[The rewards are now displayed]

Survive the Pirate Attack

-10 status points, 50 system points, 5 skill points, 30,000 berries, and System Map

[Hidden task: Wipeout: This Pirate group has killed and even hunted another humans just for the fun of it so do you really think that you are an exception if you do then you are wrong if they ever found you then they won even hesitate to kill you, so make sure to finish the job without leaving any survivor]

-Ability Flawless and Falling Camellia

*Flawless-user=Sakunosuke Oda-Gives him precognition at a maximum of more than 5 seconds but less than 6 seconds Falling Camellia-user=Ryūrō Hirotsu-Able to send anything he touches flying backward

These abilities are from Boungou stray dogs*

Atlas: (These abilities are super strong it will definitely help me defeat people even beyond my physical capabilities and the system map is pretty much the same as a Minecraft compass map where you can see where you are and locations you have marked)

Atlas immediately left the forest carrying all the supplies to the boat he quickly prepared himself for his first night on this island

Atlas: ”X you can now close the status board ”

Name: Atlas Brown

Rank= F-


Strength=6+4=10/ F-

Speed=6+4=10/ F-

Endurance=8+2=10/ F-

Status point:0

Skill Point:0

System Points:40+50=90

Skill: Boxing lv14, Basic Swordsmanship(Kendo, iaido)lv20+4=24

Techniques: Water Breathing lv1+12+2+5= lv20

Abilities: Flawless lv1, Falling Camellia lv 1, Shinobis mind(MAX)

After closing the status board Atlas went to sleep using the captains bedroom that looked the cleanest because all the other shared rooms reeked blood.

The Next Day

Atlas: ”X is doing a task the only way to gain abilities ”

[No you can actually draw for ability or buy it]

Atlas: ”Cool so how much for a basic Sharingan ”

[Sharingan- 2000 system points]

Atlas: ”is that the three tomoe price??? ”


Atlas: ”Ok… I need system points, not berries ”

As he looked at the stack of berries which amounts to 200,000 + 5k + 30k= 235,000 berries in front of him

Atlas: ”So how much for a draw ”

[Low roll-1000 points Mid Roll- 10,000 points High Roll- 100,000]


Atlas: ”Yes ”

[One of the best ways of earning points is by giving me devil fruits for me to convert into points]

Atlas: ”What happens to devil fruit if I let you convert it to points ”

[The fruit will not be seen anywhere for 1 year]

Atlas: ”Wouldn that create problems ”

[It won create problems]

Atlas: ”ok then as soon as I leave this place I will rob pirates then use that money to buy a devil fruit then I would use that devil fruit to convert it to points ”

[What does the host mean by ”as soon as I leave ”]

Atlas: ”I plan to train my skills here for at least six months ”


Atlas: ”X this might seem like a joke question but can I buy a portable house with the solar panel using your shop ”

[Small portable house-300-90%off=30 points Low-quality Solar panel-10 points and all wire connections and furniture and electric device-500-90%off=50]

Atlas: ”Wow what with all the discount ”

[Systems sympathy towards the host]

Atlas: ”thanks ”

[System points:90-90=0]

And with that his 6-month training has started.

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