s in luck recently.
Maybe your luck is too strong.
The ordinary cultivators around you can't bear the blessings you give.
If you go too far, they will suffer instead.”

Mei Zhen'er was stunned and frightened, but she breathed a sigh of relief.

It wasn't because my luck was thin.'

“The day before yesterday, I asked a few elders to find cultivators with profound blessings and introduce them to my peak.
Outstanding people from the Nanxun faction, Longyin Sect, and Ruyi Sect are coming soon.
Where there are outstanding people, we will contact all of them.”

The old man in the mist nodded.

“That's right.
As long as these elites have luck around them, they should be introduced to your peak.
They will complement your luck at that time, and it will be difficult for others to shake you.”

Back at the Zhiqiong Peak.

Su Yu was pondering a new recipe in her small kitchen.
After a while, Yan Yan, who was dressed in vigorous clothes and had a pale face, pushed Wei Zhao over.

The expressions of the two of them were unprecedented.
When they saw that she was busy, they stood outside the kitchen and did not dare to disturb her.

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When Su Yu wanted to wash her hands and turned around, she saw that they were silent in the corner like quails.

She raised her eyebrows, “What are you doing there?”

Yan Yan hesitated.
His face was still a little weak and pale, but this time he didn't turn his head away but looked directly at her.

“Failed to complete the challenge?” Su Yu wiped her hands and pondered, “Give me your note, and I'll think about how to improve it.”

As long as the general direction is right, completing this innovative dish is only a matter of time.

Yan Yan lost his mind.

'Still need to improve?'

With those four jade-like and sword-like pills, his second-grade swordsmanship was upgraded to the third-grade, allowing him to realize the meaning of the sword.
The heart of his sword has reached the threshold.
How many grades can the Dragon Scale Sword reach if it is improved?

Is it possible to achieve a tenth-grade spirit sword in this world?

“He didn't fail.
Sixth Junior Brother succeeded in the challenge,” Wei Zhao hurriedly replied for the dumbfounded Yan Yan.
His face couldn't help but smile, “He thought it was ineffective at first, but he didn't expect that the Jade Sword elixir was actually used for swords!”


The confident and powerful Master Su: “???”

Wei Zhao hurriedly told the story that he had just heard from start to finish.

Su Yu's mouth twitched slightly when she heard it.
She took the review note filled out by Yan Yan.

[Benefit: To comprehend the sword's heart and break through to the second level of sword unity.

Touch: To feel the resonance between the arm's meridian and the dragon scale sword…

Look: To see the birth of the sword's body from scratch…

Hearing: After taking it, the spirit sword buzzes in my ear…

Taste: The first taste is slightly cool and sweet but smooth like a sword…]

Su Yu:

'This review note…
How can taste be as smooth as a sword?'

'And the review about touch, look, and hearing…'

'Is this serious?'

“Sixth Junior Brother's swordsmanship problem has been difficult to solve.
I really have to thank Senior Sister this time.” Wei Zhao bowed respectfully to her from his wheelchair.

Yan Yan's ears were also slightly warm, and he looked at Su Yu with serious eyes.

In the future, as long as he does not die, he will pay off her kindness.
He is willing to be used by her, except for anything illegal.

Facing these two people's faint worship and surrender, Master Su knew that the most critical moment for team cohesion had come.

She calmly put her hands behind her back and raised her eyes to look at the sunset.

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“As long as you seek the Dao with all your heart and forge ahead for the great cause of Zhiqiong Peak, this is just the beginning.
A mere…
The spirit pills to feed your spirit sword are just appetizers, and the real hard things are still to come.”

Wei Zhao:

Yan Yan:

After listening to Su Yu finish painting the big picture of the future, the two of them were really moved as if they saw Zhiqiong Peak climbing all the way up to the strong future.

After a while, Yan Yan remembered something.
He hurriedly took out the molted skin of some second-grade spirit snake that he had just bought from the exchange office from his spatial storage bag, as well as some other fresh first-grade monster beast flesh and spirit materials.

They were already sorted into categories and packed cleanly before he handed them over to Su Yu.

“I passed the third formation, so I will be in the Wanjian Valley for enlightenment for ten days.
As soon as I am free, I will go to the exchange office to buy things every day, send the things back, and then clean the chicken coop and kitchen.”

Yan Yan solemnly promised.

Senior Sister,” he blushed, talking as soft as a mosquito, “If you need me to chop some animal bones, you can pass a message to me.
I will rush back to the peak to finish it.”

He was reluctant at first, but now he is very attentive.
The motivation of her back kitchen members has greatly improved.

Master Su was very pleased.

But in the kitchen, personal growth is also very important.

Su Yu waved her hand, “Just be serious about comprehension, don't be distracted.
I will ask your third senior brother to assign another disciple to me.”

Yan Yan took a deep look at her before leaving the courtyard.

Satisfied, Su Yu stuffed the notes into her bag, and her eyes flickered.

Cooking in this Immortal Cultivation World has become more and more interesting.
Even spirit swords can be served 'dishes'.
And it seems that the Sixth Junior Brother's swordsmanship problem has also been solved to a certain extent.
Her early retirement is in sight.

She smiled, but soon the smile faded away.

Another food tester is gone again.

The next 10-day interruption of her cooking really dragged down her progress in developing new dishes.

New dishes are the sharp sword of a chef!

She immediately looked at the handwritten note left by her cheap senior brother in her spatial storage bag.

According to the order——

[Seventh Sister practice the Seven Emotions and Six Desires cultivation method.
She often feels the emotion of unrighteous people.
So outside the peak, she often uses herself as bait, trying to play hard to catch, teasing, and severely punishing male cultivators.
Second Junior Sister needs to pay more attention to her movements as time goes by.
I fear that she will provoke some insidious people with high cultivation and hurt herself.]

Su Yu's eyes showed admiration.
This girl was actually a scumbag destroyer.

But in the novel, this little junior sister had a tragic ending.
She exposed a dark secret of the young sect master of the Hehuan sect who murdered some female cultivators.
As a result, the scumbag hated her.
He borrowed the male protagonist's sixth-grade spirit treasure to brainwash her mind and made her into a puppet to play with.

Su Yu frowned and calculated with her fingers.
Before the Grand Competition in the Nanxun Sect, the young sect master should still be in the Hehuan Sect.
He has not gone out to meet this junior sister.

She still has time.+

“Well, it's time to call my chivalrous Seventh Junior Sister back.”

She had to make up for another tester.

Wei Zhao:

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