Chapter 13: The Roasted Second-Grade Flying Sword

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“Second Senior Sister, how come it takes so long this time?”

After the sunset, the Zhiqiong Peak was pitch black.
Lu Yizhou couldn't wait any longer and was extremely anxious.

Yan Yan stood in front of the bamboo forest, frowning silently.

“Junior Brother, it seems that the elixir that could help you understand the Nine Swords unity is more difficult than my Qin art elixir.
It takes Senior Sister a lot of time and energy.” Lu Yizhou's brows frown.
I'm afraid there might be failures.
Even if the senior sister is talented, it might be difficult.
But don't worry, if it doesn't work this time, maybe next time.”

Yan Yan's eyebrows and feet twitched.
He was forced and dragged out here, and what did he say earlier? But his Fourth Senior Brother did not listen to him, so just let's wait and see.

He has already practiced the nine swords, but he has to buy the other nine spirit swords for the second stage of the exercise.

“I don't need it.
I…” Yan Yan's thin lips tightened.

Even if she really changed for the better, and his world became absurd overnight, she still couldn't cure his problem.
It doesn't matter if she could make magical elixirs.

Because what he needs is not an elixir to understand sword formation at all, but a good sword!

Yan Yan turned around and walked towards the open space by the river, where Su Yu is.

“Sixth Junior Brother, what are you doing?”

Lu Yizhou hurriedly flew over and stopped in front of him, “When Second Senior Sister is doing alchemy, she doesn't like to be disturbed.
Once she is distracted, all efforts will be in vain…” Before he finished speaking, he heard the crisp sound of a spirit treasure a metal.

They had cultivated and built a foundation, so they have sharp ears and eyes.
Suddenly, they heard Su Yu's cold scolding.

'Did she fail? Did she suffer a backlash from her alchemy?'

Lu Yizhou's face changed rapidly.
He hurriedly left Yan Yan behind and rushed towards the river, “Second Senior Sister?”

Yan Yan bit his lower lip and immediately held the two swords around his waist with his right hand while catching up like a whirlwind.

“Second Senior Sister, are you all right?”

The open space by the river was about a hundred meters away, and they arrived instantly.

At this moment, the clear riverside is smoky, and there is a strong roasted smell overflowing with fragrance.
The tangy aroma is completely forced out, with an oily smell at the beginning.
It is fierce and overbearing, making the mouth salivate.
And then there is a faint fresh bamboo smell faintly diffused at the end, making people feel refreshed.

Lu Yizhou's eyes suddenly brightened.
“It's so fragrant.
Is this an elixir?”

The red tassels on Yan Yan's double swords shook.

'Is this an elixir?'

He has never seen an alchemist use their furnace out in the open, and he has never eaten a pill with this kind of smell.

The smell was like the barbecue he ate before he went up the mountain, but the aroma was more than a hundred times stronger than the one he ate at that time.

'Is this an elixir?!'

Yan Yan didn't believe it, but there was a loud cry in his stomach, which made his ears feel hot.

But in such a short time, he saw Su Yu in a long yellow dress, and her shoulders drooped.
She seemed to be standing in front of a fragrant lotus leaf bag, and her eyes were full of sadness.
She blushed a little when she heard Lu Yizhou's question.

Yan Yan frowned.

As he expected, she really couldn't make alchemy.
But he had never seen her ashamed like this.

“Sixth Junior Brother, why don't you thank Second Senior Sister yet!”

Yan Yan raised his brows lightly.

Lu Yizhou was worried that his disrespect would anger Su Yu, so he hurriedly asked on his behalf, “Senior sister, how do you take this pill?”

Su Yu felt unprecedented suffocation.

She has been in the kitchen for many years.
The thickness of her face is already comparable to a wall.
However, at this moment, her face is flushed.
She coughs lightly and looks up at the sky.

'It's a sad day.'

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'How to take it?'

“Swallow it in one mouthful, and pierce your intestines.”

Lu Yizhou: …

Yan Yan's eyebrows and feet twitched.

Su Yu sighed faintly, “It's over.
You don't need to try it.”

She still needs to review the problem with this Flying Sword Ribs.

Lu Yizhou was stunned.

'It really failed.'

He couldn't help but laugh bitterly.
He saw that Senior Sister succeeded in producing elixirs, again and again, so he took it for granted, asking her to make something as difficult as ascending to the sky.

“Second Senior Sister, it was me who was abrupt.
Alchemists fail to make elixirs every day.
Not to mention Sixth Junior Brother's sword move is very difficult, so don't take it to heart.
If you are willing to help us, Sixth Junior Brother and I are already very grateful.
Thank you, Sister.
Sixth Junior Brother, don't you think so?”


