Chapter - 6 - Siesta

[yes master. There are three continents in this world. The first continent – Seraph

The second continent – Epithus

The third continent – Dicaterus

The continent master lives on is the first continent dominated by Grantz Empire and Elfrieden kingdom who are enemies to each other .]replied the system.

(I see…So guess my country is enemies with some other big shot….) thought Schwartz.

[Its not like that master. Even if these two countries dominate the first continent,the difference between the empire and the kingdom is huge. The empire is lot stronger than the kingdom and has more influence in the world.]said the system.

(ohh…Guess thats good news.)said Schwartz.

[yes Master… you can think of it like that]said the system.

(well,now tell me more things about this world)said Schwartz which the system obeyed.

After talking for more than 2 hours Schwartz got sleepy and slept.





One month later…

In the imperial throne room …A man could be seen sitting in a throne with a baby in his hands and a beautiful woman next to him.

It was Sabastian and his wife, Sofia and the baby in question is none other than Schwartz.

(woah…this throne room is quite spacious…Im sure this room can hold more 1500 people…Well who am I kidding infront of me atleast a thousand of people,most probably high ranking nobles are kneeling.)said Schwartz.

Yes, there were atleast thousand of nobles were kneeling Infront of the imperial family but Schwartz was unfazed as even in his previous life he was an person or more like a special soldier with power and authority and saw thousands if not millions of people saluting him, this was nothing for him.

”This is my son, Schwartz Von Grantz the imperial prince of the our glorious empire and the next emperor of this empire! ” said Sabastian in a majestic yet a authority containing voice which resounded in the whole hall…

Hearing this the nobles who were already lowering there head lowered it even more and shouted in unison ” ”All hail the empire…All hail the imperial prince! ” ” seeing this Sabastian nodded his head and sat down in the throne and after that, a man in robs came and said ”All hail the empire! ”

” ”hail! ” ”the nobles and every other person other than the imperial family stood up and touched their chest with their right hand and shouted.

” ”hail!hail!hail! ” ”

seeing the scenario Infront of him Schwartz was amazed and surprised to see his dotting father to have such serious expression and majestic aura around him.





After that a banquet followed…

Everyone tried to meet the emperor and his family but only a few influential nobles were allowed among whom were the Solirifia Duke family which was one among the other 3 Duke families.

”Its an honour to be able to meet you again your majesties ”said the head of the family bowing his head along with his wife, who was holding a baby who looked like a new born just like Schwartz.

”Hahaha! There is no need to be so sincere here Rozzo. ” said Sabastian laughing and smiling at the man Infront of him.

(huhhhhhh?Why is father acting so friendly towards this man?) thought Schwartz surprised and even asked the system but the system said that he will know that soon.

”Yes, my husband is right. After all, we are all childhood friends! ”exclaimed Sofia giggling.

”Yes, my wife is right so don act so overly sincere my friend. ”said Sabastian.

(oh…I see so this the reason. They are childhood friends.)

”hahaha…You might say like that but I can talk to the emperor like that… ”said Rozzo.

”There you are again…With your overly sincere personality… ”said Sabastian bored.

”hahaha… ”laughed Rozzo driely.

(woah is he really the same emperor who was emitting such suppressive aura in the throne room…) thought Schwartz.

His father was talking with the head of Solirifia family and his mother was talking with the wife of the head happily.





After some talking, Rozzo said

”ahh!Yes I almost forgot the other reason why I am here. ”exclaimed Rozzo, with a completely familiar tone.

” By the way who is that cute little baby with your wife. ”said Sabastian.

(hey,hey…Are you ”just ” noticing now? How do you rule the whole nation.) thought Schwartz impressed by his fathers seriousness less.

”ahh…I was just getting into that. ”said Rozzo.

*cough* *cough*

after a few dramatic coughs Rozzo said…

”This is my daughter…Siesta Solirifia… ”

” ”ohhhhhh ” ”exclaimed both Sabastian and Sofia.

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