Chapter 5: Immortal World's Chicken Soup

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 It was already autumn, and the morning breeze was breezy and a little cold.

Fortunately, Su Yu is now a serious fifth-level Qi Refiner.
She no longer has to rush into the kitchen in autumn and winter to turn on the heating and wait for her hands to warm before she can start processing ingredients.

She likes these kinds of conveniences of this immortal world.

Although Zhiqiong Peak is backward and has many problems, the advantage lies in freedom.

In another place, she would be a rookie of level 5 of the Qi Refining period, which means the bottom of the food chain.
She must obey the orders of others.

But now, as soon as that handsome senior brother left, she was the first person on Zhiqiong Peak.

She has been in charge of the kitchen for many years and has long been used to looking at the big picture.

So despite the bad conditions, Su Yu still felt that Zhiqiong Peak was good.

After all, she has nothing, so she will create things.

One day, she will be able to cultivate a qualified deputy and live long and prosper.

This day, she has a hunch.
That day will not be too far away.

Lu Yizhou's thin and overwhelmed appearance appeared in Su Yu's mind, and she couldn't help holding her forehead.

She must make up for his body first.
Otherwise, how can he shoulder her great cause?

She couldn't help but look down at the spirit rooster with brownish-yellow fur and a little red forehead that she held in her hand.

It has a pair of dark eyes that are agile, like the rays of the sun.
However, it was restrained, and its spirit was not as strong as it was.

Su Yu is grasping the root of its wing.
The skeleton is strong, and the muscle is clearly powerful.

She looked at the back of this chicken.
Its coat is shiny and fluffy, and its body is plump.

That's why she caught sight of this spirit chicken.

It is said that these chickens absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and eat the spiritual valley grass to grow up.
The quality seems more than three or four times better than the broiler chickens she used to cook with, which were fed grains and a concentrated mix made by scientific research.

So Su Yu caught the chicken with excited eyes.

The chicken bones are boiled to make broth.
The chicken breasts are dense and slightly chewy, so they have to be torn into shreds by hand.
Combined with spiritual rice, she can make cold noodles with shredded chicken.

Su Yu was confident.
She smiled and closed her eyes while stroking the back of the spirit chicken in her hand inch by inch.

The timing of plucking its feather should be neither too early nor too late.

If it is too early, the muscles will cramp, and the skin will be tight.
It will be difficult to remove the feathers.
If it is too late, the chicken body will already be stiff.
The pores will be tightly closed, and the epidermis will be easily damaged when the feathers are shed.

She rubbed the skin with her finger slowly until she felt the texture was soft and moderate under her finger.
Then, she opened her eyes and began to move smoothly and rhythmically.

Master Su will always focus on the details.

'This is art.'

Su Yu narrowed her eyes comfortably.

But in an instant, when she carefully removed the chicken bones one by one and threw them into the iron pot lit by spiritual fire, she felt that the five-element cauldron in her dantian was boiling hot.

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Faintly, there was a long and clear sound in her ears, lingering in the clouds and mist.
She seemed to see a bird with full wings and a radiant body, humming and spreading its wings…

Her face changed, and she looked at the soup pot on the stove.

Although she had been prepared for a long time, is it possible that she made the Immortal World version of chicken soup this time?

At the Baoqin Peak of Nanxun academy.

At this moment, the bell rang three times.
More than a dozen disciples holding their qin descended and entered the Qin Pavilion.

Baoqin Peak is a second-class peak.
Therefore, just like other second-class peaks, it shouldered the responsibility of teaching Dao and cultivating disciples.
All cultivators in the Nascent Soul period must teach a class every year for all disciples.

For example, the qin lessons by Li Ruchang, the Master of Baoqin Peak, are held for seven consecutive days every ten days.
All disciples of second and third peaks can join the class.

Lu Yizhou was in a hurry and finally caught up with the class.

“Hey, Junior Brother Lu, don't you have to take care of your Senior Brother today?”

“Yesterday, Uncle Master Li said that he would give you three days off.
Why do you come now? Don't you have to go back halfway through class?”

Lu Yizhou was about to answer, but he saw pity from his classmates and fellow disciples.

“Hey, don't talk about it.
If Junior Brother Lu doesn't come, then wouldn't it be like listening to a book from heaven when he comes back?”

“I'm sorry, I almost forgot.
If it wasn't for all third-class peak disciples having to attend a class, with Brother Lu's talent, I am afraid that he would not be able to step into the qin room.
He is not the material for qin art at all.”

