Baron Huminal Panthea was sitting relaxed . Inside his great palace. Surrounded by beautiful women who give him five star service. From cleaning his silver hair to washing his feet and feeding him wonderful fruits. While listening to music playing. This is called rest for High-Elves

Despite all this, baron sighed angrily. ”I don understand why this years yield is so much less. ” He bit the apple tightly and continued, ”The foolish humen seem to have collapsed from exhaustion ahhhhh. I should use strong men, Instead of women and children ” ,

”Oh, Charlotte, ” he said angrily

”Yes, my lord, ” A gorgeous woman with blond hair and blue eyes replied, clasping her hands together while standing politely

”Get ready tomorrow. Well go to the slave market ” and bite off another apple

”As you wish, my lord. ” Charlotte said staring at him coldly

He grabbed her face angrily and said firmly, ”Smile, ” but the girl stood still and motionless, she was hesitant. Yes, hesitant. Charlottes hatred for the Baron was evident, but she had not disobeyed his orders until this moment

”If you weren useful, I would skin you alive, ” he said with a provocative smile

But Charlotte stood still in front of him with an expressionless face. She was looking at something behind him

She coldly raised her hand, ”my Lord, .Belladonn_ . ”


Belladonna Emaner. The old wizard of the kingdom appeared behind him with his golden eyes and long hair, despite his old age, he still had a strong and healthy body.

”What is it, you old bastard, ” said the baron calmly. While the girls shivered in fear, nothing good happens when the Baron gets angry

”Theres a problem, ” Belladonna said softly

”What? ” said the baron stupidly

”On the western border of Harrenhal, a powerful magical explosion occurred

Ive never seen a magic power this big, ” said the old wizard, his eyes widening in astonishment.

Haminal was shocked when the last time this idiots face changed. the old ** was too strong to be afraid of anything

Haimenal scratched his pointed ear and said, ”What do you think it is? ”

”No living being can have this much magic if we exclude a few, ” he continued, ”I bet its a magic stone. ”

”What do you want me to do? ” said Heimnal, ”Do you think I will help you get it? ”

”Better than those scumbags get it, ” said the magician, looking at the human women

And he continued, moving his hand, and a radiant ball came out of him, ”Will you help me? I don want to arouse suspicion. ” The ball looked like a little sun in Haminal eyes , who quietly swallowed his saliva as he tried to maintain his pride. The old man must really want it

”Oh, well, ” said Hymenal quietly, ”theres just a small village on the border, right? ”

”Yes, ” Charlotte said coldly

”good, ” he shouted excitedly, and here everything exploded with fire everywhere, burning women who started screaming with wailing and pain that did not last long, and in the end not even ashes remained. What a strong flame

”What, ” said Haminal sarcastically, ”I don want anyone to know. ”

But the old man stood indifferently as if nothing had happened

”Charlotte, ” Hymnall said to Charlotte, who survived

”Get a hundred and fifty soldiers, uh, and also I want you to tell my three warriors, ” he gestured with his hand and a long spear appeared, ”The time for hunting has begun. ”

* * * * *

Yuto was moving his body doing morning exercises. He was still not used to the thought of being in a girls body, but he had to live with the situation.

Yuto spread his hand

”Okay, ” he said in a loud voice. He is staring at the place around him ”Lets get started ”

For a normal person, they would be in an unenviable position But for Yuto, who has 190 iq, he knew exactly what he needed and with the help of 23 light novels, Yuto was able to invent

10 ways to survive in Isiaki

1 – Explore Yourself

The behavior of some may be to explore the place to search for help, but this is useless. Even if they find someone, the language barrier is an obstacle because they are not in a world where everyone speaks Japanese, as in the anime, and most importantly, they must make sure that they do not have dangerous features. hurt himself or others

I look beautiful and strange for sure I have some abilities. And here he started pressing his body and he noticed that his skin was hard as iron, then he looked around and started smelling to test his senses


His senses were so strong that Yuto had never felt before. Every time he focused, on somthing he clearly appeared as if he was right in front of him. He noticed that the animals were miles away, and yet he could hear their voice clearly

”And the best thing is, ” Yuto said happily, closing his eyes. ”I can feel living creatures. ”

Very strong

”Okay, let me test my physical strength, ” he said, approaching a large and wide tree in thought. Ahhh. How painful it would be to hit her directly. Yuto decided to cut her from right to left (I didn know how to describe it)

Yuto raised his hand and reached out, ready to hit her as if a woodcutter was cutting a tree and


The huge tree had fallen as if it was made of thin ice. Not only that, but some trees behind it had fallen or were seriously injured.

”Whhhhhhhhhattttttt? ” Yuto said in shock. ”I didn even use my full strength. I backed out a little at the last moment. ”

Then he avoided a fallen tree very easily, showing his supernatural speed and agility, and even noticed that the trees became slower.

