The soldiers retreated in disbelief while some of them fell to the ground, all eyes on him

on Belladonna Emaner, the great wizard of all time (as the say) with this devastating aura

Their looks were enough to make Yuto prepare as hard as he could before face something greater than these three idiots

”He must be strong. ” Considering his huge life force, ”Damn that must mean one thing. ” Yes, Yuto must implement the skill of the ultimate secret technique.

And here Yuto ran at a great speed, amid the amazement of the magician, and the soldiers he were running towards the green plains, seeming to be fleeing. But the magician would not let his prey go and start flying after her

”Yes, as I expected, ” he said, seeing the magician turn away from the village. ”He must be feeding on life energy like that girl. I must keep him away from the villagers. ”

And here he saw an arm sticking out of the ground and tried to catch him, but Yuto easily avoided him and looked at the ground, the magician formed a monster from the rocks. Oh my God . the mother **er summon huge monsters using black rings

”Like a zombie, ” Yuto said, remembering these creatures and how they came out of their graves. Then he looked down and saw a skeleton chasing after him, ”Uh, it makes sense and …I shouldn have jumped so high either. ”

he waiting for fall to the ground

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Is that bitch really that strong? The baron thought in disbelief. Is she strong enough to make Beldona himself go against her

Ive seen that monster annihilate entire armies single-handedly and easily wipe out cities. When I saw her for the first time, I knew that she was very strong, fortunately I did not challenge her

And he started watching the battle between them, the girl was dribbling incredibly fast all the attacks of the monsters, and saw her sending a monster back with a small kick, causing him to hit his comrades behind, so the magician casts spells on her from the sinking ground to hold her in place, but she easily escaped

”I have to help him, ” the baron thought with pride. If he refuses to help him, he will be the laughingstock of the Cowardly Baron Elf. Hiding behind the magician and sucking his finger(Elves are looking for any reason to laugh at each other). He won allow this to happen but hes not stupid, he knows the difference between them and he doesn need another punch to make sure

And here he summoned the Viperon armor

This powerful magical armor is the reason for the Barons fame. It is made of the strongest and most rare metals. It is difficult to break and destroy because it absorbs the opponents physical and magical attacks, but the best thing it offers is to enhance attacks and also reduces the consumption of mana, which allows the Baron to fight for long periods and cause damage to his opponents, but there is a flaw that must be He has to take it off after a long period of use, as it is close to destruction

”Fortunately, I haven used it for a while, ” said the baron, preparing his mighty spear as he traced the steps of the battle. The magician seemed to be superior. At the right moment, he aimed his spear at the girl and fired, trying to hit her, ecstatic with the idea of ​​victory.

Here he saw a scythe grab him by the waist and bring him back

”You leave so quickly, ” the orc said sarcastically

”What, how? ” The Baron looked in amazement . how they were able to recover from their severe wounds

Angie raised her wand in his direction, ”Its no use knowing about it ” and hit him with a huge explosion, but the shield absorbed the damage.

”Get out of my face! ” the baron shouted as he fired a fireball

Angie placed a barrier between them, and the dust cleared, allowing the Baron to look at Angies provocative smile.

”Damned hybrid, ” said the Baron, putting on his helmet

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”ط

”Huh, they fought, ” Yuto said, looking at the trio. He had previously thrown a soldier in their direction. Perhaps the girl would absorb his life energy. ”I didn need another idiot to fight me. ” He began to focus on the old man who started firing lightning bolts from all directions, hoping that one will would hit him, but Yuto, who saw everything moving so slowly, could easily dodge them. severe

”Smells nice, ” said one of the crocodile-like monsters (of course Yuto didn understand what he said) the beast continued, ”You smell so beautiful. Would you let me look under the dress, please? ” And he let out an evil laugh.

”What? ” Yuto said, not understanding. He noticed that these monsters had their own language, which meant that they were very intelligent. He also noticed something else that these monsters laugh at him. Yes it is. This is what made Yuto get angry. Yuto is tired of suppressing his anger in his previous life. A fool always comes and annoys him and gets away with his action, but not this time Yuto goes towards the beast.

