Chapter 6: Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix

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Back in her room, Su Yu propped her forehead, looked inside her dantian, and fell into thought.

“I don't know why this cauldron can extract spiritual essence.”

Is it her transmigration welfare?

“The ultimate goal of all things is the Dao.”

In the qin room, Li Ruchang said while sitting cross-legged.

“Anything that pursues the ultimate form will exert its great power.”

“The third form of Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix was created by a Nascent Soul period elder of this sect who spent more than ten years in the deep mountains.
It was finally created after thousands of birds chirping.”

“Between the heavens and the earth, all things have spirits.
These are all Dao.
Comprehending the Dao is to comprehend the thousands of ways of all things in this world.”

When Li Ruchang said this, his eyes swept across the room.

He saw that various disciples plucked the strings of their qin, and their spiritual sense turned into immature birds.
Although they were not powerful, he nodded in relief.

“If you realize the ultimate form of Hundred of Birds Facing the Phoenix, when cultivators below the golden core period hear, their sea of ​​consciousness will be turbulent.
They will not be able to cast any magic.
Even if a swordsman is standing opposite you, no matter how fast his sword is, it's not as fast as your music.”

He said this while looking at the empty seat in the last row.

Just as he was thinking of changing a set of qin art for this disciple who couldn't understand this music, he heard a sudden clanging of the qin from outside.

The volume is high, and the tempo is urgent.

Like a hundred birds flying up, breaking through the sky.

Li Ruchang's expression froze.

In the qin room, the disciples who had just managed to activate their spiritual consciousness turned their heads.
Dozens of spectral images of immature birds were shocked in an instant.

Several lifelike and full-winged birds swirled and rushed into the room, screaming loudly.

In front of them, the disciples' immature birds are like paper, broken when they are touched, and they disappeared without a trace!


The disciples playing their qin turned pale suddenly and covered their chests in pain.
It was obvious that their sea of ​​​​consciousness was shaken.

This is the backlash of their qin art being suppressed by higher-ranking people.

Uncle Master Li hurriedly waved his hand and threw out his fourth-grade magic weapon, a flowing cloud bronze bell, shrouding the disciples who were not at the golden core stage.

At the same time, his divine consciousness was released, saying, “The little friends outside, please go to the Nine Sounds Pagoda to practice.”

This person playing Hundred of Birds Facing the Phoenix already reached 30% of the ultimate power, but they unexpectedly attacked disciples of the foundation-building stage at will.


Uncle Li was about to punish the stranger, but as soon as his consciousness was released, he was stunned.

Lu Yizhou outside was also disturbed and immediately woke up from his meditation.

He was also frightened himself.

When he opened my eyes, I saw a large amount of spectral spiritual chicken.

At this awakening, he automatically stopped his qin, and the vivid chicken in front of him dissipated on the spot.

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“Lu Yizhou, are you playing outside?!”

“Uncle Master Li, this is the Hundred of Birds Facing the Phoenix?”

Uncle Master Li and Lu Yizhou looked at each other across the qin room.

The remaining disciples, who were still in pain, widened their eyes.

How could he comprehend this song faster than us?”

“He's not even as good as me on the second form!”

“He didn't come to class yesterday and learned this song a day later than us!”


Not only did the disciples suffer from the shock of the sea of ​​consciousness, but at this moment, their chests were suffocating like they had been hit by a thousand arrows.

“You didn't know the meaning of the song yet.
Why did you suddenly have an epiphany?” Li Ruchang was puzzled and looked at this disciple with the unusual condition.

Lu Yizhou also questioned this himself.

But in his mind, he remembered the slender figure of his second senior sister under this morning's sunlight and the jade bottle of powder with golden light and full of salty chicken flavor.

How can he explain this?

“Forget it.
Every cultivation has its own destiny.
You don't need to tell others about your tricks.”

Li Ruchang waved his hand, indicating that he should not be embarrassed.

“I also saw the birds that you transformed by the sound of your qin just now.
They all look like chickens.
I was curious for a while.”

Lu Yizhou blushed instantly.

Indeed, what he had just understood was just chicken.

“Remember, the so-called “hundreds of birds” are not just chickens.
This qin art, Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix, will allow you to break through to the Great Perfection.
Go, you don't have to come to class for three days.
You can do it.
Check it out on your own.
Once this qin art enters the realm of cultivating, you can also break through to the peak of the foundation building period.”