Yan Yan didn't turn his head away, “I never said that I wanted any pills!”

Lu Yizhou nodded, “Second Senior Sister, you had spent half a day of hard work.
Go to rest first.
I'll take care of this thing with my junior brother.”

After speaking, he took a step forward and bent over to pick up the leftover lotus leaf 'elixir dregs.'

“Cough, don't move it…” Su Yu's face flushed.

She is numb!

Before she could take care of this accident, he came to execute her publicly!

When Lu Yizhou heard her words, he had already stretched out his hand.
However, when he unfolded the lotus leaf and saw the hot object on it, he felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

“Sixth, Sixth, Sixth Junior Brother…”

Su Yu raised her head.

Yan Yan frowned and reluctantly came forward to clean up together.

But just before he took a step forward, he saw on the lotus leaf…
lies a long sword about two feet long.
The blade was like an autumn frost, with dragon scales on the hilt.

It looks like it could cut iron like mud, which is better than the two swords around his waist.
There are also a few wisps of heat radiating from it!

Yan Yan was stunned.

He stood still for a moment, and his long black hair fluttered in the wind.
When he was half an inch closer to the sword, his sharp sword energy that swayed by this cold light sword was cut into two on the spot!


“This, this here…
Sixth Junior Brother, Second Senior Sister actually made a second-grade spirit sword for you!”

Su Yu, who was already preparing to die: “???”

There is nothing difficult in this world that Master Su can't fix by cooking a meal.

This is Su Yu's principle of life.

“It has sword energy of its own.
Its sharp blade could break a blade of grass or hair fly with the wind…
This treasured feature can only be found in a second-grade spirit sword!” Lu Yizhou's gaze was astonished, and he couldn't take his eyes off this newly made sword.

Su Yu listened, and her expression changed again and again.

“You…” Yan Yan only felt that his world was upside down.

How did she know that what he needed was not an elixir but a sword!

He looked at this newborn sword in front of him in disbelief.
He could feel that it was like a baby who had just come into the world and had yet to see blood.

The sword's whole body of the sword is lustrous and white, similar to the shape of a willow leaf.
It has a thick ridge, but a straight and sharp groove in the middle, which makes the entire bright sword looks like it is in the shape of a mountain, which is very rare in swords.
Most of the general refiners would engrave double grooves to maintain the blade's balance.

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But Yan Yan looked at this seemingly clumsy single groove.
Not only did he not have doubts, but he felt that his mind was very compatible with it.

He had never felt this way.
As if this sword was born and ascended from the sky to be his.

“Sixth Junior Brother, this sword groove looks like the trace when Second Senior Sister ordered you to break the wolf bone just now.
You slashed at the bone with your sword in anger!” Lu Yizhou was thoughtful, and when he discovered this clue, he was overjoyed.
“Before refining, a trace of your sword energy was integrated by you.
That is probably how this sword is in harmony with your mind and spirit.
It can help you realize your sword spirit, so your nine swords can be unified as soon as possible!”

Yan Yan took a step back and looked at Su Yu absentmindedly.

'She had already thought about it before refining this sword?'

But he thought that she just wanted to see them all go down one by one!

How could it be that she did this for him?

This question made him even more perplexed than how someone at the fifth level of Qi refining can refine a second-grade spiritual weapon.

Even though Lu Yizhou had seen Su Yu's greatness, he was very pleasantly surprised at this moment.
“Second Senior Sister actually able to refine weapons, and once you made a move, it is also a second-grade spiritual weapon.
You hide this so well from us.
You just said that you failed and asked us to leave.

Hey, the second senior sister is so humble.
Is it only a third-grade spiritual weapon that would be considered a success?”

Yan Yan: “…”

If he has a third-grade spirit sword, he can complete the second level of Guiyi swordsmanship, which requires eighteen swords.
His strength leaps rapidly, and he can barely hold down a battle with someone in a Golden Core stage.

This would be even more powerful than the third level of blood-devouring swordsmanship.

His expression looked complicated.

“Cough.” Su Yu cleared her throat.

Third Grade? Her fourth junior brother can draw a big cake better than her.1


But drawing a cake in the sky is a must-have skill for every kitchen manager to give all kitchen employees good hope for their future advancement.
It will let them have a lofty goal and make them release unremitting efforts.

what is a Grade 3 Spirit Weapon?”

