Yuto continued watching the battle unfolding in front of him and after analyzing their strength, speed and abilities, Yuto realized that they were (if youll excuse me) just insects in front of him, their movements were slow and their life energy was weak compared to him. Three warriors were struggling hard as they faced the giant who was reminding Yuto of Guts waving his sword, he resisted valiantly and proved that many do not beat courage, but great size is easy to hit him

Also, that little bitch quickly healing her friends while laughing sadistically at her soldiers who started killing and torturing civilians. It was a horrific sight. Yuto could not stand it. He closed his eyes and thought of all ways to kill them quickly, but the idea of ​​killing was bothered him. He knows that he will change if he commits that horrible crime.

And here he heard the sound of a girl screaming. There was a soldier pulling a girl far away as if he was looking for a privacy. After a distance, the man crouched on the girl and started to take off her clothes, while she started screaming and resisting. She started hitting him to get away, but this only angered him, so he slapped her so hard that made her shut up and she started accepting the painful truth.

”They say the first kill is the hardest, ” Yuto said angrily. ”Okay, lets see. ”

Very quickly, he was behind the man who did not feel him while he was busy kissing the girl until Yuto grabbed him by the neck and squeezed him lightly.

The man screamed as he moved his right hand and included trying to hit him with his sword but all the blows had no effect. Here Yuto put his hand on the mans head and heard his thoughts

”Who are you? ” said the man with great fear, until he almost piss his pants

”only Let me see what in this filthy brain, ” he said, clenching his fist, as a loud explosion shook the place.


At the same moment, the Baron was continuing to fight with enjoyment. It is not every day you can see Abaion fight With all his might and skills . Even better, he could see the full capabilities of his three warriors. Their movements were smooth and powerful, and their cooperation was clever. They could communicate and listen to each others signals, making them formidable opponents of the famous Orc.

he saw him wounded by a Saga, who dug his serrated sword into the orcs foot and fastened it so that his one-eyed friend Armond could hit him with his bat sending him back . Abaion spat out some blood and got up with difficulty while his eyes were still focused on his opponents

”Oh, stop, Armond, ” Saga said sarcastically. ”Let the old man breathe. ”

”The orc can heal these wounds quickly, ” Saraya said as she moved her wand towards him, ”Lets finish the fight quickly. ” Saga and Armand ran from behind Abaion and in front of him to trap him, while Saraya lifted her stick, sadistically laughing, ”How do you feel and today is your last day? You didn expect it, right? ” She laughed while A fireball shoots at him

But Abaion moved with great speed, jumping away, and he threw some drops of blood on her, and here he threw his burning knife at what was bag where he had previously stopped.

”Bomb, ” Saga shouted as he stepped backwards

”You fools! ” Abion laughed mockingly as he raised his healing hand. ”It was an empty bag. ”

Then he threw another knife and it hit the giant, who started screaming in pain. Saga ran to attack him, but the Orc proved to be more skilled than him with a sword as he managed to cut him in the stomach.

”You you, ” Saraya shouted angrily, ”How dare you throw your filthy blood on me, you piece of shit? ”

And she struck him with a strong thunderbolt, throwing him very far, and he began to shake violently and smoke from his skin, but this for some reason was not enough to kill him, so that the wicked witch smiled, thinking of the most painful and long deaths to give him.

”Okay, you damned pig will- ”

”Shut up, ” Abaion said sarcastically. ”Blah blah blah blah. If you
e going to talk a lot, ask these two idiots to finish the job. Haha. ”

And he sat looking at them with a sarcastic smile, his smile was very provocative and annoying, the trio lost the thrill of victory, but turned into anger they will want to make him beg for death. Thus the Baron laughed at his warriors who started throwing insults and threats in a childish way. Saraya fired another blow on the Orc, who cried out loudly while shining green. As soon as he finished the torment, he came back laughing even more.

”Oh, you stupid children, ” said Abaion , ”if you hadn been so far away, Id beat you up ”

”You bastard, ” Saraya cried, losing her patience

So she fired a giant fireball that shot at our friend orc who tried to stand up but the lightning was harder to heal that was the end of it. And wow mmm

Dust billows everywhere while the Baron smiles at the work of his warriors, there will be an uproar when they hears this news Abaion death. nice

And here he saw something in the dust, his eyes widened

”What a thrill, ” said the Baron happily, ”isn it, old man? ”

But the magician kept looking coldly at what was happening. While Saraya was breathing very hot with emotion, she had a look of schadenfreude and happiness on her face. She was waiting to hear the cries of that filthy old man. If he does not scream, she will heal him and torture him until he asks for mercy. She looked at his place while she was waiting to see his burnt body. But

Abaion jumped and gave her a powerful blow that flew far away

”Uh, you won be able to heal your friend. ” He looked at the two young men who retreated in terror as they pointed their weapons at him. While angie walked next to him

”Haha. ” The orc laughed as he watched his opponents fall easy own the ground. ”Its like hitting a child. ”

”They are children, ” said Angie

”Oh, well, isn that embarrassing? ”

And here they heard applause coming from the Baron, who walked among his warriors without interest

”Well, that was an great fight. 8 from 10 good jop ”

”Who is this fool? ” Abaion asked his daughter, pointing to the elf

”My name is Baron Huminal Panthea. ”

”Do you know what. Shut the ** up, I don want to know. ” The orc said rudely

”Ah, you are so annoying as I heard, ” said baron, placing his hand on his chest

”What. How does it help me to know the name of a dead man? ” Abaion said sarcastically

”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” baron laughed as if he heard a funny joke ”You. killing me okay ” and raised his hand and a huge spear appeared and pointed at angie before asking, ”I see your daughter is a hybrid. ”

that was a red line

while the old magician seemed to listen curiously

”Its none of your business, ” said the Orc coldly, ”You mother**er. ”

”Ah, calm down, ” said baron, ”I ask you, can I get it for my friend , ” pointing to the old woman who was curiously checking Angie.

