Atlas: ”Hmm… I might as well extend by another six months since I received Sun breathing, Shave and Shinso ”

And with that, he has decided to train his body in full focus for the 5th and until the 7th month since he realized that to use shave, Then you should have the minimum strength of at least 100

He started practicing the Sun breathing and Shinso for the 8th month since he never practiced either of the two and during his month he also saw a dusty mirror in the cabin of the first pirate group he killed and was shocked by his own appearance


[The system has modeled the body of the host to the character that the host wanted to look like the Most]

Atlas: ”Can you show me my top three list for that ”

[No problem]

1. Gojo Satoru

2. Madara Uchiha

3. Ken Kaneki

Atlas: ”Ok… weird that I didn notice it at all, I might as well continue with the training ”

And for the 9th and 10th month was pretty much the same for the 8th month but Shave as hit the minimum required strength since he always wanted to find a way to get closer faster.

The 11th month was him just practicing on water since and took the treasures within them and since he also knew that Water also offers natural resistance, which can help strengthen your muscles. Aquatic exercise can also have several health benefits, such as improved heart health, reduced stress, and improved muscular endurance and strength.

And during that month he actually dove towards the pirate ships that sunk and took the treasures within them

Treasures he got

-4 jewelry, and 17 steel boxes full of berries amounting to 3.1 million berries.

and during the last month, he decided to improve every single technique that he had and on the last day he decided to add the 30 status points to his naturally gained stats.

Naturally gained stats:

Name: Atlas Brown

Rank= E-


Strength=10+123=133/ E-

Speed=10+115=125/ E-

Endurance=10+134=144/ E-

Status point:30

Skill Point:0

System Points:0+200=200

Skill: Boxing lv14, Basic Swordsmanship(Kendo, iaido)lv24+11=35

Techniques: Water Breathing lv20+6= lv26, Sun Breathing lv1+18=lv19, Shave lv1 + 22= lv23

Abilities: Flawless lv23, Falling Camellia lv 31, Shinobis mind(MAX)


Name: Atlas Brown

Rank= E-


Strength=133+10=143/ E-

Speed=125+5=130/ E-

Endurance=144+15=159/ E-

Status point:0

Skill Point:0

System Points:0+200=200

*Pirates near 200 million berries average is 205*

Skill: Boxing lv14, Basic Swordsmanship(Kendo, iaido)lv24+11=35

Techniques: Water Breathing lv20+6= lv26, Sun Breathing lv1+18=lv19, Shave lv1 + 22= lv23

Abilities: Flawless lv23, Falling Camellia lv 31, Shinobis mind(MAX)

Atlas: ”Looks like my strength has already surpassed most pirates in grand line perhaps staying in this island for a year really paid off ”

Atlas looked at the island one last time before asking X for a boat similar to Ace

[Speed boat-150 system points]

Atlas: ”purchase ”

[System points=200-150=50]

And a boat with the size just enough for one man and a few pieces of baggage

Atlas: (I should travel non stop and while on the way to Sabaody I should defeat and turn in the heads of high bounty pirates I find on the way while also stopping to some islands to stock food)

And with the finished plan on his mind, he started the engine of the boat and proceeded to use his map to navigate his way through east blue

1 week later

Atlas: ”I knew I should have restocked in the last island I saw ”

and while he was complaining he noticed an island with the name Loguetown on the map

Atlas: (There should be a Marine base here, I should hand over the heads of the 6 pirate captains I saw on the way here as all their heads amount to 18 million berries)

and as soon as Atlas was about to dock his boat he heard a man say ”STOP RIGHT THERE AND IDENTIFY YOURSELF RIGHT NOW! ” Atlas looked ahead and saw at least 20 marine soldiers pointing their guns at him

Atlas: ”My name is Atlas and Im a bounty hunter who came here to restock on food and also to claim the rewards of the pirates that I have killed ”

With the quick introduction from Atlas, he saw a man who was smoking say ”Alright point your guns down ” and with that mans order they stopped pointing their guns at him and the man stared at Atlas and said ”You come with me ” Atlas quickly followed behind the man and as soon as they reached the marine base they quickly got into a room with a huge machine in it

????: ”Put the heads inside the box ”

Atlas started putting the heads one by one in an orderly fashion

Machine: ”Pirate Captain Ben-6 million, Vice-Captain Kevin-3 million, Pirate Cadre Doyle-1 million, Pirate Captain in-4 million, Vice-Captain Roel-2 million, and Pirate Captain Kurt-2 million A total of 18 million berries ”

Atlas: ”thats cool ”

???: ”It certainly does make Identifying the rewards a lot easier than manual, Im Commander Smoker by the way ”

Atlas: ”My name is Atlas ”

*I Know that Smoker was introduced as a Captain and since this is now 1 year before the start of the plot I ranked him down by one since him becoming a Captain after a year means that he is gonna go back to the headquarters soon just like in the anime*

Smoker: ”Id appreciate it if you give me details on where was the pirate killed and how you did it because every turned in reward needs a detailed report sent to the Marine HQ.

Atlas: ”sure ”

1 hour and 30 minutes later

Smoker: ”Thanks for your cooperation, here is your 18 million berries ”

The door opened showing a man with a briefcase who immediately gave it to Atlas who in turn just nodded and after receiving the reward he left the marine base and went to the market where he spent where he spent at least a two hundred thousand berries on high quality ingredients and seasonings and after buying all of that he went ahead and loaded it into his boat

Atlas: (that should be enough for me to last a month)

And with that Atlas Continued his journey to Sabaody

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