“Remember, refinement of the art is endless, but it is difficult to cook without rice.
If you have the ability, you will not bring back the ribs of a Grade 1 monster but the calamity of the East China Sea, an evil dragon skull.
That way, even a ninth-grade or tenth-grade sword is not impossible.”

Yan Yan: “…!”

After Su Yu finished painting a big cake, her Dantian had swollen for a while, and she was a little sleepy, “If there are no other problems, go get a breakthrough as soon as possible.”

Yan Yan's body shook violently.

She really saw that he was suffering from not having a sword and was about to give up his practice.

Back in the courtyard.

Wei Zhao, who was sitting in a wheelchair, finally looked much rosier than the previous few days.

But he looked at the two younger brothers in front of him and sighed inwardly.

If only he had received the wheelchair sent back by his Fifth Junior Brother one day earlier, he would be able to see the magnificent scene of his senior sister refining a second-grade sword!

“Sixth Junior Brother, you haven't tried the power of this sword yet?” Wei Zhao frowned and then looked at Yan Yan, who had not picked up the sword for a long time.

Yan Yan gritted his teeth and took a step forward.

Wei Zhao was relieved, “Well, a man should be like this.
If you don't want to owe her a favor, you should use this sword to kill monsters and exchange it with spirit stones to pay her back!”

Yan Yan took a deep breath and finally picked up the dragon-scale hilt of the two-foot sword in front of him.

But as soon as he picked it up, his expression changed.

This sword is not as cold as an ordinary spirit sword.
At this moment, he clearly felt a burst of warmth between his thumb and index finger.

It seems to have its own warming array, which corresponds to the golden color of the dragon scales on the hilt.

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When Yan Yan was feeling the sword's energy, Lu Yizhou was already holding his guqin and clanging the strings with his fingers.

“Sixth Junior Brother, let me see how powerful your sword is!”

Yan Yan was stunned, and then he heard the sound of the qin, which was fierce and majestic, with astonishing momentum.

His expression suddenly became serious, and he saw the lifelike birds condensed in the air!

Is this the qin art that Fourth Senior Brother newly realized?

Yan Yan suddenly clenched the slightly hot long sword in his hand and looked at these high-altitude spirit chickens that made his sea of ​​​​knowledge tremble.
They had plump and powerful wings.
There were dozens of them, covering the sky and the sun, almost completely surrounding him.

Immediately, he squeezed the sword.

He used the first form of his swordsmanship, the solitary sword breaking through the air!

He faced the flying chicken above his head, and instead of retreating, he stepped forward.
The two-foot sword in his hand slashed across the mighty chicken that was transformed from Qin music.


“Sixth Junior Brother, be careful.
I have another move!” Lu Yizhou's melody continued.
The spirit chickens' wings changed instantly, and the feathers were dyed gold.
A majestic and terrifying golden-winged bird appeared faintly, and it screamed loudly.

Yan Yan was startled and was about to step back when he saw that the two-feet sword in his hand extended sharp beams that locked the body of the Garuda instantly and tore it to shreds!

“Isn't this the characteristic of stamens of the Cloud Swallowing Demon Flower?!” Lu Yizhou was shocked.

Yan Yan was stunned for a moment, then turned solemn.

He raised the sword and swung to the left.

After slaying a spectral Garuda, the sword in his hand divided itself into eight needle-like sword energy and shot at the phantom of the golden-winged bird that was about to take shape!

Lu Yizhou's face suddenly turned pale.
His music stopped abruptly, and he smiled bitterly.

“I thought that my Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix contained the Garuda's ultimate move.
Before, it could last for a while with someone in a golden core period.
I didn't expect…”

Yan Yan's expression was strange.
“Fourth Senior Brother, if you transformed the Garuda bird from the beginning, with hundreds of them, my sea of ​​consciousness would have been hurt long ago.
You were being merciful.”

Lu Yizhou sighed, “No, it's Second Senior Sister who gave me pointers.”


“She can refine the Seven Relish pill to help me breakthrough.
She also refined a second-grade sword that will help you greatly increase your strength.
However, she told me to practice sailing against the current.
If you don't continue to advance, you will retreat.”

Yan Yan: …

Lu Yizhou suddenly felt frustrated.
He said to Wei Zhao and Yan Yan while holding his qin, “Third Senior Brother, Sixth Brother, I'm going to retreat for a few days to learn the art of the qin.
Before I improve, I really have no face to see Second Senior Sister again.
If Second Senior Sister has any order, Sixth Junior Brother, I will leave it to you to worry about it.”

Yan Yan was bewildered.

Wei Zhao, who was sitting in a wheelchair, was nodding.
“You go.
There is still me watching the peak.”

