Chapter 19: The Taste of Sliced Beast Trotter is as Deep as the Sea


During the refining process, the essence of the first-grade demon hooves should have been integrated into the five immortal ropes so that the rope has an attack power making people feel that they were trampled by hooves.
The remaining meat should have no effect.

If this meat is used as a gift, it will definitely be rejected.

“The Golden Core person that Senior Sister mentioned, wouldn't it be Qian Qingqiu, who tried to teach the fourth junior brother a lesson before?” Qian Qingqiu is the chief disciple of the second-rank Yuqiong Peak, and he has seen many spiritual treasures.

A discarded leftovers were used as a gift for him…

Wei Zhao's forehead twitched.

But Su Yu's brows and eyes are confident.
Her gaze has no fear, and she is very calm, “It's him.
I only know one person in the golden core stage.”

Last time, he voluntarily admitted defeat and gave a bottle of Spirit Gathering Powder, which is considered an apology.
Since then, she remembered him.

“Let's go.
Let's meet old friends.”

Wei Zhao: “…!”

On Yuqiong Peak, in a pavilion between mountains and rivers, Qian Qingqiu, in a blue robe, was playing his qin.

His junior brother, Lin Zhen, came in a hurry, filled with righteous indignation.

“Senior brother, I heard today that Chen Shuxin, the chief of the third-rank Linran Peak, has been looking for other top-five of third-rank peaks and the top six of no-rank peaks grades to form an alliance.
They are definitely going to make trouble!”

“He hated Xiao Muge, who was in Zhiqiong Peak the most.
He was definitely trying to make an alliance to deal with Zhiqiong Peak.

But if he wanted to make an alliance with the top five peaks in the third rank, I think he didn't want to engage with us! We are ranked 12th in the second rank.
They will definitely defeat us!”

“Senior brother, we also need to find an ally—”


Qian Qingqiu was about to reprimand further when a jade slip with a challenge letter came down to him from a distance.

He was startled.

“Anyway, Chen Shuxin has no good intentions, so we have to be vigilant!” Lin Zhen stepped forward curiously after speaking.
“Who doesn't have eyes and sends a challenge letter to senior brother?”

Qian Qingqiu's expression became complicated for a moment, and he put away the challenge letter.

“Zhiqiong Peak.”

Lin Zhen: “?”

'Wait, isn't the grievance between Lu Yizhou and me over?'

'I had given a bottle of Spirit Gathering Powder!'

At the critical point near the secret realm of the sect, there is a tower dedicated to the disciples' daily fighting and practice.

Some peaks of insufficient rank do not have enough defensive formations to allow golden core cultivators to display their cultivation at will.
So they will come to this tower to compete.

Each floor of the tower has several secret rooms with third-class defense formations.
If there is something to gamble, you can also make a contract in the high tower to prevent one party from not fulfilling their promise after losing.

“Gambling Arena, one game is one hundred spirit stones.
The loser will bear the fee.” An elder sitting at the tower's gate threw a secret room jade key.

As soon as Qian Qingqiu and Lin Zhen arrived, they saw Su Yu and a female disciple waiting behind Wei Zhao who was in a wheelchair.

Lin Zhen couldn't help but frown.
“Where's Lu Yizhou?”

He thought it was Lu Yizhou who was going to fight with his senior brother.

He was also very interested in the stage of Lu Yizhou's qin technique, so he followed along.

But Su Yu waved her hand dashingly, “Don't disturb him.
He is in retreat.”


“Is this Senior Brother Qian?” Hang Wan'er, in a red dress, stepped forward and bowed to Qian Qingqiu.
“Today, it was me who challenged you.”

Qian Qingqiu and Lin Zhen then gave her a careful look.

Then they almost laugh.

Lin Zhen was furious.
“You dare to challenge my senior brother when you are only in the early stage of foundation building?”

Su Yu raised her eyebrows, “What does it matter? Don't our two peaks always come and go easily without paying attention to this?”