A group of disciples: …

Lu Yizhou: “!”

Lu Yizhou recalled what Uncle Master Li said and felt groggy all the way.
He didn't even know how he got back to Zhiqiong Peak.

So, should he ask his second senior sister to make other bird powder…
Should he try other bird essences?

Lu Yizhou has been practicing his qin for several years, but he never knew that he could still practice like this.

'Does Big Brother know about this?'

He was tangled.
Senior brother never relied on medicinal pills to cultivate, nor did he advocate them to rely on medicinal pills to break through the shackles of their cultivation.

But now, he urgently needs to improve his strength!

“Second Senior Sister!”

When Lu Yizhou returned to the peak, he could not hide his confusion.
He went straight to the three-entry courtyard that no one wanted to step into.

He stopped in a hurry when he arrived outside this quiet and peaceful courtyard.

In the past, Second Senior Sister hated being disturbed by others.


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She always likes to be in her room.
If nothing is important, whoever dares to break in will be taught a lesson.

After a long time, others were reluctant to approach this place.

Lu Yizhou has only been here a few times in the past few years.
Standing outside the courtyard at this moment, he is a little worried and does not dare to shout anymore.

But soon, the courtyard door was opened with a creak.
Su Yu, in a yellow dress, leisurely walked out of her room with an empty porcelain bowl.

Her brows and eyes stretched out on her gleaming white goose egg face.
There was no depression on her face like it was in the past.

A pair of eyes looked over at him, sparkling as if they contained stars.

“Why did you come back so early?”

Su Yu held the porcelain bowl and looked at this “inner demon boy.”

“Bullied by your classmates?”

She has to rely on him for her long-term career.

Lu Yizhou immediately blushed, “No.”

He faintly felt that there was another strange plucking of the strings in his chest.

Before, his big brother never asked him about this.

His eldest brother considered any hardship in cultivation as natural, so he never asked about his classmates.

“My teacher asked me to come back and practice the qin by myself.”


Su Yu felt bad when she heard it.
Isn't this the sign of a child being persuaded to quit?

“Why? Were you unable to keep up with the progress of your study? Or were you disrupting the study of other disciples?”


Lu Yizhou felt guilty.
Because he was in meditation and he had lost control for a while.
He subconsciously played Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix, which seemed to affect his classmates.

But that's because they lost their own focus.
What does it have to do with him, an honest disciple who obeyed his teacher's teaching and practiced the Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix?

Lu Yizhou's face was hot, and he refused to admit his fault.

“Actually, Uncle Master Li felt that I was progressing too fast, so he asked me to go back.
Since I have time, I think I will report to Second Sister on the effect of your innovative work…”

Su Yu understood halfway through his words and immediately reached out to stop him.

She had enough of that semi-finished product.

“I've tried spirit chicken powder myself, so I know the effect.
Thanks for your hard work.”

Lu Yizhou suddenly realized.

The second sister really knew it.

In the entire Zhiqiong Peak, he is currently the only one who cultivates the sound attack.
Could it be that it was made for him in the first place?

It turned out that the elixir that made him have an epiphany was called spirit chicken powder.

“If there is nothing else, there is leftover chicken soup in the kitchen.
The pot is very hot.
You can get it yourself.” Su Yu gave him the empty chicken soup bowl as well.
“By the way, put this back for me.”

“Let's urge your third senior brother again to try the taste of the six bottles of jade white powder.
Ask him to hurry up.
It's a big deal…”

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Lu Yizhou took the bowl and nodded subconsciously.


In the morning, he still didn't quite approve of Second Senior Sister's extravagant behavior of eating six bowls of jade white powder at a time.

But now, he has clearly realized her intentions.

Her refining things are indeed no trivial matter!

“Second Senior Sister, do you have any remaining spirit chicken powder?” Lu Yizhou felt itchy when he thought about it, and then he thought of Uncle Master Li's words, “Or, or, do you have other spirit bird powder?”

Su Yu paused, somewhat feeling incredulous.

“Do you still want those failed products?”

Lu Yizhou's consciousness shook.

“Failed product?” Is it a failure to make him reach 30% of the qin art in one breath?

“Then, if it's a success…” 'What would it look like.'

Lu Yizhou was unable to ask the follow-up words.

Could it be that a single sip will take him to the realm of perfection?

He was very shocked.

But Su Yu stopped and patted her forehead.

“You reminded me too.
I'm tired of eating too much chicken.
You can search for other spiritual materials for me if you have time.”