Lu Yizhou's delicate face flashed a trace of struggle, but he did not say a word.
He silently walked to the last row of floor pillows in this quiet room.
He sat down and put his qin on his knees.

A young disciple with a majestic green robe walked up to him with his chin raised.

“Junior Brother Lu, yesterday Master Li taught the song .”

Before he finished speaking, he couldn't help but turn his head and sneer.

“It took you three months to master the second form of this basic-level piano technique.
Now, the third form is too difficult for you, and you may not be able to comprehend even one-tenth of it.
If you ask me, you might as well go back to take care of your senior brother today and come back next year.”

“Yes, I don't think junior brother Lu is suitable for these attacking techniques at all.
Just learn those techniques to help people recover from injuries.

Lu Yizhou's expression turned ugly.

His talent is not good.
He is in the middle stage of foundation building but ranked low in the qin class.

Because of his inner demons when he was young, it was especially difficult for him to comprehend the attacking qin techniques.

“Brother Liu, you are wrong.
Don't you know the current situation of Zhiqiong Peak?”

Another white-robed disciple wore a jade pendant on his waist and approached with a chuckle.

“The Thirty-Six Peaks Competition is about to start.
Now in Zhiqiong Peak, our brother Lu has the highest cultivation base.
Hey, if he didn't come to class and he doesn't understand this attacking qin method.
When the disciples are competing, isn't Zhiqiong Peak will be unable to keep their third-class peak?”

“Senior Brother Lin Zhen said it! If a swordsman has no sword, the entire army will get wiped out.

“That means we won't see anyone from Zhiqiong Peak coming to our class next year, right?”

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Lu Yizhou's hand tightly clasped the head of his qin, and blue veins appeared on his hand.

The Thirty-Six peaks Competition will determine the annual peak ranking of the sect.

The treatment of each peak is very different from class to class.

Not only can the disciples of a third-level peak listen to the elders' lessons from a second-level peak at will, but their core disciple also has a subsidy of 100 more spirit stones per month.
If they lose this big competition, they will be removed from the third-rank peak.
All his junior brothers and sisters will be affected.

However, their peak never has a large number of disciples with high cultivation levels.
In the past, it was the Eldest Senior Brother who led them.
They relied on his broad sword and Third Senior Brother's red copper swords to be a third-level peak.

But this year…

Lu Yizhou has been very worried these days.

In the short term, he will not be able to advance to a late stage of the Foundation Building period.
To improve his strength, he can only improve his qin technique or spiritual tools.

At this moment, Third Senior Brother's red copper sword lies in his storage bag.
His third senior brother asked him to sell to get a third-grade crested qin to improve himself.

But if he can't even comprehend the qin art of attack, what's the use of changing his qin?!

Lu Yizhou only felt the burden on his shoulders was heavy, and the laughter in his ears made his qin sound stagnant.

“I'm about to start the lesson.
Why are you still walking around?”

Li Ruchang walked into the qin room, displeasedly looking at his sarcastic disciples.

“Silence! I'll show you the Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix again.
Pay attention.”

He glanced at Lu Yizhou in the corner.

Lu Yizhou immediately raised his head.

It is said that once mastering this third-layer sound technique and practicing to the point of spectral birds transforming visually, it would be equivalent to attaining the full power of a swordsman in the late stage of foundation building!

He stared at Li Yizhou's hand intently.

However, for musical cultivators, it seems that the sound came from plucking the strings, but it is really the consciousness that drives the strings.
This cannot be understood just by looking.

The more anxious his state of mind, the less he can touch the threshold of the art.

Halfway through, Lu Yizhou turned pale and looked at the guqin on his lap.

No matter what he tried, he couldn't mobilize his fingers to achieve the full effect of Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix, which is to cause his sea of ​​consciousness to attack the nearby three feet.


All around him are sarcasm or sympathy from his classmates, intentionally or unintentionally.

Li Ruchang swept his eyes and sighed secretly.

This kid has a pure and honest heart.

But unfortunately, his musical talent is always a little lower than his other students.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to ask him to review the second form first, he heard a flying sword lightly clasping the window from outside.

Li Ruchang raised his eyebrows.

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In the blink of an eye, this flying sword flew into Lu Yizhou's arms with a letter.

'Something is urgent in the Zhiqiong Peak?'

When he saw his disciple's face changed drastically, Li Ruchang shook his head and sighed.

“You go out first.”

[Fourth Junior Brother, Senior Sister has developed another innovative work.]

[Your Third Senior Brother's meridians are damaged, so he could only try the jade white powder.
This new work is up to you to try.
Please try it for your senior sister.
This is a major event for me.
If you have time during the lunch break, eat it as soon as possible and write your review on the jade slip provided.]

