, he felt that his divine platform was clear and bright.
He vaguely saw the sword move direction that was clearer than usual.
He hurriedly said goodbye.

After he left, Mei Zhen'er walked into the quiet room with a smile and looked at the moon-white beads on her wrist.

“Elder Liu, are you all right?”

The bead string tinkled for a while, and a cloud of mist appeared, in which the white-haired old man gradually materialized.

The old voice full of compassion sounded.

“Naturally, there is no problem.
That person and your luck have become two sides of yin and yang.
One is retreating, and the other is growing.”

“Recently, the other party has a close person.
He will fail to comprehend the Dao.
The loss of luck will transfer to you, which will assist in a breakthrough in the enlightenment of a disciple of the Huoling Peak around you.”

“Just wait.”

Mei Zhen'er raised a corner of her pink lips.

She is born with luck and will spontaneously take the luck of the people around her.

Until she met Elder Liu and changed her luck anchor point to someone outside the Tiansheng Sect, that person's eight characters and spiritual roots were compatible with her, and finally, she no longer let this sect suffer.
She was able to use that person's luck and talent and benefit the people around her.


The loss of luck is indeed pitiful.

But this is God's will.
What can she do?

If she meets her in the future, she will compensate her.

“Thank you, Elder Liu.” Mei Zhen'er smiled and crossed her knees.

After entering meditation, there was an endless stream of silk threads on her body, pulling a red and purple aura from a distance into her body.

The next day, there was a clear sky above Zhiqiong Peak.

Su Yu woke up but sneezed inexplicably.

“Huh? Who's thinking of me?”

After a simple wash, she made sure she didn't catch a cold before she went to the kitchen with a radiant face.

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Many junior brothers and sisters saw her along the way, but they all dodged her in advance and left quickly.

Su Yu didn't say hello to them either.
Now all she was thinking about was kitchen skills and nurturing assistants.
She doesn't have time to manage these little guys.

“I will leave you guys alone for now.”

Su Yu walked into the kitchen with a smile.

She couldn't wait to experience what kind of luxurious ingredients a Grade 1 monster would become.

When she entered the kitchen, she immediately attacked the first-rank Garuda that she had been thinking about all night.

But for a moment, her expression looks weird.

She chopped a knife with a bang.

But the kitchen knife in her hand shook.


Grade 1 monsters are definitely not something that ordinary kitchen knives can chop.

With a little force, her fifth level of Qi refining wrist was numb from the shock.
After a long time, only a piece of tender meat on the golden wing was cut off, but not even a trace was left on the wing bone.

Su Yu frowned immediately.

“Fourth Junior Brother, where are you? Bring me your Third Senior Brother's sword.”

Lu Yizhou was studying how Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix could improve himself.
But as soon as he received the message from his jade slip, he immediately stood up.

Could it be that his second senior sister is making spirit bird powder for him?

“So fast!”

It was so early in the morning.

Lu Yizhou rushed out of his courtyard with the guqin in his arms.
He ran all the way and did not even have a single shred of his calm boy image left.

When he got to the door of the small kitchen, he paused.

“Second Senior Sister, what do you want Third Senior Brother's sword for?”

“Naturally to chop bones.”

'The copper sword that Third Senior Brother holds in his hands day and night like a Taoist companion?'

Lu Yizhou looked at the stove where Su Yu was busy.

The left wing of the first-grade Garuda was neatly placed on the brown wooden cutting board.

“Second Senior Sister, your water-breaking sword…”

Su Yu was cooking the spirit cormorant, but she raised her eyebrows when she heard his words, “Who would chop meat with a sword? Don't take advantage of me.”


'Then third senior brother's sword…?'

Lu Yizhou was confused.

Su Yu turned her head, “Don't be long-winded.
Isn't he going to sell it?”

It also seemed to make sense.

Lu Yizhou was completely persuaded.
He carefully took the copper knife out of his storage bag and handed it to her respectfully.

If he turned around and told his third senior brother, his third senior brother should not object, right?

He was too pedantic.

“Second Senior Sister, please use it.”

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Su Yu hummed with satisfaction, “Put it aside.
I'll use it later.”

After saying that, she closed her eyes and stroked the spirit cormorant in her hands.

After about three breaths, Lu Yizhou saw her open her eyes and put her thumb into the knife's handle, and place the edge on the spirit cormorant's neck.

Her fingers are white and slender like green onions.
They were dexterous and meticulous.
She was not in a hurry but calmly took out piece after piece of the whole bones from the spirit cormorant.

Lu Yizhou widened his eyes.

This is the second time he has seen Second Senior Sister cook, no, making elixir.

Unexpectedly, this time she was even more proficient.
The spirit cormorant in her hands seemed to have no hidden corners.

All bones, big or small, were removed one by one.
However, the outer skin was still intact and flawless.

He couldn't help thinking of Master Li's words.

The ultimate of all things is the Dao.

Lu Yizhou seemed to understand vaguely.

And after Su Yu dealt with this spirit cormorant, she washed it with a water spell.
Then she wiped her hands and turned to deal with the first-grade Garuda that made her head hurt.

Wei Zhao's sword didn't fit her hand very well, but it was much harder than a kitchen knife.
It was easier to use than the sword in her spatial storage bag.

After getting familiar with it for a while, she started to slice the meat of the golden wings.
She sliced ​​all the purple-red wing meat cleanly, without any residue on the pale golden wing bones.

After doing this, she threw the chopped wing bones into the pot.

Her expression was both excited and solemn.

Even she didn't dare to get distracted when cooking this big dish.
If there is a slight difference, it will leave a big impact.

“Okay, you go back to work.”

Su Yu waved her knife to chase Lu Yizhou away.

As it approached noon, Lu Yizhou, who was kicked out of the kitchen, continued to comprehend Hundred of Birds Facing the Phoenix.

But he doesn't know why.
Once he adjusts his breath and thinks about it, he always feels that his sea of ​​​​knowledge is chaotic.
There is a gray fog lingering in his mind, and it makes him uneasy.
If he continues to comprehend will obviously result in a failure and make him go crazy.

“What's the matter? I haven't felt this uneasy in the past two days.”

Lu Yizhou's face was heavy.

Is his aptitude really that bad? Comprehending the third level of Phoenix Qin art was already so hard.
There was a sense of unease that his sea of ​​​​knowledge would be broken.

He couldn't help remembering what his second senior sister said yesterday.

“Senior Sister said don't hold my expectations on the Grade 1 Garuda.”


“Most likely, it won't work this time.”

He also knew that he bought the lowest grade because there were not enough spirit stones.
Probably most alchemists would dislike it.

All these signs are ominous.
It seems that his fate is destined.
He should have given up quickly and don't continue to comprehend.+

Lu Yizhou was suddenly confused and couldn't even concentrate on adjusting his breath.

He stroked the qin randomly and looked anxiously in the direction of the kitchen from a distance, but suddenly, he saw a cloud of purple-red mist rising from the kitchen and circling the sky.

Faintly, there seemed to be a screeching cry, calling him sharply.

The disturbing gray fog in his sea of ​​​​knowledge was instantly shaky and shattered.

Lu Yizhou:

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