There are two types of people in this world the ones who are destined with great success and the ones who are destined to have a bleak/dark/harsh kind of life.

Fortunately for Atlas, he was the combination of the first one as he is born within a well-off family which practically means that his future is set in stone but when he was young he had a gut feeling that when he grows up he will be someone that would go down in history and he also had a hunch that it is not about wealth.

And during his 10th birthday, he passed a dojo for martial arts, and with just a glance he experienced a strong gut feeling that with the help of this dojo he would somehow carve his name in history he was not sure why but he asked his parents if he can join the dojo and surprisingly he was given permission by his strict parents.

So the next day he immediately rushed towards the dojo after doing his normal summer routine of watching the new episodes of anime and grabbing the bag his mom prepared for him.

As soon as he went in he was greeted by a young man who introduced himself as ”Sean ”

Sean: ”Hey kid if you are here to join this dojo I strongly suggest that you should just turn around and leave ”

Atlas: ”Can I ask the reason why? ”

Sean: ”Listen kid the owner of the dojo is dead and with me being the son of the owner I naturally have been given the rights to this dojo and since I don do martial arts there is no one to teach you here so if you actually want to learn then go find a dojo with a martial artist with it to guide you ”

Atlas quickly surveyed the area and with just a few seconds of looking around he immediately locks on the books that were stored on the shelf

Atlas: ”Mr. sean? ”

Sean: ”Yes ”

Atlas: ”What are those books about? ”

Sean: ”Hmmm… Those are martial arts books. ”


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