”Ha. What do you want to fight me? ” The beast laughed mockingly, ”Hahaha. You definitely don know what a spiritual warrior is. ” he attacked him with his huge sword and tried to divide him, but Yuto struck his hand, smashing it and snatching his huge sword before he cut some monsters furiously and angry jumped away to check what he had done

”What the hell? ” The number of the army never changed and the monster started to regenerate here. He heard that creeper yelling at him as he shook his hand that Yuto had smashed seconds before.

”They don die, ” Yuto said while examining them. ”But how? ”

Here he saw their life force, it was coming from somewhere

”Uh, he understood now, It was coming from the magician himself. ” So, as I see, these creatures will not die as long as that old man is alive. ” That complicates matters.

Yuto grabbed his sword and quickly ran to Beldona, who put a barrier between them. Yuto hit the barrier trying to destroy it, but the monsters behind him obstructed him, making him fall back.

Yuto realizes something important that the wizard is much weaker than him. Yes, as he read, the magician was very weak, Yuto could destroy the barrier and kill him easily

”But I won , ” said Yuto to himself, ”As it appears in that soldiers brain that he is very famous and reputed, I will draw myself attention and will be considered a threat. As I do not wish to kill him, I need him alive. ” Yuto starts injuring and stabbing the magician, trying to drain all his powers

But the stubborn old man still insisted on fighting and here he saw the old ** shoot a huge fireball the size of a car that crashed next to him causing a huge explosion, but Yuto quickly got away from the place

”I angered him, ” said Yuto. ”He tried to kill me despite his great desire to capture me. But he lost a lot of life force because of this attack. ” Here he saw the mage looking at him, baring his fangs and starting to mutter strange words, apparently telling Yuto to surrender.

But the old man saw a huge rock being thrown at him. He teleport to the sky. He raised his hands, chanting deep words while raising his hand

”What is this? ” Yuto said, and here he saw monsters escaping everywhere. ”Shit can be. ”

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”) ” ” ”

The wizard was preparing to launch his most powerful attack. (the astral light) The starburst is a light that falls from the sky and swallows everything in its range. A powerful wizard could wipe out an entire island with it. This is the so-called atomic bombs in the New World.

Beldona was chanting this spell with great happiness. He wouldn use his full strength, but he would destroy half of the girls body, and here he could study her and understand her immense power. He couldn believe at first, he just didn want to believe this bitter truth that that piece of dirt was on the same level, but it didn matter, it was dead anyway and the clouds started to change and the lightning strikes the ground while always coming out of it. They will know easily that he was here, they will know that he broke the rules but it doesn matter anything now

He raised his hand while shouting loudly until he started feeling a strange liquid on his hand and here he saw that he lost his blood dripping looking at his hand, I mean the place where his hand was, he didn feel anything except for that strange girl hitting him. Incomprehensible words another blow that only made him see the darkness

The girl won

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Baron Abayano punched him, sending him back and flew towards him, trying to send a punch, but Angie turned the earth into mud, which made the Baron sink into the ground.

”Do you really think something like this would hurt me? ” He shot at the ground, which crucified her, and punched another, and dust was flying everywhere. Angie tried to put up a barrier and quickly hit Angie in the stomach and punched her again.

You can take me down and kick her in the stomach, ”Dirty pig-eyes hybrid ”

He raised his spear ready to stab her ”Your first step into hell ” and his hand went down to stab her, but soon the spear broke in two.

Baron Huminal Panthea died

The girl continued on her way, dragging the old man by his hair, in the midst of everyones shock, until she disappeared among the branches

”Uh-huh, we survived. ”

And here her father approached her crawling in pain, ”Who the hell is that girl? ”

”I don know and I don care ” Angie sighed in pain, she didn want to remember this day at all

”We owe her, ” said her father, lying beside her

”Yes, ” Angie whispered

”Hey, ” said the father suddenly, ”who was that old man? ”

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