When Lu Yizhou heard this, he was relieved.
He turned around in his fluttering white clothes and strode away.

Yan Yan was startled.

“Sixth Junior Brother.”

Wei Zhao turned his wheelchair and looked at Yan Yan earnestly.

“Although I have become a waste, my vision is still here.
This two-feet sword comes with eight sword beams, which is equivalent to having a small strangling formation, which can be used to fight against more powerful enemies.
If you take this sword to the exchange office, you will definitely be able to get an identification for a second-grade spiritual weapon, which would make your sword worth 100,000 spiritual stones.
However, the sword is especially useful for your current swordsmanship.
If you study it more and integrate the sword into your sword formation, you will definitely be able to fight against the enemy in a thousand ways.
For you, this value is far more than 100,000 spiritual stones.”

Yan Yan's expression was complicated, he was with the sword day and night, but he didn't know this.

With this sword, the unity of his first nine swords is a matter of course.

And this sword is even more suitable for him than the Spirit Snake Sword left by First Senior Brother.
It is already nine swords are one, because it has eight unpredictable sword beams.
If he practices hard, he will be able to reach the power of the second level of Guiyi swordsmanship in advance, which surpasses the second layer of the Blood-devouring swordsmanship that he secretly cultivated.

Yan Yan smiled bitterly.

Whether to continue practicing the blood-devouring sword or continue to practice the Guiyi swordsmanship was just a momentary doubt.

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“Third Senior Brother, I will earn spirit stones and return them to her as soon as possible.”

Wei Zhao hummed in relief, “It's good if you understand.
From now on, you will be responsible for running errands for a few days.
In addition to cultivating, go to her every day.
Ask her what spiritual materials she needs or what difficulties she has.
She is the current peak master anyway, and she is also your current creditor.
While you must do your best, you should also be grateful.”

Yan Yan held the sword's handle tightly.
He almost grits out a word from between his teeth.


“Okay, then you write out the review for this sword and send it to her first.
delay her major event.”


'What major event?'

Naturally, it is whatever Su Yu is doing right now.

Everything she does is a big deal.
When she helps one person recuperate his body, helps another one to learn the qin art, and now she has refined the top-class second-grade swords that one person lack.

On the top of Zhiqiong Peak, who else has done anything greater than her?

Now, Wei Zhao also believes that they should focus on her needs first.

And Su Yu, who had just finished this shocking event, had already returned to her small courtyard to rest at this moment.

She is reflecting on today's 'innovative dish.'

“If you remove the hard wolf bones and only use the broken bamboo that has absorbed sword energy of a hundred years as the ingredient…
It should be able to be eaten and might help the sword heart.”

Her Sixth Junior Brother, whose progress has been stagnant and is about to collapse in the novel's plot, is the only excellent chopper she has found during this period.

If he cultivates evil swordsmanship, his energy and blood will be exhausted, and he will not live for long…
Master Su, who has always cherished talents, felt like her heart was cut with a knife when she thought about it.

A good prepping staff is an integral part of the entire restaurant.

If the knife work is not good, it will directly affect the upper limit of the ingredients' taste after they are on the stove.
Even if the follow-up seasoning is perfect and the firepower is fantastic, it cannot save the mistakes or omissions of knife work.

This chopper can't be damaged until he is trained well and can support her career.

Su Yu thought about it, and she wanted to get up and try new dishes immediately.

As long as Master Su cooks fast, the novel's plot can't catch up with her!

But when she was about to stand up, she felt a burst of fullness in her Dantian.

The Five Elements Pot was trembling, and in a blink of an eye, it rose in size.

Her eyes were full of five colors of elements.

“Elder Liu, you said that my fourth junior brother can still recover as long as we wait for the opportunity?”

“Yes.” The bracelet on the wrist of the woman in white lit up.
An old man appeared from the gray fog and said, “Today, I was watching the sky at night.
I found that the Qi and blood of one of the disciples of the other side's peak are declining.
Once he is defeated, you will get up.
This is the turning point for your junior brother.”

The woman in white immediately smiled.

But just as she was about to move forward, she was stunned.

“Elder Liu, I feel like I was a little slower at absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth!”

“Huh? You must have been in meditation for many days, so you were tired.
I don't think you have any abnormality.”

The woman in white frowned and then nodded slightly, “Elder Liu is right.
It should be fine now.”

broke through?”

At Zhiqiong Peak, Wei Zhao was sitting in a wheelchair by the chicken pen, looking at Su Yu in astonishment.

“Sixth level of Qi refining, no, you are in the seventh level of Qi refining?!”

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