senior brother, Qian Qingqiu, seemed to be with the people from Zhiqiong Peak!”

Chen Shuxin was stunned.

'Zhiqiong Peak?'

'The 12th peak of the second class, walking together with the Zhiqiong Peak, who is sure to drop in rank?'


Chen Shuxin looked at the jade slip.

[Brother Chen, I got big news from Master! The outstanding people In this competition are expected to go to Tiansheng academy to exchange practice for ten years.
Have you heard of Mei Zhen'er, who is rumored to have excellent luck and gain around him? Don't miss the opportunity.
This time, you must take the spotlight!]

Chen Shuxin squinted.

“You want to form an alliance with us?”

In the secret room, Su Yu raised her eyebrows and looked at Qian Qingqiu in front of her.

The rest were also surprised.

There are thirty-six main peaks in Nanxun, twelve of first-rank, twelve of second-rank, and twelve of third-rank, sorted by strength.

Zhiqiong Peak was tenth in the third class, but this year there is not a single golden core cultivator in their peak.
Everyone knows that it is as difficult as the sky for them to keep the third-class rank.

But Yuqiong Peak, the twelfth in the second class, wants to cooperate with them?

Su Yu felt that Qian Qingqiu had some plan.

Lin Zhen was in a hurry, “Senior brother, we are looking for allies.
But our opponent in the competition is Chen Shuxin, who is in the third and almost second! What is the use of finding Zhiqiong Peak? It is very difficult for them to keep their third rank in the first round…

Before he finished speaking, Qian Qingqiu hit him with a mute spell.

Lin Zhen: …

“My junior brother is rude again.”

Qian Qingqiu looked at Su Yu apologetically.

“I'm willing to take a gamble that Zhiqiong Peak will definitely be able to keep the third-class qualification this year.
As for the second class, it can be expected within three years.
As someone who cultivates, five or ten years will only take a moment.
But as a suitable ally, my Yuqiong Peak can wait for you to get up.”

Lin Zhen was stunned.

But Qian Qingqiu continued, “In this competition, I can send you the details of the strengths and weaknesses of the top disciples we have collected.
In addition, you don't currently have a golden core cultivator, so your cultivation base is not strong enough.
If Junior Sister Su doesn't dislike it, you can come to my second-class peak every day.
Yuqiong Peak's spiritual energy is abundant.
I also play three qin songs daily, which can help people understand the sea and clear the sky.


Immediately, she looked into her spatial storage bag——

[Fourth Junior Brother…has inner demons, easy to get carried away…]

'Good guy.'

She looked at Qian Qingqiu.
This person was the equipment she needed in her kitchen.

Just like the high-temperature area in the back kitchen, where there is a lot of fire and heavy oil, must be equipped with facilities that meet fire protection specifications.

She needs this fire protection equipment!

Then I won't refuse, Brother Qian.
It's a pleasure to cooperate with you.” Su Yu nodded.

Wei Zhao and Hang Wan'er lost their minds.

Qian Qingqiu is at the pinnacle of the Golden Core stage.
Not to mention his fighting ability, his cultivation base is far ahead among a group of second-class peak chiefs.

And within a few words, their second senior sister got him to play the three qin songs for them every day?

They looked at Su Yu with complicated expressions.

Also, she is only at the seventh level of the Qi Refining period, but she called Qian Qingqiu “Brother Qian”?

Not even a word of “senior,” but Qian Qingqiu was not offended!

His eyes were bright, and he was not worried about this at all.
Instead, he was a little embarrassed and respectful.

“Junior Sister Su, for your ally, can you provide hoof flower pills or tell me where I can find them? I can exchange spirit stones with you and make a jade slips contract.
If I take this pill, I will never betray my ally and do my best to help you.”

Su Yu narrowed her eyes.

When opening the door to do business, all the visitors are guests.
She seldom restricts diners from coming.
But now, resources are scarce and cannot be sold at will.

Wei Zhao and Hang Wan'er looked at her nervously.

“Senior Brother Qian, you need our Hoof Flower elixir, but so does my Seventh Junior Sister.” Su Yu pondered.

Qian Qingqiu smiled bitterly, “Yes, after the big competition.
Can you share a bit?”

But Su Yu quickly took out the porcelain bowl and the water-breaking sword.

Using the sword, she cut off a quarter of the trembling sauce-colored hooves in an instant, “Do you have any utensils to hold this?”

Qian Qingqiu was taken aback.

“As an ally, I'll give this to you on credit first.
But I still have one more thing that I need Yuqiong Peak's assistance.”

Su Yu glanced at Wei Zhao.

“I need the spirit grass material to repair meridians and golden core.
I heard that only second-class peak's golden core disciples can buy it at the sect exchange office.”

Wei Zhao was shocked.
He didn't expect that she still remembered his affair and even used it as an alliance exchange condition.

Hang Wan'er patted him excitedly, “Third Senior Brother, I just told you.
Don't underestimate any female cultivator! Senior Sister is amazing.
I just mentioned the herbs a few days ago.”

Wei Zhao looked moved.

Qian Qingqiu is also a smart person.
He glanced at Wei Zhao and immediately nodded, “Okay, I will pay attention and try to find it for you before the big competition.
I will ask friends from other sects if there is none in the sect.”

“It's a deal.”

Su Yu is very satisfied with this cooperation.

She stuffed the remaining half of the bowl of hoof flowers elixir into her storage bag and then sat on Hang Wan'er's red ribbon flying weapon.
Wei Zhao's wheelchair was made by a refiner, so it could also be used to fly in the sky.

When they are back at Zhiqiong Peak, both Wei Zhao and Hang Wan'er look at Su Yu with very complicated expressions.

Who would have thought that when she went out, a golden core cultivator, whom the senior sister talked about frequently, became an ally? They also made the other party do a lot of things.

Even their big brother has never formed an alliance with anyone before.

A few days later, a red light blinked on Su Yu's jade slip.

She opened it and handed the jade slip to Wei Zhao.
“The peak information from Qian Qingqiu.
Third junior brother, this is up to you to study it.”

Wei Zhao took it immediately.
This was a big deal.

Disciples of a second-class peak have a wide range of friends.
They have far more information than them.

“Second Senior Sister, I'll go back to my room to study this.
Seventh Junior Sister,” Wei Zhao looked at Hang Wan'er, “you will recall all the disciples in the peak.
We need to know the latest situation of each person's cultivation progress, exercises, spiritual medicine pills problems, and breakthrough bottlenecks.
You need to collect all of this.
From now on, we will start preparing for the big competition.”

“You take people to Yuqiong Peak every day to listen to the qin music.
No one can leave for two hours in the morning and evening.”

Hang Wan'er nodded hurriedly, and both of them quickly got busy.

Su Yu was satisfied.

Her assistants were performing their respective duties.
The head chef finally has a prototype for a smooth operation.1

She walked back to the kitchen leisurely with her hands behind her back.

A good day starts with cooking.

“Today, I will cook a bowl of wild mushroom soup for everyone to keep fit.”

The staff meal cannot be left behind.

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