Qian Qingqiu: “?”

“Last time, Brother Qian, a golden core cultivator, came to challenge my Junior Brother who is in the Foundation Establishment.
Why can't I challenge you today?”

Qian Qingqiu took a deep breath and held back his words before he waved.
Last time, he already gave a lesson to Lin Zhen, who had caused him trouble.

Under the loss, he could only glance coldly at Lin Zhen, who was about to get angry.
“You go and pay for the spirit stone.
Take out another bottle of Spirit Gathering powder.
If I lose, give it to Zhiqiong Peak.”

Lin Zhen: ” ???”

Su Yu was very satisfied.
She felt that this golden core guy was also a good hand in managing the kitchen.
He knows how to deal with rewards and punishments clearly.

She immediately raised her smooth chin to Hang Wan'er beside her.

Hang Wan'er immediately understood.
She took out a large white porcelain bowl, and the fragrant oil scent filled the entire secret room.

Qian Qingqiu stood still, holding his qin, and was stunned.

Lin Zhen's action of taking out the Spirit Gathering powder was also stopped.
“What is this? Both sides must take out tools or spirit stones of equivalent value when gambling.
One bottle of spirit gathering powder is a thousand spirit stones—”

But he didn't finish his sentence.
After that, he stopped because Hang Wan'er opened the bowl's lid.

The more intense and domineering meat fragrance, accompanied by a wave of spiritual energy, emerged from the porcelain bowl.

Lin Zhen was taken aback.

Qian Qingqiu lowered his eyebrows and saw a sauce-colored hooves meat inside.
The hoof skin with rich grease on the surface was crystal clear and seemed to be very soft.
Hang Wan'er's little act of lifting the lid of the bowl made the flesh tremble slightly.
The sauce mixed with grease and dripped onto the bottom of the white porcelain bowl.

But when he took a closer look, he discovered the subtlety, “Is this…
the meat of first-grade demon hooves?”

Lin Zhen heard the words and approached in amazement.

Sure enough, he also saw the abnormality of the saucy hooves.
Two toes adjacent to each other, with a size ratio of 2 to 8.
There was a raised pattern on the big toe like a ridge.


A first-rank monster has four toes on each foot.
However, when it violently rushes forward, only the middle two toes touch the ground, so the trampling power is powerful, like shaking the ground.

Therefore, the two toes that land on the ground are often the first place cultivators attack to remove their mobility.

The two toes are exactly the same as in this bowl.

This is a characteristic that other monsters do not have.

“Sure enough,” Lin Zhen nodded but was speechless for a moment.
“You actually use it to cook? The foot bones of the two front toes of the first-grade demon are often used in refining tools, and the value is not low.
But you cook it as food? It's a waste of money! The spiritual energy has long been exhausted.”

Why would his senior brother want this cooked dish?

“How can this be exchanged with Spirit Gathering Powder?!”

Wei Zhao frowned, “Junior Brother Lin, don't be impatient.
Listen to my senior sister first.”

But Su Yu waved her hand.
Her expression was not only not angry but very happy, “No, let him say it.
I think he said it very well.”

Lin Zhen: “???”

Su Yu didn't feel offended.
On the contrary, she was very interested.

Finally, she made an elixir that looked very much like a dish.

Last time, when she made Three Sets of Duck, it was only a duck shape, but there was no oily bright color.
It still looked like an elixir.

She was not satisfied with it.
After several days of research, she finally retained the original red oily color of the food refined by the Five Elements Pot.

But Wei Zhao and Hang Wan'er didn't praise her, making Master Su feel high and low.
She didn't expect Lin Zhen to think that this was a dish.
This made her feel that Lin Zhen's face and eyebrows were more beautiful.

“It doesn't matter.
If it's not equivalent to Spirit Gathering Powder, you can cut it in an appropriate amount.” Su Yu readily took out the Water Breaking Sword from her storage bag.

