While walking towards Davids office, everybody on their way was staring at Eva.

She was confused, is it because I fainted or is it something else?? ”Lara whats wrong with them? Why are they staring at me? Is there something on my face..? she asked.

Lara said, ”just don look at them, I think its because of the room you are staying in.. everybody here believes that you fainted because you
e possessed.. ”

Eva was shocked to hear that, hough its weird to believe, its a good reason, by the way, yah I have a reason to hide…its good she thought to herself.

In front of them, there was a door, even the fearless Eva was concerned to enter.

Lara stopped there and said, ”Ill wait for you here ”.

Eva covered her fear and said, ” ya ok its fine, you can get back to your room, Ill be back there soon ”. She was pretending to be strong in front of Lara but in her mind, there were a lot of doubts why did he call me !?? what will he do ??? As she knocked on the door, she heard a commanding voice coming from inside ”come in ”.

She opened the door and got in. David was sitting on his chair leaning back, closing his eyes, she said ”good evening sir ”,

He replied ” hmm ”,

she said ” sir, did you call me?? ”. ”how are you now?? ” he asked.

”I am fine sir, ” she said even though she was not at all fine standing there.

” Thats good then, explain yourself, what was wrong with you? why did you pass out when it was a critical time for the patient ? ” he asked furiously.

It was the question that Eva feared the most, she started thinking what to answer ?? what can I say .. sir, I am homophobic; what!!.. a doctor who fears blood..!! or sir I am possessed…what ??? her mind was roaming with these thoughts.

David shouted at her ”I don have all the night for your explanation. I need to check on my patients.. now will you answer or Ill have to figure it out myself? ”.

Eva trembled ” no sir ..yes sir… ” she was confused, ”actually I didn have my breakfast in the morning, so my sugar levels were low, I couldn help it …, sorry sir ” she replied hesitatingly.

” What kind of a doctor is this careless and weak, do you think it is easy to become a doctor, how could you help patients if you are this weak? is it some kind of joke?? ” he said annoyingly.

”sorry sir it won happen again ” she replied with her head down. ”Ya ..make sure it won happen again.. because youll be on my watch from now on. ” Eva was speechless, all she could do was nod her head.

”Now get lost, ” he said. When Eva was about to leave,

”wait, ” he said ” are you staying in room number 40 ”,

Eva was shocked by that question, ”yes sir, but why did you ask, is there anything specific I should know? ” she asked curiously.

”Nothing, you may leave now, ” he said.

Eva turned back and left the room. All her mind was full of questions why did David sir ask me about that room? did sir also believe in the rumors.?? what was that about??? thinking about that she walked straight to Laras room. Laras room was on the other side of the corridor, it was a shared room as she couldn afford to pay for a single room. When Eva entered the room, Lara and her roommates were already discussing something. They stopped talking instantly after seeing Eva because the hot topic there was Eva of course.

Lara rushed to her and dragged Eva to her bed and started asking ”what happened, why did sir call you, he didn scold you, did he?? tell me na ”.

All three of them surrounded her, waiting interestingly to hear what Eva will say.

”it was nothing, he just called me to ask whether I am fine.. thats it, ” she replied.

She was curious about what is so special about that room and about the girl who disappeared, so her curiosity made her ask ” hey guys, I am just curious about my room, and that girl who used to stay there, what do you know about, that girl who disappeared. what was her story, tell me na. I am curious..do you know anything about her… please tell me… I love mysteries .. please? ”.

All three of them started looking at each other.

One of them was their senior, she said ” actually I know a little, but I don know whether its true.. ”.

Evas curiosity was at its peak now ”please yaar tell me na ” she requested her.

That senior continued ”I heard, she was very good at studies, a brilliant doctor, and an excellent student as well, but because of her talent she was always the point of jealousy and was always bullied. There was a gang in her batch, who always create trouble for her. She was once locked up in the lab during her exams, they locked her just to make her fail her exams. But you know, she was David sirs favorite student, he gave her a chance to write the exam again.. ”,

Eva was very much interested in the story ”and then, who were those, do we know them ? are they here now? ” she asked.

”hmm I don know exactly what happened and who they were, but, you know Dr. Jenny and Dr. Kate, they are surgeons now, they were two of them. The other two, I heard they had some accidents last year, everyone says, it was that girl, or her ghost, who did that … ” everyone there was shivering out of fear but Eva was absorbed in the story.

” What happened on the day she disappeared? please tell me .. please ”Eva asked her.

”Even I don know if its true or not, but I heard it from her mates that, on that night Jenny and her gang called her out and locked her in the mortuary…it was horrible isn it? she used to stay in the room alone, so no one knows that she wasn there in her room.. it was their exams at that time, one of her friends went to her room at night for some notes but, she couldn find her anywhere…, she searched everywhere, she ran and called everyone out to ask if anyone saw her but, no one knows where she was…, Jenny and Kate came casually and were laughing, the caretaker there, said she would look into that, and as usual everyone returned to the rooms ”.

”Then …then what.. is she dead where did she go? ” Eva asked curiously,

”Well no one knows that no one saw her after that … the matter that she was locked in the mortuary was also a rumor among her classmates, no one exactly knows what happened, I thought it was true that something happened in the mortuary because no one was allowed to enter the mortuary after that, and they also closed the old one and built a new one outside the Hospital, ” she replied.

”Enough now guys… just go and sleep and let me sleep now..by the way, are you sure, youll sleep in your room tonight., Eva ”, she continued.

Eva stared at her confusingly, ”hmm ”.

That senior continued ”that .. nothing..Eva.!! I thought you will be feared…anyways if you can …. then just go and have a rest. ”

Evas mind was full of that story she stood up and started walking, and after taking a step or two, she stopped and turned around.

Everyone there thought that she feared going back to her room but,

”What was her name? ” Eva asked.

”ERA, Era Fernandez ” her senior answered.

Eva turned back and started walking again without any hesitation. no doubt I was interested in her share similar names Eva Fernandez – Era Fernandez, its just a letters difference she thought to herself. While going back to her room, she walked all along and reached the mortuary unknowingly. When she got back to her senses, she was already standing at the closed mortuary door.

She was curious to see inside, it was a glass door so she tried to see through it, but it was all dark as the lights were off.

”whos there …? someone shouted from the back, Eva was shocked to look back.

”Who are you? Why are you here? What are you doing here? ” said someone and came closer with a torch light in his hands.

Eva turned back to see who he was, ” watchman, is that you, oh thank god, my phone is off there were no lights I mistakenly came here, sorry to cause you trouble, ”she said.

”oh maam its ok ..this area is restricted, you can enter here,… please.. this way, let me send you back, which room is yours? the watchman asked her.

” uhh thats the last room, room no 40 ” she replied.

He was shocked at once, the torch light slipped from his hands. He picked it back up and said ” are you sure, is that room open now? ”.

”yes ” Eva replied ” why did you ask that? ”,

”Nothing… maam its nothing.. ” he said looking down as if he was hiding something.

Eva was observing his expressions, he was terrified.

”Here we are maam, thats your room, ” he said, showing towards her room, and immediately returned to his base.

Eva went inside the room and closed the door behind her. But the story her senior told, and the weird behavior of the watchman…. really made her think about Era all night…

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