training speed has increased by four or five times?”


“Yes, I finally know what it's like to be gifted!”

Everyone babbled.

Hang Wan'er immediately turned her fair face towards the direction of the small kitchen in the backyard with admiration.
In her mind, Su Yu stood with her hands behind her back and was dressed in a ginger-yellow dress.
She was very dazzling.

“If you take some Spirit Gathering powder, the training speed of someone in the Foundation Building stage will increase by about 20%.
It will increase by about 40% in the Qi refining stage.” Hang Wan'er has been taking some Spirit Gathering powder for three days, so she has a deep understanding.


Spirit gathering powder can only increase cultivation speed by 40%? That bowl of golden soup just now made them at least five times better!

The whole bamboo forest was silent.

This soup is really not the same thing as the spirit gathering powder.
It is much stronger than that!

Yan Yan also put down the empty bowl in his hand, “Did she say the name of this elixir powder?”

Hang Wan'er's red lips parted slightly, “…It seems to be called Eight Treasure Mushroom…

'Eight Treasure Mushroom Soup powder!'

All the younger brothers and sisters looked fascinated.
Just hearing the name, it is really like a spirit gathering powder.

But soon, a disciple with a good memory said, “Senior Seventh Sister, I remember you just said that Second Senior Sister made this soup.
Do you mean, Second Senior Sister melted the powder in the water herself?”


Hang Wan'er took a deep breath, “No.”

“Listen, what I'm about to say is amazing, but every word is true.”

All the juniors and sisters: “?”

Hang Wan'er looked at the small kitchen reverently, “She made it.
Our second senior sister refined this Eight Treasure Mushroom soup elixir.”



A group of people gasped, took their bowls, and stepped back.

Although their time at the peak is not as long as the core disciples of Zhiqiong Peak, they all know the situation of their Second Senior Sister.

'How could she do alchemy?'

'Isn't she a sword cultivator? Didn't her spiritual roots mutate into five, and she became a cultivator with low aptitude!'

'Why did he suddenly concoct pills, and how did she even make an elixir that is even better than the sect's Spirit Gathering powder!'

“What Seventh Senior Sister said is really scary.”

“Brother Sixteen, am I dreaming? You pinch me?”

“Don't make trouble.
I'm in a dream too.”

Hang Wan'er: “…”

She sternly said, “Second Senior Sister is working hard for us now.
Don't chill her heart anymore.
Cultivate well in the future, and treat her with more respect.”

Yan Yan stood aside and was expressionless, but there was a bit of moving approval in his cat's eyes.

Her words made all the brothers and sisters recover after a long time.

Their thoughts were disordered, but the deliciousness of the mushroom soup remained between their lips and teeth.

They exercised the spiritual energy in their body quickly, just like stepping on the clouds with one foot.

They thought their Eldest Brother was missing, and they were all humble disciples with no one to protect them.

Their third-rank peaks exist in name only.

Unexpectedly, their Second Senior Sister actually refined such an elixir for them to take.

Isn't this better than the treatment of first and second-class disciples?

Everyone was moved.

I shouldn't have been talking about Senior Sister behind her back.”

“Seventh Senior Sister, I was wrong.”

“Senior Sister is right.
I'll go to Yuqiong Peak and refine this Eight Treasure Mushroom soup elixir!”

“Yes, so am I.
I'll step up to Yuqiong Peak to listen to the qin practice.
I don't know if the acceleration effect can be maintained for a few days.
Thank you, Second Senior Sister, for giving the elixir.”

“Sixth Senior Brother, if Second Senior Sister want any more monsters, tell me.
I will go to the exchange office to buy it for her next time.” The Sixteenth Junior Brother, a sword cultivator who was in charge of running errands for Yan Yan and Su Yu, took the initiative to undertake the task.
After he finished speaking, he hurried to Yuqiong Peak.

In no time, everyone went to practice!

Hang Wan'er was full of relief.

Since their Eldest brother also disappeared, these younger brothers and sisters have not spoken much, but in fact, their hearts have been corrupted.
They lost a major pillar, and there has not been any motivation for everyone to forge ahead for Zhiqiong Peak for a long time.


She clenched her fists.
“Senior Brother Six, I suddenly feel that I have a far-reaching vision.
This time, we may be able to rush into second-rank peak qualification!”

Yan Yan's brows and feet twitched, and he silently put his right hand on the spirit sword around his waist.
“Then you should break through to the middle stage of foundation establishment as soon as possible.”

Hang Wan'er snorted, “Sixth senior brother too.
Sixth senior brother must not lose to me.

Yan Yan: “…”

'I don't know if Second Senior Sister has any medicine for her.'

At Yuqiong Peak.

After Qian Qingqiu finished the song, he looked around.