Lin Zhen was delighted.
“I mean, your offering is not as good as Spirit Gathering Powder.
What do you want to cut?”

But as soon as he finished speaking, he saw Su Yu's sword precisely hit the edge of the fat-rich hoof, causing the crystal skin to tremble and the sauce to roll down.

Her eyes are accurate, and her hands are fast.
She immediately cut the pieces of meat thin like paper and lifted them on the sword, lightly showing a slight sword light, which shows how extreme the thinness is.

However, no one at the scene paid attention to this because there was a faint blush on their faces instantly.
The brilliant scent bloomed from the cut hoof was attracting all their minds.


Qian Qingqiu was originally calm, but now his handsome face changed greatly, “Is this…
an elixir?”

Lin Zhen: …

He hurriedly shifted his gaze to the cut meat's color, only to realize that even though it seemed to be overflowing with gravy but under the fleshy skin, there was actually a firm elixir texture with dark red flesh lines and a white halo, which seemed to be hidden under the sauce.

This is really an elixir!

In shock, Qian Qingqiu looked at Su Yu, who was holding a long sword.

Soon, they turned their attention to Wei Zhao again.


Everyone knows that the real master of Zhiqiong Peak is not this second senior sister.
Although Wei Zhao's cultivation base was completely destroyed, his qualifications and brains were still there, and he ranked third in Zhiqiong Peak.

“Junior Brother Wei.” According to his cultivation level, Qian Qingqiu called Wei Zhao “junior brother.”

“This is an elixir?”

But as soon as Qian Qingqiu asked, he saw Wei Zhao's face was full of shock as much as he is.

Qian Qingqiu was stunned for a moment, then looked at the red-clothed female disciple behind Wei Zhao.
She is in the early stage of foundation building, so her cultivation base was shallow.
She should have known it.
As a result, the female disciple was even more shocked than Wei Zhao, and she still has not recovered.

Qian Qingqiu didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

What's going on with Zhiqiong Peak lately? He suddenly missed Xiao Muge.

“This elixir is called Hooves Flower,” Su Yu asked, holding the sword still dripping with oil, “Do you want to try it first?”

She picked up the thin piece of meat that she had just cut with her sword and sent it to Qian Qingqiu.

Qian Qingqiu: “…?”

Su Yu raised his lips, “If you lose, both of you from Yuqiong Peak will need to pay me back with spirit stones.”

Qian Qingqiu couldn't help but laugh.

“Last time, my senior brother didn't want to use his golden core cultivation to bully someone in a foundation building.
Do you really think my senior brother lost to Lu Yizhou?” Lin Zhen was furious.

But he was quickly blocked by Qian Qingqiu.
“Okay, I promise.
I also want to try the effect of this pill.”

Lin Zhen had no choice but to step back, but when he inhaled, he smelled a strong aroma of meat.
His eyes couldn't help but stop on the long sword that was dripping with oil and overflowing with fragrance.
Although he was a little annoyed, he couldn't help swallowing his saliva.

He had already established a foundation, but he still felt the temptation of this elixir.

His sea of consciousness seems to shake, wanting to swallow it.

But Su Yu didn't pay attention to him at all.
She quickly took back the long sword and turned it to Hang Wan'er beside her.

Hang Wan'er was stunned for a moment, only to see that after Qian Qingqiu took a 'slice of elixir' on the sword.
There were still a couple of thin layers of hoof flower slices rich in oil and has even distribution of fat and lean meat.

As expected, Second Senior Sister used to be an amazing sword cultivator.
She can do so much with one sword!

“Me too?” Hang Wan'er was surprised.

I can't just ask one person to try my dishes.” Su Yu nodded.

Hang Wan'er immediately broke away from the shock that her senior sister could refine weapons, and even the leftovers were turned into alchemy.
In addition to being excited, she took a pair of chopsticks handed over by her third senior brother, Wei Zhao.

But as soon as it was put into her mouth, Hang Wan'er was stunned.