Su Yu's line of scribbled fine prints caught Lu Yizhou's eyes.

Second senior sister developed a new elixir so quickly?

He was shocked and dumbfounded.

She was really in a hurry to let them test her elixir.

But Lu Yizhou didn't have any dissatisfaction after reading the letter.

Although she interrupted his qin lessons, this letter also dispelled a thick fog of sadness that he had when he couldn't learn the qin technique.

Lu Yizhou's face was slightly gloomy.
He immediately took off the jade bottle hanging from the cheap flying sword.

He stood outside the qin room and didn't want to go in again.
He didn't want to see his classmates or face his own stupidity.
He might as well just try this elixir out for his second senior sister.

'There shouldn't be any bad side-effect, right?'

Lu Yizhou held the jade bottle that was repurposed packaging of Bigu Pills, and felt a little nervous.

Under the protection of his senior brother, he never needed to be the best in Zhiqiong Peak.
Even when his grades are the first of the bottom, his senior brother always has a calm expression, saying that there is destiny between heaven and earth.
He just has to go his own way and just let it go.

But now, everyone has to rely on him!

He has to become stronger!

Lu Yizhou looked at the jade bottle, and there was a hint of grit between his teeth.

Could it really be the Spirit Gathering Powder that Second Senior Sister mentioned in the morning that can speed up his training speed?

Although it is only three months away from the big competition, and even if he takes it, he may not be able to advance to the late stage of foundation building.
But it would be good if he could improve by a small realm.
Who asks him to be stupid and unable to understand the high-level attacking techniques.

Lu Yizhou's expectations rose.
He carefully pulled out the cork of the jade bottle in fear of disappointment.

An unusually mellow chicken soup fragrance spread in an instant, mixed with a clear aura.
It poured into his nose domineeringly.

A layer of golden light appeared inside the jade bottle.

'This is not a Spirit Gathering Powder.'

'Spirit Gathering Powder is colorless and odorless.'

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Lu Yizhou smiled bitterly.

What was he thinking about? He is incompetent, and he still expects his second senior sister, who is only in the fifth level of Qi Refining, to refine some Spirit Gathering Powder for him to improve his cultivation forcibly?

He is really unreliable.

He immediately sorted out his disappointment.
He poured one-third of the powder, activated a water spirit spell with his fingertips, and melted it into a ball of golden and shiny juice.
In addition to being amazed at the color, he inhaled it into his mouth.

How to take this elixir, and how much is each dose?

Is one portion enough? How long until he can take the next one?

His second sister didn't tell him anything.

Lu Yizhou was worried, but his left hand stopped in the air before he put down the jade bottle.

The oily soup hit his teeth, instantly surging on the tip of his tongue.
The aroma overflowed in his mouth immediately, and his whole mouth was full of rich and umami taste.
It was thick but smooth.

He hurriedly closed his lips for fear that this mountain-like delicacy would be lost.
But even so, this smooth and fresh liquid quickly rolled into his throat, making him suck his lower lip and savor the fresh aftertaste.
It is pure and sweet after the faint salty aroma.
His mouth felt like it was full of stamina.

When he was still in the mood and hesitated whether to take another sip, he suddenly heard a high-pitched and long voice resounding in his sea of ​​consciousness.

Weak spiritual energy poured into his sea of ​​consciousness along with the lingering fragrance of his lips and teeth and turned into a figure of a spiritual bird.
It spreads its plump wings.
Its feathers are brown with yellow in the middle!


A lively and powerful rooster turns around a thousand times and endlessly circles him!

The jade bottle in Lu Yizhou's hand almost shattered.

Soon his face became solemn, and he sat cross-legged in place.

He understands!

In the small kitchen of Zhiqiong Peak.

Su Yu is holding the slightly hot clear chicken soup and blowing gently.

While frowning, she looked at the bowl of pale gold powder on the stove and commented, “After brewing the powder with water, the taste is similar to chicken soup.
The first taste is smooth, salty, and fresh, and the aftertaste is sweet and moist.
It enters the body and turns into a small amount of spiritual power, but it is not as pure as a jade white powder.”

“There are even side effects…”

Su Yu's expression was hard to describe.

'It's noisy!'

This immortal version of chicken soup can sing! And it is a little tone deaf!

Master Su does not want to try it again.

She left this 'failed product' in the kitchen with disgust.
She turned around and returned to her room, not expecting any feedback from a second person other than herself.

T/N: As you can see, flying swords are this novel's version of owls in Harry Potter.

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