s: ”Perfect! Mr. sean I hope that you won mind me using this place to learn martial arts here right? ”

Sean: … ”Well, I don really mind because I won really sell this place because it means a lot to my father who told me that if he ever dies let someone use this dojo for free so I don really mind you using this place. ”

Atlas: ”Thank you, Mr. Sean ”

And as soon as Atlas says his thanks he immediately starts to reach within his Bag as he tries to give money worth 50000$ which immediately shocks sean

Sean: ”I can accept this. ”

Atlas: ”Why not? ”

Sean: ”This place is powered by solar panels on the roof so electricity is no problem and plus the equipment here are all used. ”

As he pointed at the dummy, Sandbag, and the almost destroyed iaito

*Iaito is a modern metal practice sword, without a cutting edge*

Atlas: Since you don want to take 50000$ How about 5000$ ”

Sean: ”I just can . ”

Atlas: ”Mom told me that I at least need to give money to the dojo owner whether its a free dojo or not so I would appreciate it if you accept at least 5000$ ”

Sean: ”Fine ”

*5 Years Later*

Atlas used the dojo to train some Iaido, Kenjutsu, judo, and boxing continuously for the last five years and quickly realized that he had talent on martial art because he quickly learned the techniques in the books during this five years Atlas actually joined some boxing and judo competition which helped in honing and improving his skills.

*Iaido-the ability to maintain a high state of awareness and quickly draw your sword in response to a threat

Kejutsu-Kenjutsu is an umbrella term for all schools of Japanese swordsmanship*

He tried to find some competition for Iaido or Kenjutsu but can find any locally so he just decided to practice on his own for the last five years.

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