She never imagined that taking an elixir with chopsticks would be so handy.

When Qian Qingqiu looked at her rough movements, his forehead twitched.
Spiritual energy swayed from his fingertips, rolled up the slices full of gravy in front of him, folded it in half, and sucked it into his mouth.

This is the correct way of eating elixir.

But after a short while, the tip of his teeth trembled, and his body was straightened up.

The tender skin and trembling flesh hit the tip of his tongue with a bang.
The soft taste jumped up, the skin melted at the touch, and the fresh meat was sweet and fragrant.

Just as he was about to reminisce about the flavor, his sea of ​​consciousness suddenly trembled, and his Dantian tightened.

Qian Qingqiu's face changed greatly on the spot, and he sat down with his knees crossed.

Lin Zhen paled, “Senior brother! What did you give my brother to eat!”

But as soon as he finished speaking, he saw Hang Wan'er, a lady in red on the opposite side also sitting down cross-legged with rosy cheeks.

Lin Zhen: “?”

Wei Zhao looked admiringly at Su Yu, who was slowly cleaning his long sword with water.

He thought it was the leftovers from the refining tool, but it turned out to be an elixir.
Moreover, it was a spiritual pill that made people stunned in one bite.

A red-clothed elder, who is responsible for ensuring the safety of all the disciples, regularly uses his spiritual sense to inspect the secret room for competitions.
However, he whispered when passing a certain secret room in his routine check, “Strange thing.
Where did these disciples come from? Why are they sitting cross-legged?”

He shook his head, and soon his spiritual sense swept to other places.

After a cup of tea, Hang Wan'er woke up from a state of tranquility, her face flushed with red light, and a trace of light overflowed from her pretty eyes.

“Senior sister, I feel that I can control the Five Immortals Rope is more conveniently, and I can do whatever I want.”

Lin Zhen: …

Is there an elixir that can achieve such an effect?

But his face changed instantly.
An elixir that makes a magic weapon handier to control means only for the natal magic weapon.

The cultivable natal instruments are connected to the cultivator's mind.
Once damaged, the cultivator will also be injured.

Therefore, ordinary cultivators will carefully select their natal magic weapon.
They will not rush to cultivate their own natal magic weapon in the early stage of foundation building.
So as not to be too low in rank and easily damaged.

Thinking about it, Lin Zhen couldn't help but glance at Hang Wan'er sympathetically.
Zhiqiong Peak's resources are too poor.

But when he was still thinking about it, Qian Qingqiu, who was also in meditation, also woke up.
He looked at Su Yu and the others with complicated expressions.

“This elixir, I would like to buy it with spirit stones.
How many do you have?”

Lin Zhen was taken aback.

Qian Qingqiu stood up solemnly, cupped his hands, and bowed to Su Yu, “Just when I took the pill, I heard several thunderous hooves in the sea of ​​knowledge.
I seemed to have caught a glimpse of the ambush spirit written on the fragment of the qin art.”

The Nanxun School's Qin art mind method entered the ambush in the Nascent Soul period.
He kept his hands on the scroll every day, trying to investigate and comprehend it, but couldn't get it to work.

However, this elixir…
made the hooves roll in his ears as if it was coming from ten sides.

His qin heart seemed to have grasped a trace of true meaning, but it was only fleeting.

“Although I didn't understand it yet, a glimmer of hope is already precious.
It is hard to find in a thousand years.
Besides spirit stones, I will owe Junior Sister Su a favor.
I can do anything for Junior Sister.” Qian Qingqiu said solemnly.

Lin Zhen: “!”

Wei Zhao: “!”

Hang Wan'er: “???”

The three of them looked at him in shock.

Qian Qingqiu didn't know why.

But after listening to Hang Wan'er's sigh, “Why after you take it, your perception is different from mine?”

Qian Qingqiu: “Huh??”

'Wait, how can one elixir be used for two purposes!'

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