in shock, unable to spit or swallow.


She could hear a cough and a small laugh from in front of her.


The reason he asked if I wanted sugar was because it’s bitter like this? Then, he should have told her about it in advance! No, he did tell her.


“You can spit it out,” Senir said at the tearful Diana


Not even a few seconds had passed by when she thought, ‘How could I spit out such an expensive thing?’ Diana was really, really sorry but she couldn’t stand it anymore and spat it out into an empty cup.




She felt that if she swallowed her saliva, the poison-like taste on her tongue would once again wash over her.
Senir handed over a handkerchief.


Diana, who accepted it because she couldn’t say no, wiped her lips and trembled.


In the meantime, Senir called an employee again.


“Please bring us some water and the menu.
Clean this up as well please.”


Senir said, pointing to Diana’s espresso.


Diana looked sadly at the glass that was taken by the employee.


‘…What a waste.’


But she didn’t dare to drink it again.


When she finished the glass of cold water that the employee brought, the bitter taste just barely went away.


‘Just what kind of taste are people who drink this looking for?’


Diana groaned internally.
The coffee stains on the plain white handkerchief were clear.


With an embarrassed face, Diana spoke in a small voice.


“I’ll wash it and return it to you later.
I’m sorry.”


Senir returned it with a light smile.


“It’s okay.
Please don’t worry about it.”


Senir, held the teacup and drank the poison like nothing.
Diana’s mouth gaped at the sight.


“Is it not bitter?”


“Of course, it’s bitter.”


Diana was relieved.
Her taste buds were normal.


“I ordered it because it was the tea that my mom liked, but I should have looked into it before ordering.”


Senir’s eyes widened.


“Did your mother like coffee?”




What was it that her mother told her again? Was it because it wouldn’t let a person sleep? She wouldn’t let her drink it no matter what.
Now she understands why she didn’t let her touch it.


“It’s interesting.”


Senir stared at the teacup and continued.


“As far as I know, coffee has only been popular in the Heimbarden Empire for less than 10 years.”


“Ah, is that so?”


Originally, it was a drink consumed by people in the southern regions, especially the Academy people.”


Senir pushed the cake plate in front of her.


“If you eat the cake, it’ll be a bit better.”


“Can I really eat it?”


“Of course.”


“…Then, thank you.
I’ll eat it well.”


She cut the cake into bite-sized pieces with a fork.
As soon as she put it in her mouth, the soft chiffon wrapped around her tongue and the cream melted into her mouth.


“It’s delicious!”

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