Chapter 14: Sword-Shaped Jade Candies

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Su Yu broke through.

Wei Zhao was shocked.

Yan Yan was controlling dozens of swords to clean the chicken coop for Su Yu.
But at this moment, his sword qi was crooked, and he almost cut a little rooster in half.

The two brothers were shocked and stared at Su Yu, who had a ruddy face and seemed to contain stars in her eyes.


Over the years, outsiders have ridiculed them for having an 'underachiever' and quirky senior sister.
For this reason, who knows how often they have fought with outsiders and forced them to apologize? But she never appreciated them and regarded all of them, her junior brothers and sisters, as thorns in her eyes.

They had hoped that one day she would wake up and her cultivation could recover.
But year after year, day by day, the situation was only getting worse.

Their master and senior brother read ancient books and went to dangerous secret realms, but they could not find a way to solve her cultivation problems.

“Sixth level of Qi refining?”

Wei Zhao was so excited that he forgot about his injury.
He almost stood up in his wheelchair.

Yan Yan stiffened and could barely concentrate.
He used spiritual energy to probe Su Yu, who was standing with her hands behind her back.

After one look, his voice, which has always been tough, was shaking.

“Sixth level…
No, Qi refining at the seventh level!”

Su Yu raised her eyebrows slightly, “Oh, so I'm on the seventh level.”

Wei Zhao: “!”

Her tone was flat, and her expression was as if she was not surprised.

“What kind of elixir did Senior Sister refine for yourself?” Wei Zhao recalled how powerful she was now and faintly guessed it.

As a result, Su Yu shook her head, “No.
I slept all night, and I broke through when I woke up.”

Wei Zhao: “…!”

Yan Yan: “…”

They can cultivate to the foundation building stage, so their talents are not bad.
However, they have not met anyone who got promoted to two levels in a row in the Qi Refining period.
Could this be because her cultivation has been stagnant for a long time?

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“Maybe it's because I've worked too hard for you recently, and my Dantian is tight, hey.”


Su Yu looked inward at her Dantian.

At this moment, the suspended five-element cauldron in her Dantian has been upgraded.
Not only has the diameter expanded by two inches, but even the colorful rays of light have become brighter.

It seems that the more she cooks, the higher her cultivation will be.

Su Yu thought about it and waved her hands in front of the two shocked brothers.

“These are just small things.
Don't worry about it.
However, you have to speed up your cultivation.
Otherwise, maybe my cultivation will be higher than you by the time of competition.”

Su Yu turned around to look at the chicken pen.
She looked around and saw that the pen was now clean, free of filth, and full of spiritual energy.
Although the chickens were shivering a little, they were still fat.
Su Yu nodded in satisfaction.

“Good job today…”

Yan Yan's ears were hot for a moment, but he didn't turn his head away, “I remembered something.
I'll go back to the courtyard first.”

He was extremely fast, and his flying sword disappeared instantly.

Su Yu raised her eyebrows.

Wei Zhao smiled bitterly, “It seems that the sixth apprentice brother's heart is difficult to solve.
It will take some time.”

But as soon as he finished speaking, he saw another flying sword come over.
A qi refining disciple was panicking and falling in front of them.

“Second Senior Sister, Sixth Senior Brother ordered me to ask you what you need.
I will pass it to him.”


Yan Yan stood in his room but did not practice any swordsmanship.
Shortly, he received a message carried by a flying sword.

[Sixth Senior Brother, Second Senior Sister said these useless things could be sold in exchange for various fresh monster beasts' meat and other spiritual materials.]

Yan Yan raised his eyebrows, opened the cloth bag carried by the flying sword, and was stunned for a moment.

He was very familiar with these nearly a dozen fancy dresses.

It's not useful, but it comes from the Spirit Pavilion.
They said that it was made by silk thread of a first-grade spirit silkworm.
These clothing flashes brightly and can last for a hundred years.
Each piece requires a minimum of 5,000 spirit stones.
She cried and cried over the years, begging their master to buy it for her, one after another.

'She is selling all of them?'

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Yan Yan clenched his fists and remembered what Fourth Senior Brother said before, “Sixth Junior Brother, Second Senior Sister has really changed these days.
If you stay on the peak a little longer, you will come to appreciate her…”

He took a deep breath, took his sword, and hurried towards the sect's exchange office.

Four days later, Lu Yizhou still has not left his retreat.

Wei Zhao was sitting in a wheelchair, looking at Yan Yan using his sword qi to clean up the chicken coop with a dark expression, which also pleased his eyes.
“Sixth Junior Brother, your sword intent seems to be a bit more refined.
I think your skill has improved again.”

Yan Yan held his breath, unable to stand the strong smell of chicken excrement around him.

But after hearing this, his complexion was complicated.
He has completely mastered the dragon scale sword in the past few days.
His Guiyi swordsmanship has officially entered the second level.
Not only has its power greatly increased, but he also felt that if he could get new spirit swords for his formation, he could control ten swords at once and maybe even eleven swords…

Therefore, he went to the exchange office just yesterday to spend five hundred spirit stones to buy a cheap sword of no rank.

“Third Senior Brother, it's time for me to go to Wanjian Mountain today.”

Wei Zhao was stunned.
“Are you going to train with the Heart Interrogation Sword Formation?”

Wanjian Mountain is one of the 108 peaks of the Nanxun faction.
It has no disciples on it.

Only eight sword cultivators in the Nascent Soul period guard the mountain all year round.
They are on duty guarding the eight sword formations.

Any disciple who has passed the first three formations can go to where mighty sword energy was kept and stay there for ten days.
They could watch the sword marks from an Immortal Ascension period and comprehend the meaning of the sword.
Some disciples, with good luck, will be able to raise a small level when they wake up on the tenth day of meditation.