”Excellent, ” he said excitedly, ”my mind perceives everything so quickly. ” It was a wonderful sight seeing everything clearly and slowly. He felt that he was in bliss.

”Oh my god! ” Yuto said happily as he somersaulted back, ”Im lucky. ”

Yuto stopped in front of a huge tree. And he punched small, quick punches ”Ora, ora, ora, ora, ora, ora, ORA! ” He shouted excitedly

The tree was thrown backwards on some trees

”Hey! ” Yuto shouted, raising a hand. And here he hit himself, ”No. Stop here. Don ever scream ora, thats embarrassing. ”

He sighed tightly. Yuto had powerful abilities and felt lucky, but he shouldn rely on luck. also

”Im getting myself noticed, ” he said. Before he climbed to the top of a tree to test his improved eyesight. There were a few animals of course not animals he used to see huge hairy buffalo the size of an elephant. But the buffaloes were too far away. Here Yuto noticed the silence of the forest

”What the hell? ” Yuto said, ”There aren even birds flying. ” He looked at the quarrel so focused that something noticed a greenish mist.

”Is this some kind of poison? ” Yuto muttered. ”That means Im immune to poisons. ”

And he looked around, so why is he in this forest, nothing is close to him. Stop . Not possible

No, its the most likely option. Yutos new body is hidden here, out of peoples

”I can confirm by diving into the water and holding my breath, ” said Yuto, ”but I wouldn risk looking at my face. ” He didn want to be frozen again.

”Not now, ” said Yuto, going back to his task. ”Now I have to find people. Buffalo had wounds, but one even had a spear stuck to it, ” said Yuto. ” It does not look primitive to me, but it has a beautiful decoration ”

There should be people and start looking around for any signs. His research did not last long, as he could see a thread of smoke, which means there is fire

”Yes, its a village, ” said Yuto happily, ”of course probably. Because of the pastures and the river. Well I need to compare myself with them to see a difference. ”

And starting to watch them were human just as in his world. And if they were closer to the Europeans, they would be just like ordinary people. They were sitting around a fire while the children started to play happily and let out those stupid laughs. Hahahahaha. . However, there was a huge fence of pointed wood around it which meant there were dangerous creatures

”Ahh. They don have an internet or a computer, but they
e still happy, ” Yuto thought. Before shouting ”Fuck! ” Yuto wished he had such abilities in his old body. He would have

Harem (a group of women) three women, one of them with a nice tail. and another from elf. And human, of course. He would be happy to live here with his kids from them

”But I hope I don become someones girlfriend, ” said Yuto, destroying his dreams. ”Okay, well, this life gains something but loses something else. ”

He continued watching the village until he saw something that amazed him. There were two people, one of them a giant. Yes, a large, muscular person with fangs carrying a cleaver. he didn look human. He was talking to a teenage girl in a trench coat and carrying a big stick with her. But her life force is more formidable than ordinary people

”What about me? ” said Yuto, feeling himself. ”This girls life force is different. I think she is a witch. Does that mean she has a long life? ” Only here Yuto feel.


His life force was like an endless waterfall pushing everything and Yuto was dumbfounded. Yoto was immortal and impervious to everything

What the ** is happening why is this happening to him There is one thing for sure that it is not a coincidence

Id better stay away, I don want anyone to feel me

”Fuck, ” Yuto said, ”I can hide my face and my smell, but, ” he shouted, ”How the hell can I hide this? ” he calm

”The last test, ” he said coldly, ”my effect on other creatures. ”

And go quickly trying to catch any creature. He did not fail as no creature did not escape from him, it seems that his beauty affects even on the animals

”Okay, lets see what I can do with this frog. ”

After three hours of awkward bodily movements,

Yuto discovers three powerful abilities. Yes, amazing superpowers

1 Yuto can easily see internal organs if he focuses on them

2 When he presses the animals head, he can read his mind. Where he heard the frog flirting with him enjoying his beauty. perverted frog

3 Yuto can visualize his surroundings when he closes his eyes this is like

Uh, damn the two stupid abilities

”Read minds, ” said Yuto. ”Thats what I need. Ill catch a bastard or two and steal, or at least learn a language. ”

He decided to make a cover for his head and body and thought of wallowing in animal feces to stop his smell

”Yes, I must be ready. ” Only then was a voice heard. It was coming from afar, footsteps were shaking to where Yuto looked, and from beyond the mountain he saw a group of people approaching, to were he was they were armored and with swords.

”It looks like they
e coming here. Can they? ” Yuto bit his lip angrily. ”Okay, you want me. You don look strong as i see . ”

He thought that he didn need to kidnap anyone from the village

He looked at the High-Elves with a triumphant smile, ”Maybe I know what Ive become. now ”

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