She has arrived at an Immortal Cultivation world.
She has to let go and be courageous.

'What chicken!'

In this world of immortality, there are also evil phoenixes that are polluted by evil spirits and have lost their wisdom.

“If you have the ability to get a phoenix, Second Senior Sister will cook it for you too.”

Lu Yizhou took a step back.

Phoenix Cry to the Ninth Heaven is the last layer of the Phoenix Qin Art, the tenth form.

Once he learns this, he can interfere with Nascent Soul masters!

Lu Yizhou knew that his qualifications were not enough, and he never dared to have any delusion.

But now, as if he saw his second senior sister, who is standing with her hands folded in front of him, punching a fog in front of him that was covering his way to the top!

“Do you know what you're talking about?”

Wei Zhao was lying on the bed, helplessly looking at his fourth junior brother, who had always been docile but not very shrewd.

“I've only heard of pure fire spirit root alchemists with excellent talent who can refine medicinal pills that bring people into a state of meditation.
Occasionally they can comprehend their own fire spirit power and refine them into medicinal pills to form a unique fire to help people to understand a little fire spirit technique.”

Wei Zhao almost laughed at his fourth junior brother.

“But it is only one in ten thousand.
It is as difficult as the sky to achieve this form, even for an alchemist with pure fire spirit root.
How many can such medicinal pills there be in the world? This kind of fire spirit pill has a market but no price.
I haven't seen it with my own eyes.”

Although he didn't say it, he was grateful to Su Yu.

He has decided to give her his spiritual stone monthly allowance given by the sect in the future as payment for her refining the jade white powder for him.
He knows that these are far from enough.
If he can regain his strength one day, he will pay her double.

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But it's one thing.
That doesn't mean he can watch his fourth junior brother blindly believes in her.

“The spirit chicken powder you mentioned, that makes people comprehend a song, is unheard of.”

Lu Yizhou was anxious, “Third Senior Brother, it's true.
After I took it, I had an epiphany immediately.”

Wei Zhao shook his head, “Have you ever thought about it? Maybe it is the accumulation of your daily comprehension? Your classmates of the same sect were bullying you, and you feel uneasy.
It happened that you took spiritual powder at that time.
You ingested spiritual energy, and your sea of ​​consciousness shook.
The cultivation potential that you never had before exploded.”

Lu Yizhou opened his mouth.

'Is that so?'

Wei Zhao was helpless.

His junior brother is so simple.
What should he do?

“Then, as you said, you can buy some other poultry.
her to refine it and sees if it still works.” Wei Zhao said as if he was tired, “Eldest brother said that cultivation lies in oneself, and no one can help anyone else.
Did you forget?”

Lu Yizhou blushed, “What Third Senior Brother said is right.”

“Well, let's go.
You continue to practice your qin.
Don't slack off.”

Lu Yizhou nodded.
But when he was about to turn around and stop, he looked seriously at Wei Zhao, lying on the bed.

“Second Senior Brother, have you tried all the six bowls of jade white powder? You should complete Second Senior Sister's major event as soon as possible.
Don't delay.”

Wei Zhao: “?”

'What major event?'

After he talked to him for a long time, he still believed that she could refine the Spirit Gathering Pill at the fifth level of Qi refining?!

When Lu Yizhou walked out of the room, he remembered his third senior brother's words—buy a spirit bird for his second senior sister to refine.

He went straight to the sect exchange office.

He bought four low-priced spirit cormorants, water-pulling pigeons, etc…
these are ordinary spiritual birds that ordinary monks don't want and only use for cooking.
He spent about 120 spirit stones in distress.

When he was about to leave, he suddenly remembered his second senior sister's ghostly words, 'If you can find the phoenix…'

Lu Yizhou gritted his teeth and walked to the expensive spirit beast exchange office that he had never been to.

These monsters are usually only used for alchemy.

A first-grade Garuda.
A whole one is 2000 spirit stones.

Lu Yizhou looked distressed.

“Uncle, can I get one-eighth…
no, one-fourth!”


Su Yu was in her room, about to go out for a walk to see the kitchen under her jurisdiction—no, the small kitchen of Zhiqiong Peak.

Soon there was a slightly shy, tangled, but very respectful knock on the door.

“Second Senior Sister, I have bought other spirit poultry meat.”

Su Yu was stunned.

'This boy has a future.'

'He bought things fast!'

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