He stood up and walked to Lin Zhen in the small pavilion by the water.
With hatred that iron doesn't become steel, he said, “You deserted again?”

Lin Zhen, who was practicing: “?”

Qian Qingqiu looked to the edge of the rockery where a group of disciples from Zhiqiong Peak temporarily practiced.
“The Qi-refining sword cultivators of Zhiqiong Peak can stir up the world's spiritual energy faster than you are, someone in the middle stage of foundation building.
How dare you say that you are not lazy?”

Lin Zhen: …

“Extra practice for two hours a day.”

Lin Zhen: “!”


Within the Nanxun faction, one hundred and eight peaks were busy everywhere.
All the disciples of the peaks were preparing for the competition.

When bitter Winter Osmanthus bloomed, it was finally time for the first round of the competition—the third-level peak challenge.

Anyone who wants to challenge a third-rank peak can send a challenge letter within three days.
Three days later, on the Battle Tower in the center of Nanxun, there will be twelve arenas guarded by the elders of the Law Enforcement Hall.

Each arena is for each third-class peak.
If they lose, they must submit their third-rank qualification to the winner.

The challenges of the twelve third-level peaks are all announced on the taskbar in front of the tower.

It is available to see at any time.

“The total of 58 peaks have challenged us…
I knew they were taking advantage.”

A blue-robed disciple was standing on a flying wooden boat.
He is wearing a bamboo hat and carrying a suitcase, and he cursed at a glance of this announcement.

“Zhiqiong Peak is definitely not going to last.”

“Haha, I wonder if they had taken the spirit stone allowance for the third-level peak this year? After the competition, it will not be theirs.”

The blue-robed disciple looked ugly.

But the female cultivator beside him comfortably pressed his shoulder.

“It's okay, Dong Lang.
I have already sent a jade slip to my senior brother.
If your Zhiqiong Peak loses your third-rank qualification, we can just live together on our Yuqiong Peak.
Our second-rank peak has better resources than you.”

The male cultivator in a blue robe and bamboo hat immediately nodded as if he were a chicken pecking at rice.

“Yingying, thank you.
I'll go back to the mountain to tell my brothers and sisters.”


It didn't take long for the blue-robed and bamboo hat male cultivator to control the flying boat under his feet to land on the top of Zhiqiong Peak.

He saw Wei Zhao in a wheelchair from a distance, with Hang Wan'er in red next to him.
They were standing side by side with a female cultivator in a yellow dress whom he could only see her back.

“Third Senior Brother, Seventh Junior Sister, I'm back!”

He took off his hat, revealing a handsome face with red lips and white teeth.
He has a pair of peach blossom eyes full of amorous feelings.

“I will tell you the good news.
It doesn't matter if we lose tomorrow.
We can all move to the second-class Yuqiong Peak.
I have agreed with Yingying.
Yuqiong Peak is full of spiritual energy, and there are only thirty-nine of us.
There is no problem.”

Wei Zhao and Hang Wan'er were startled.

Su Yu, who was standing beside them, finally looked away from the thriving spirit chickens on the ground.
She turned to look at the very handsome male practitioner in front of her, only to see that he was tall and handsome.

A line of ink floated faintly from the letter in the storage bag around her waist.

[Fifth junior brother, Yu Dong, was originally a tool refiner.
However, in recent years, he has always wanted to join his wife's family and has given up on himself.
After Master's disappearance, he deeply felt that it was useless to cultivate until the Nascent Soul, and cultivating immortality was a dead end.
I am afraid that he will go astray.
When his lifespan is exhausted, he will blame his mistake on others, and it will be too late to regret it.]

After Su Yu finished reading this note, her eyebrows and feet jumped.

Master Su's back kitchen never feeds idle people.
It's even worse for people to eat soft rice like this.

“Wei Zhao, is this my unsatisfactory fifth junior brother?” Su Yu's red lips parted lightly.

Yu Dong: “!?”

“Why am I unsatisfactory?” Yu Dong was not angry, but his handsome face chuckled lightly.
“I was running around for Zhiqiong Peak outside.
Compared to me, Senior Sister was in the room all day and didn't see anyone.
How can you find a place full of spiritual energy for your younger brothers and sisters to practice.”

'If you talk about people who won't live up to expectations, Second Senior Sister is the first in Zhiqiong Peak.'

'Fortunately, Third Senior Brother can distinguish right from wrong and preside over the overall situation.
Although the Seventh Junior Sister hates male cultivators, she is also usually fair.'

As Yu Dong said, he asked with a smile, “I'm more useful than Second Senior Sister.
Third Senior Brother, Seventh Junior Sister, don't you think so?”