”What do you think? ” ” the orc said to Angie

”Not my type, ” she said sarcastically

”Well, it seems I will use my strength, ” said the Baron, before rushing in with a powerful shot at the father, who blocked him with his sword and started a hit-and-run fight

While Angie was standing ready and surrounded herself with a strong barrier, waiting for a moment to hold the Baron in place, she was unable to keep up with their physical abilities and what was worse that the Barons armor was solid, as the spells needed to destroy him were has huge scale and powerful to infect her near father.

”It seems that he is using magic to enhance his physical and mental ability. He realizes that his mana energy is low. ” And she used the Guardians Eye. ”Unbelievably, he won run out of energy. ”

And here she saw the scoundrel Baron hit her father in the stomach, what make her terrified her, but the orc quickly destroyed the spear easily while laughing sarcastic

”Is that all you have come on you can do more ” He healed his stomach easily and the wound was completely gone

”Wow, amazing, ” said the baron . ”Then there is no way to kill you but to cut off your head, right? ”

”No, I will live from this also, ” said Abaion, laying to mislead his enemy

And here the baron was subjected to an icy attack from Angie to kept him in hes place

”Haha, clever move, ” Abaion as he dealt a powerful blow to the baron, causing him to fly into the sky as blood poured out of him.

Meanwhile, one of the soldiers was helping Saraya, who were snarling in anger at this humiliating defeat and without any hesitation drew life from the soldier, who was soon reduced to a skeleton as the gathering recovered.

”Wheres that filthy pig? ” she cried while looking around

Only here she saw the Baron flying away, which terrified her, but she smiled when she saw him standing on his feet, laughing sarcastic.

”You didn expect this, did you? ” baron and he looked at Angie, ”and you don interfere ” and fired a powerful arrows at her, but the shield prevented the arrows from reaching

Saraya healed her friends

”Listen, we must get the filthy witch away from that filthy pig. ” She didn need to say much. They were trained to understand the situation easily and to think with as one. That was what distinguished the three warriors, as they were more difficult to defeat.

Saraya fired some magic arrows at Angie, who was hit by some of them, but she quickly helling herself and directed her eyes towards her attackers, Saga and Armond from two directions.

” teleportation ” Angie shouted as she disappeared before appearing in the sky

”The Big Bang ” and here she shot a beam towards the giant to hit the giants eye, who started screaming angry and then landed hard on the ground and her wand released a strange silver liquid

”Personal Army ” and drops of liquid began to splash on the bodies covering them, turning them into silvery, faceless creatures with a long spear in their hand.

”Attack! ” angie shouted for her soldiers to destroy the trio

”Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-w fun. ” Saga cheerfully raised his sword

”That was stupid, ” Saraya said coldly, ”You must have poured out a huge amount of mana

And she began to easily destroy every soldier in her path

”Great, ” said Angie, leaning back. ”This bitch is strong. ”

She began to surround herself with a barrier ”but she is stupid ” and revealed the smile of the victor

Angie had a huge amount of mana which allowed her to cast a huge amount of spells and she might need to repeat this spell for three full times to say it will exhaust her. But what these fools don know is that this liquid is not from her magic, but rather a souvenir given to her by Tensin. In other words, she is in full powers

”Now all I have to do is get rid of that bitch, ” angie thought. A witch is a danger as she can heal her two allies, making any harm to them useless.

The ”spot ball ” shot a huge ball towards the girl, who tried to avoid her path, but this time it hit her right side.

And here she surprised by angie, who attacked her with a dagger, the light was not to kill her, but rather to allow her to approach and eliminate her.

”I got you! ” angie shouted excitedly before quickly disappearing as she saw her hand cut off

”Uh, they always think like this, ” Saraya said as she walked from behind, removing the magic (shape change) from saga and here Angie realized that she had fallen into a trap. She had to focus more and take precautions.

Saraya caught Angie face as she showed her his desperate father trying to fight the Baron, but he soon lost his foot and hand

”Ha-ha-ha, is that all? ” baron said gloatingly before firing a fireball at the exhausted father.

But Angie moved him next to her, which made the warriors jump far away

”Angie, ” said the father, panting, ”Run. ”

But the girl hugged her father tightly, which made him realize that even if she ran away, what would she do? She is in the end a hybrid that no one will accept.

”What are you doing, you idiot, ” said the baron sarcastically. ”You must try to play the role of the dead in order to survive. ”

”Unfortunately, ” said the Orc, intermittently

”Your circumference does not allow you, ” said the Baron

”No, you idiot is your mother in the afterlife and I don want to see her. ” He laughed sarcastically

”I think you will not be alone, ” he sadistically gestured to his soldiers who had captured the residents, who had begun to threaten them.

”You don want these scum to die, do you? ” said the Baron, laughing madly

”Oh, you bastard, ” Angie said in disgust. ”You dare not. ”

”Ha-ha-ha-ha. Is this a challenge? ” He pointed to one of his soldiers who pulled the hair of a little girl in the fifth or sixth year who was screaming sadly and in pain as she was kicking and trying to escape in a heartbreaking way.

Without any hesitation, the soldier raised her while preparing to hit her, and the girl screamed in fear

And here is boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo won

Something hit the soldier and threw it away It was like a cannon strike and only here they realized it was another soldier

Who indicated very weakly

to somthing

There was a person completely covering himself with a mask and a scarf and she held the little girl in she arms

”Surprise , bitchs, ” Yuto said sarcastically. ”What a surprise. haaa ”

”What did this girl say? ” asked the Baron

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