ut which one to take first? She didn't seem to say this.'

Yan Yan was confused.

He carefully put down the Dragon Scale Sword in his hand and let the sword energy in the array pierce his back.
He squeezed a water spell on his blood-stained right hand.
After cleaning it, he reached out and picked up a green sword candy, that is more pleasing to his eyes.

“The jade green one, you can chew it directly.”

Yan Yan endured the pain in his back and put it into his mouth.

For a moment, he was slightly stunned.
The tip of his tongue was slightly cold, and the fresh wistful grass smell instantly hit his tired body.

After biting it open, a firm but delicious salty taste and slight sweetness immediately exploded in his mouth.
Even the pain of being slashed by sword energy seemed to be reduced a bit.

He was almost reluctant to swallow.

He has never eaten such a delicious thing in the years he has been in the Zhiqiong Peak, and he has never received anything…
from her.

At this moment, the soft and salty taste in his mouth, with a touch of sweetness, made him almost reluctant to lose it.
He wanted to keep it between his teeth for a while.

However, it didn't take long for the little jade sword candy to turn into a ball of spiritual energy at the tip of his tongue and pour into his Dantian.

Yan Yan was shocked.

Is she really this good at alchemy?

This sword-shaped elixir has a strange appearance and a very beautiful taste, which is different from other pills.

Yan Yan felt the spiritual energy pouring into him.
He endured the pain all over his body, sat down, and refined it.

But only halfway through, he raised his eyes.
He looked at the vision of his enemy that had condensed again in front of him and touched his Dantian blankly…


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After taking this elixir, apart from a ball of spiritual energy, why didn't he feel anything else?

'What is this elixir?'

'It doesn't seem to work.'

Yan Yan was stunned and looked inside his body.
He found that the energy he inhaled just now seemed to be attached to the outside of his Dantian and could not be absorbed by him.
This elixir did not even replenish the spiritual power he had lost.

The man in black roared and approached him one foot after another.
Yan Yan hurriedly stepped back half a step and held his sword tightly.

After facing his enemy and quietly feeling the sword in his hand, he couldn't help but smile bitterly.

How could he comprehend his sword's heart and defeat the formation by taking a pill? He felt nothing.

Yan Yan was at a loss, but he also had a little hope for her elixir.
He wanted to believe it even when he knew it couldn't be done.

But in the end…
he was naive.

His heart was full of bitterness, and his eyes were blurred again.
Sweat dripped from his forehead.

Sure enough, as the elder in charge of the sword formation said, his sword heart is too weak.
It is impossible for him to break through until he can complete the second level of Guiyi swordsmanship.

“Eldest brother, you said that Guiyi swordsmanship sharpens my sword heart the most.”

Yan Yan felt powerless and closed his eyes.

“But I'm really stupid…”

When Yan Yan opened his eyes again, he had already made up his mind.

He struggled to raise his dragon-scale sword and opened his mouth in front of the sword.

Some blood instantly spurted out of his mouth and stuck to the dragon-scale sword.
The blood-devouring sword technique worked, and the sword visibly absorbed the blood.

The blood-devouring swordsmanship was his way.

His only way.

But at this moment of decision, Yan Yan suddenly felt an itch in his Dantian.

He looked inside blankly and saw that the strange green energy that had just been attached to his body and could not be absorbed was actually working.

In just one breath, the Dragon Scale Sword trembled slightly.
The blood that was just absorbed by the sword body was ejected with a ding!

Yan Yan: …

'The sword rejected the blood-devouring technique?'

The dragon-scale sword in his hand kept shaking as if it was craving something.
The movement caused the strange green energy in his body to shake as if it wanted to leave his Dantian and pour into the sword.

Yan Yan was at a loss, trying to force the green spiritual power out of his body.

In just a moment, the green spiritual force was forced to the sword, and it was swallowed clean by the lightly shaking Dragon Scale Sword!

Yan Yan: “!?”

In an instant, the surface of the two-feet long sword in his hand, which was only born a few days ago, became cold and bright, and a burst of green light erupted from the sword.

A faint pattern of a scorpion tail appeared on the sword groove!

Yan Yan heard the humming of the sword in his ear.


The spirit sword hummed softly, which was a sign that the spirit sword was about to level up to the third rank!

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Yan Yan was stunned.
He ignored the illusion of the array and hurriedly swallowed the remaining three sword-shaped pills into his mouth.
Then, he transferred the spiritual energy to the Dragon Scale Sword.

All of this seems familiar.
This method is very similar to his blood-devouring sword technique, which uses blood to nourish the sword.

It's just that the former is using elixir to raise spiritual energy to level up the sword's body, while the latter was using his own qi and blood to power the swinging of the sword a few times.


In an instant, the dragon-scale sword trembled slightly.

Yan Yan's mouth still has the sweetness and saltiness of sword-shaped pills.
The two colors of energy in his Dantian have already passed through the meridian of his right arm and into the sword.
However, at this moment, his arm holding the sword is weakly swollen.
It seems to echo with the trembling of the spirit sword.

In front of him, there seems to be a vision.
He could see the sword in his hand was made from scratch.
From an animal bone tempered in the fire, it swallowed the cloud flower juice and stabbed with a first-grade scorpion tail…

This is his sword.

He stopped moving and closed his eyes.


The white-haired old man guarding outside the sword formation opened his eyes and looked suspiciously at the formation.

“No movement.
Is he dead?”

He got up and was about to stop the formation, but he suddenly stopped.

“What's the matter? That stinky boy is enlightened inside?!”

His white eyebrows twitched.

But when he was in doubt, the several spirit swords hanging on the cypress tree behind him were trembling and shaking, wanting to fly into the sword formation!


“This brat is swallowing my sword qi?!”1

Yan Yan woke up groggily, barely feeling the weight of the sword in his hand.

He raised his sword, and the sword intent moved with his heart.

“Is this a sword's heart that the senior brother said?”

The energy from his spirit sword passed through his hand and also raised his level.

He and the spirit sword have tacitly improved together.

At this time, using his sword art was actually a breeze.

Yan Yan moved a bit, and ten swords that fell on the ground floated in the air for a moment.

The newly upgraded Dragon Scale Sword emits eight sword beams, attracting the eight sword energy of the eight sword formation and expanding in an instant.
The remaining ten swords also entered the formation one by one with a light sound.

Although he still lacks eight more spirit swords for the second level of Guiyi swordsmanship, his sword heart has already crossed the second level!

Eighteen swords into one.

Yan Yan raised his eyes and pressed towards the man in black with his sword.

The bloody sea of vengeance suddenly turned into a phantom and shattered.

The Heart Interrogation Sword Formation is broken!

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