“You—you bastard!” Hang Wan'er wanted to slap him at once, “Second senior sister's big things can also be comparable to you?”

Yu Dong: “!?”

Wei Zhao also frowned.
“Fifth Junior Brother, how many days have you been late? Tomorrow is a big competition, but you only return today.
You also offend Senior Sister as soon as you come back.
It will be fine if you admit your mistake.
You will be fined for copying two volumes of the Nanxun Gate Regulations.”

Yu Dong did not believe it.

He finally finished managing the future of Zhiqiong Peak.
Why would he rush back now for? Can't he even be compared with the uncertain Second Senior Sister?

They even helped her teach him a lesson?

'Third Senior Brother, you have changed! Seventh Junior Sister, why are you like this?'


He looked at the two in disappointment and sorrow, but a jade slip flew down in the air.

Yu Dong recognized the mark of Yuqiong Peak with a smile on his face.
“Senior Brother, I'll read it to you.”

[As soon as I returned to Yuqiong Peak, I heard from my senior brother that we are allies with your Zhiqiong Peak.
Your junior brothers and sisters have been cultivating in my Yuqiong Peak for many days.
Our two peaks will be close to each other and work together toward the goal of a first-class peak.
Why did you ask me about relocating and seeking refuge?]

Yu Dong: “!?”

Su Yu didn't even look at this salted fish soft rice guy and waved to Wei Zhao, “Tell him everything.
I'm going to rest.”

[T/N: Salted fish = A lazy person who only wants to lie down.
Soft rice = A man who is financially supported by a woman.]

If he gets worse, she won't be polite.

In Master Su's kitchen, she would never let a lazy guy near the stove!

After Su Yu finished speaking, she left with her hands behind her back.

“Hey, Fifth Senior Brother, no matter how ignorant you are, don't make Senior Sister feel chilled.
For the Great Competition, I will let Sixteenth go in the first round.
It just happens that the big guy can be used.” Hang Wan'er sighed with emotion.

Yu Dong: “??”

When he left, didn't that kid only in the eighth level of Qi refining?

Wei Zhao smiled wryly, “Fifth Junior Brother, go and copy the sect rules first and reflect on it overnight.
Tomorrow is a big competition.
It is too late for you to cultivate.
But from now on, follow the instructions of Senior Sister, and don't act recklessly.”

Yu Dong took a step back, and his eyes were full of trauma.

Zhiqiong Peak…
He can't even recognize it.
How can he get to this point?

Listening to her command, wouldn't that be more self-deprecating than what he does!

By the next day, Yu Dong has copied the sect's rules after staying up all night.
He drank some spirit tea, so he was not too tired.

When he walked out of the discipline room set up by his senior brother, he saw the leader seat of Zhiqiong Peak.
At this moment, all the disciples stood in front of Su Yu.

Su Yu was beside Wei Zhao in a wheelchair, who was speaking on her behalf.

“Today's first game, according to the order of the challenge, is the Changying Peak which has no rank.
Their highest level is in the early stage of the Golden Core.
We will try to win as quickly as possible, entangle the opponent's golden core, and defeat the remaining four Foundation Building quickly.”

Yu Dong frowned.

The first battle was a tough one.
Just considering the enemy's four foundation buildings, it was difficult for them to win five against four, not to mention their early stage of Golden Core.

He is not good at fighting, and his fourth brother is not good at attacking with qin art.
After thinking about it, only Sixth Brother can use a sword.

How can they win?

But Wei Zhao quickly finished allocating the target.
“Seventh Junior Sister, you are in charge of the Golden Core.
Sixth Junior Brother, the remaining four are handed over to you.
Let's go, let's go!”

Yu Dong: “???”

Is this Arabian Nights fantasy? Maybe Third Senior Brother was injured in his Golden Core, so the whole person is confused?

“Third Senior Brother,” he hurriedly caught up, “What about me?”

Yan Yan glanced at him and said nothing.

Wei Zhao lowered his head and pondered, “You, we won't be able to use you for the time being.
For now, you just make up a number in the ring and wait for an opportunity.”

Yu Dong: …

Hang Wan'er followed Su Yu, holding a big white porcelain bowl.

After Su Yu nodded, she immediately took a pair of chopsticks to distribute ten pieces of cherry-pink plum blossom-shaped small objects to each person going to battle.
They were distributed on the empty plate they voluntarily took out.

“You can take it.
Just in case you run out of spiritual power.”

Yu Dong was stunned.

Hang Wan'er simply gave him the rest of the bowl, “Take it.
Don't break it, or senior sister will be angry.”

Yu Dong was stunned and was about to speak when a faint plum fragrance hit him.

Just after breathing in, he felt that his sea of ​​​​knowledge, which had not slept all night, was instantly awake.

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