”Cameron come on this is not how you should do now that you are out of the hospital. If your mom finds out it will be the last we will hear from you. ” I waved them off as I hopped in my beat up Volkswagen beetle. I drove to the cliffs to feel the thrill of the dive. The rush of jumping into waves. I feel more alive than those stupid pills I have to take. My stint in the hospital has given me depression. This was going to liven me up.

I reached the edge and was about to jump when I heard a crash. My first instinct was to run to my car. Then I decided that I will find out what was going on. I found a 1945 Thunderbird wrapped around a tree. Petrol was leaking and I heard a moan. The driver was bleeding but he didn seem to care. The woman next to him was dead. I asked him if I could do anything. He looked at me without seeing me. It was as though he was spaced out. I had to slap him across the face to get his attention. He started to cry. I told him that help is on the way. He told me that there was no help coming. He stole something from a group of people that had a finger in every pie. Even the cops work for them. We heard sirens so I told him that help is on the way. He told me to take the metal briefcase in the trunk and run. He told me to destroy it. He made me swear that I will do it. When I got the stuff and reached my car. The thunderbird exploded into a billion pieces.

I drove home as fast as I could till I reached city limits. I drove making sure that I didn get a ticket. I arrived home and opened the briefcase. It had three vials in it. They were labeled in medical terms. But according to the little scribble on the vial. It was to be administered one after the other. The entire vial was a dose. Grandma came out to see me holding them and she guessed it was my new meds. She smiled as she reminded me that I was supposed to be upstairs in bed. I had no choice but to place the vials in the fridge and go to sleep.

The next morning mom woke me as she administered the vials I had placed in the fridge. She had already injected the first two. She was about to inject me with the last but she decided to wake me up first. I wanted to tell her but she was too busy thinking about how my next trip to the hospital will be. She injected the third and final vial and wished me happy birthday. I had forgotten that today was my sixteen birthday. I promised that guy that I will destroy it. I failed to do so. I just hope that there is no adverse effect.

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