Yan Yan clenched his sword.

He also wanted to verify if his control of the sword was stronger.
Senior Brother said that once he deeply understands the Guiyi swordsmanship, his sword heart will be purer.

Training with the Heart Interrogation Sword Formation is the best verification.

More than ten days ago, he relied on the blood-devouring sword technique to break through the second formation.
But halfway through the third, he can't make an inch.

Can he do it with Guiyi swordsmanship this time?

After he breaks through the sword formation, he will decide whether he should continue the blood-devouring sword technique or return to the Guiyi swordsmanship.

“Yes.” Yan Yan clenched his sword tightly, “Last chance this month.”

After passing the third array, he can enter the Wanjian mountain for enlightenment.
He could improve his strength as soon as possible before the big competition and hold Zhiqiong Peak's qualification as a third-class peak!

Wei Zhao was immediately in awe.
“Don't force yourself.
Many disciples were injured in the sword formation.
A small trauma is fine, but if your sword heart is damaged, it will hinder your future cultivation.

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“En.” Yan Yan pursed his lips tightly and nodded.

But just as they were about to turn around, a calm and beautiful voice came from behind them.

“Going to fight?”

Yan Yan suddenly stiffened.

“Good timing.
I have a new finished product out of the pot.” Su Yu said calmly.

Wei Zhao was surprised, “So fast?”

The sword on Yan Yan's waist trembled slightly.

Those sect refiners have to rest for 20 to 30 days after they refined a proud work, and she is only at the Qi Refining stage.
She lacks spiritual power, and her spiritual consciousness is easily exhausted.

So how did she refine elixirs faster than his cultivation progressed?

He just spent 500 spirit stones to purchase a no-grade spirit sword.
Is it going to be wasted? Yan Yan felt his Dantian vibrate for a moment, and he felt as if some of his blood is dripping.

But he turned his head stiffly and saw Su Yu taking a white porcelain bowl from her spatial storage bag.

Yan Yan: “?”

Su Yu lifted the lid of the bowl, and a faint sweet fragrance wrapped in a fresh bamboo fragrance came to his nostrils.

Then he saw two red and two green small jade swords lying on the white porcelain bowl.
It is only the size of his fingertips.

Four small swords?

Yan Yan's Dantian shook like an overturning river and sea and almost brought him into trouble.

But he bit the tip of his tongue, calmed his mind, and soon realized that these were not spirit swords.
There was no cold light aura on the swords at all, and it didn't look like an attacking sword talisman.

Su Yu handed over the plate, “Take one type first, and then change to the other type after drinking water and rinsing your mouth.”

Yan Yan was at a loss.

“Could this be what Yizhou said, an elixir especially made for comprehending Guiyi Swordsmanship?” Wei Zhao suddenly looked forward to it.

Yan Yan's forehead twitched.

His Third Senior Brother was also joking.

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Even if she knew how to make elixirs, she couldn't make such an elixir.

Swordsmanship is different from Fourth Senior Brother's Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix.
Swordsmanship does not involve any spiritual beasts.
Even eating the inner core of spiritual beasts has no effect on swordsmanship.

Yan Yan frowned, but Su Yu had already taken out a pair of chopsticks from her bag and handed them to him.


Yan Yan wanted to refuse, but his third senior brother, who was sitting in a wheelchair, had looked at him expectantly as if this was normal.

“Take it while it's still hot, Sixth Junior Brother,” Wei Zhao urged.
“Oh right, Senior Sister, what is the name of this pill, and is there any special way to take it?”

Yan Yan: “…?”

Su Yu put her hands behind her back and pondered for a moment.

These small jade swords are just sword-shaped hard candy made from the remaining cloud-swallowing demon flowers that she made this morning based on the principle of not wasting ingredients.

“The agate-colored one, you can put it in your mouth first, savor it for a while, and then chew it slowly.”

The inside of the hard candy is the juice extracted from the cloud-swallowing demon flowers.
The outer layer tastes sour and sweet, but the juice will burst when bitten and has the fragrance of spring bamboo after rain.

“The jade green one, you can chew it directly and swallow it.” The green candies were made because her hands were itchy to try new things.
She used the newly acquired first-grade Velvet Wistful Grass, and a little spirit rice paste.
The stuffing is some tail meat of the first-grade giant-tailed scorpion.
After it was bitten open, the crispy dough is wrapped in a delicious, fresh mountain-like flavor.

The Velvet Wistful grass could grow about 30 feet tall.
Its main branch has obvious horizontal edges.
If cultivators are not paying attention, they often divide dozens of branches to pierce their Dantian.
However, its juice is very fragrant with a gentle sweetness.
It is like a breeze in early spring, which Su Yu likes very much.

The giant-tailed scorpion lives up to its name.
Its tail is golden and very ferocious when stabbing.
Therefore, the flesh of the tail is firm and full, which is the main advantage.
It is elastic and full of umami in the mouth.

The fresh ingredients used in these two works revolve around the themes of 'sword' and 'spring.' They have also been fully considered in terms of appearance, color, shape, and taste layers.

After making these candies, Su Yu's Five Elements Pot did not change much, but the candies were condensed into the size of a finger.

It can be said that the color, fragrance, shape, and quality are all excellent.
The diners could feel a spring breeze, enjoy the taste, and appreciate its elegant appearance.

In addition, the finished product is small and easy to carry.

Su Yu was very satisfied with it.

She thought about it and looked at Yan Yan with expectation.

“Wait, Sixth Brother,” Wei Zhao stopped him at the critical moment, “I thought about it.
You should go to the sword array and take it there.
Just in case after you take it, your sword qi overflows, and your sword moves are suddenly fired, which can easily hurt you or other disciples in our peak.”

Yan Yan: “???”

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